SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 13 Part 1)

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SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 12)

“Where am I?” Swara muttered in desperate voice. Fear and confusion took the place of laziness in her body, where was she? What happened yesterday? She tried to recall the incidents of the previous night, but all her efforts when to vain.

“Hello darling, welcome to Cuba,” Swara turned her head swiftly to spot Sanskaar at the door, drinking something from his mug.

His face seemed tired and haggard, with the creases around his forehead showing the signs. He was leaning casually across the door and giving Swara various looks.

“I told you not to call me that, and WHY THE HELL AM I IN CUBA?” she snapped at him, and got up from her sitting posture.

As soon as she moved her head, her head throbbed in pain, the headache was back. Bigger and worse than before, it seemed like her head would burst at any moment. She closed her eyes and rubbed and massaged her forehead to get rid of the pain.

As she was doing so, a warm hand moved across her back, sliding up to her neck, stiffening her body. Before she could open her eyes and speak about it, a mug was pushed into her parted lips. Her eyes grew wide as she saw Sanskaar making her drink the lemon juice he was drinking earlier. His dark, cold hazel eyes locked her shocked ones, making her forget her actions. For a minute both were lost, only to bought back with Swara choking on the lemonade. Swara coughed vigorously, before taking another big gulp of that sour lemonade to comfort her dry throat.

“Are you okay?” Sanskaar asked her dully with a small hint of concern.

“Why am I here? I should be in London by the beach with you, your brother and Rag.. WHERE IS MY SISTER? Is she here too?” she ranted her questions one after the other. An image of Ragini projected in her head, while her eyes were busy in digging through his to find answers.

“You need rest, we will talk later,” he shut her off sternly, turning around and walking to the door.

“I don’t need rest, I am fine damn it,” Swara yelled him, freezing him on the spot.

“Tell me where my sister is?” Swara demanded in a serious and more high pitched voice. All kinds of weird thoughts started to drown her mind, what if she is lost? or kidnapped? or what if she met with an accident?

“How about I start with answering the first question of yours, we are in Cuba because thanks to your sister’s amazing party choice, there were some goons at the party, firing the place,”

Swara opened her mouth to enquire why was he avoiding Ragini’s whereabouts so much, but instead she asked, “I don’t remember anything like that.”

“That’s because, Ms.Perfect was drunk,” he blurted out , followed by his signature smirk. Swara could not wait for the day to rip off that smirk off his face.

“Anyways, so we had to take the ship ride to escape that. We can’t even go back for a few weeks because the British government cancelled all incoming and outgoing flights and ships to London.” he snarled in a heavy, displeased tone. Swara’s blood started to boil, boil hard with his words beating around the bush. She was starting to rage when his eyes quickly started to avert hers.

“I don’t care about anything, WHERE THE HELL IS MY SISTER,” Swara roared at him, grabbing and pulling him hard by the collar of his shirt. His cool and cold eyes now started to turn as heated as hers with her fierce and unexpected actions.

He groaned hard, and locked his jaw as he dragged both her arms on either sides and twisted them hard. He lunged her backward and pinned her to the wall, with their faces inches apart from each other.

“I don’t know where she is,” he gravely replied in a hoarse voice, which made Swara’s glare turn black and dull. Swara started to see her predictions and thoughts turn into reality, she gazed back in his eyes, pleading him to explain his answer.

“We were split apart from the gunshots, your sister and my brother were on the other side of the beach,” Sanskaar replied with a hint of guilt which she didn’t know why or didn’t even bother to know.

“And.” Swara demanded, wanting to know what happened next as till now his story didn’t really fit together.

“So, we escaped by the other end while they hopefully escaped by the other, I asked my guards to track them, but I think Laksh left his phone on the beach, so his location at the moment is unknown,” he trailed out, for every word that came out of his mouth, Swara felt a heavy weight missing of her body. For every word, she missed her Ragini, they had never been apart, never.

“Don’t worry she will be safe with my brother, trust me,” Sanskaar assured her softly which made Swara burst into an explosion of laughter. Sanskaar was bewildered with her sudden outburst making him remove his grip off her wrists, while she continued to laugh her head off.

“Did you just say..Ragini will be fine….with your brother, of course she will be fine,” Swara said in the middle of her wield laughs.

“Then, your concern?” Sanskaar asked dubiously, trying to figure out her mood swings, for a minute she is all pale and lifeless and the next minute she is laughing her head off.
“Dude, my sister has a black belt, of course she will be fine wherever she is. I am just tensed as she will be dreadfully worried about me. I am extremely irresponsible and childish, she will get awfully worried about my whereabouts,” she honestly admitted as her mind flashed her incidents of childhood where her mother used to ask Ragini to take care of her and telling them that Swaragini should always remain together.

“Crazy women, anyways I am leaving to check with the guards and detectives if they found anything about our siblings,” Sanskaar said shaking his head in disbelief at Swara.

“Gimme 10 minutes, I will come too,” Swara calmly said rushing to the washroom to get ready.

“Of course not, you are staying in the house and that’s final,” he ordered her sternly, shutting the door of the room as he walked out of the room.

Swara followed him out of the room and into the dark hallways of the mansion screaming, “ You can’t just leave me in the mansion like this,”

“Try me,” he said smirking again while her lips pursed up.

“I’ll escape by the windows,” she said trying to threaten him to let her come to. After all she also did want to know about her sister’s whereabouts.

“Feel free to do so, I will be glad to get rid of the weight on my chest,” he brushed out her threatens in the form of jokes.

“You don’t know me, I will do so,” she again blurt out in a more serious voice this time.

His hand from the main door flinched, and her turned around to face her determined face. He walked up closer to her, while Swara looked on confidently, not willing to move from her decision.

“If you do, you will get caught by the security officers on the borders. If you escape that then you will be the meal to the hungry wolves in the woods.” he whispered in Swara’s left ear, making her eyes grow wide and mouth hung open in shock. “If not that, then you will definitely be a great feast to the bears at the back of the woods, and it is impossible to miss all the 3 targets.”

Swara stood there speechless and frozen, what was going on? Wolves, Bears? Woods?

“That’s impossible,” she curtly said to him. It was right? she thought as she noticed the smirk still plastered on his lips.

“Why don’t you give it a try?” he said as he chuckled lightly and left the place bolting the door shut. Swara ran to the mansion’s door to halt him, but he was too quick for her speed.

She tried to open the huge metal doors in front of her, but all her efforts went numb.

She glanced around the area, when her eyes sparked with an idea and a mischievous grin played on her lips. “Well, Mr. Sanskaar get ready for Swara’s attack. After that I will see how you will leave me all alone in the mansion again.”

Next: Say What Raglak part
How did you like the update? I am planning to do one part with only Swasan and then the other with Raglak as they are in different countries anyways, so it will be easier that way rather than cramping both of them in one update. So where do you think RagLak have landed? Any guesses? Keep reading to know!!

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