SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 12)


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Episode 11

Ragini walked towards the stage to look at the familiar silhouette she just saw on top of the stage, but before she could reach there, a waiter bombarded her with questions.

“Ragini ma’am, I bought your favourite grape wine, one glass only,” her personal waiter, Dean said, showing her a tray with her fav wine in.

“Umm..no thanks! I just surfed so,” Ragini replied as she eyes her drenched tank top and pj’s.

“That is a great way to take out the shrills from your body,” he insisted as he placed the tray up to her mouth, while Ragini took a step back.

“I’ll take it if she doesn’t,” Laksh said as he placed his hand and encircled Ragini’s waist to prevent her from stumbling over.

Ragini could feel the his heated breath across her neck, as he pulled her waist harder towards him. Did he forget the dance incident already? Such a loser.

“No, that won’t be necessary,” she said as she fidgeted out of his grip and chucked the wine right down her throat.

Oh…that tasted so sweet and weird, it tasted like something else too. She placed the glass back in the tray and turned to face Laksh.

“I am gonna go change, and so should you,” she said pointing to his drenched clothes.

He silently nodded to her while she made her way to the dressing rooms. Her mind started to grow dizzy while she lost controls over her sense, that’s when it clicked her……she didn’t have only wine, but also. Shit! Shit! Shit! Now what?
Laksh came up out of the dressing room and his eyes began to search for a slim, tall figure with beautiful long black hair and hazel eyes. The tight warm hoodie hugging his muscular figure gave him the much wanted comfort. He grew restless as his eyes failed to find the girl he was scanning for, but he felt a light tap on his right shoulder.

He turned around to find Ragini standing there in excitement. He examined her as he saw her wearing a long gray skirt with a life jacket, with had an oxygen tank attached at the back. She was also wearing an oxygen mask and scuba diving goggles. He glanced back at Ragini who sulked down a little due to the weight of the tank.

“What the hell are you wearing?” he asked her as he went behind her to take the heavy tank off.

“I am going scuba diving to meet Mr. and Mrs. Fish,” she jumped excitedly as soon as Laksh managed to the get the 1.5L tank of her shoulders.

“What? ” he asked back, where did she get all this stupid ideas from?

“I like to scuba dive around the ocean,” she said as she came near him to get her tank back.

“Ragini, you can’t go now, let’s go put these back where you got them from,” Laksh said as he clutched her waist and pulled her closer to take the mask and goggles of her face.

As he took the goggles off, he expected to see a pair of angry eyes throwing daggers at him but instead he saw two extremely innocent eyes staring at him. He locked his eyes and stared intently at her hazel orbs, oh god….she could kill anyone with her looks.

“Why not now?” she asked him pouting at him, while Laksh then realized she was drunk as she blinked and showed signs of dizziness.

“Um…let’s go do something else,” he commanded her as he turned back before doing something silly and taking hold of himself. Control Laksh, control.

“I want to go, go GO,” she whinned like a 3 year old. The whole crowd started to pay attention to their conversation and make a circle around them. Why are people so interested in other’s businesses?

“Ragini, stop this NOW,” Laksh ordered Ragini who was making a cute innocent puppy face to please him. But alas had she known that it wouldn’t work on her, he stared back at her flatly.

“You are not the boss of me,” she shouted back at him in extreme anger, pouting in anger
“Ragini, but the fish will be sleeping right now, we don’t want to disturb them right?” Laksh tried to convince her as people started to giggle at this crazy girl’s tantrums.

“Yes we do,” she said back sternly pointing to the ocean.

“No, we don’t,” he demanded annoyed by her childish behaviour.

“Let’s go play with them,” she said as she pulled him with her towards the ocean. This girl has totally lost her mind, she had a little mind before, but now that too had vanished.

“Ragini, what the hell are you saying?” Laksh countered her as she tried to pull him.

“I am saying that we are going to do that,” she whinned pointing to the stage now.

“That?” Laksh asked confused, what was ‘that’ now.

“What was I saying, I forgot. Help me remember,” she said freaking out and panicking like she lost something.

“You were saying to go and….search Swara,” Laksh said, smartly using this opportunity to change the topic.

“Ohh ya!” she said like she found some lost treasure before asking confused, “Wait, who is Swara?”

“ Don’t you remember your sister Swara?” Laksh answered with his mouth hung open. This girl had alzheimer’s too….what should he do with her.

“Of course I remember my sister, she is my life. I can do anything for her, unlike you who are arrogant and selfish and rude and a big fat idiot,” she said back sternly which made the whole crowd surrounding them burst into a hearty laugh.

Laksh wanted to hide his embarrassed face behind the hut, “What the hell? Have you lost your mind,”

“Why do you keep saying hell so much?” Ragini asked back loudly as he pulled her to get out of this mess.

“Huh?” he asked back confused, now what was she upto.

“Ohhh…you want to go there, believe me your place has already been registered there,way loong back. You don’t need to keep saying and trying to go there,” she mocked at him. Such a traitor, such a traitor she was.

Before he could leave to return the tank to the corner hut with the supplies, Ragini clutched on to his bicep.

“I have a question,” she whinned back at him, while the morning rays twinkled her eyes. He nodded impatiently at her as he indicated the crowd to leave, and encircled both his arms around her waist.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked back, while Laksh looked at her confused, what the heck was she asking?

He noticed the tight smile on her face and the eyes which were known to give away everything. But this time they were filled with dark clouds of dizziness, shutting him off from any sort of disclosure.

“No,” he hesitantly answered with perplexion filling his face, while the grip on her waist got a little tighter.

“Really? Why? You look so handsome and hot, any girl would fall for you,” she mumbled as she slowly fell unconscious in his arms.

Laksh didn’t know what to say, did she tell him that he was handsome? The girl who told him a few days back that he was no match to her, was telling him that he was hot. He looked back the unconscious figure in his hands, the angelic beauty in her face, her tender skin and beautiful hair all urged him to believe that what she said might be the truth. Don’t drunk people blurt out the truth tho?

As his mind was drowning with thoughts of all the things she just said, was halted when he heard gunshots. Gunshots?

He looked around the place to see people running around to the ship that was coming along from the ocean to escape the gunshots. Panic and tension spread like wildfire as Laksh looked around the gasping figures around the place where the gunshot was aimed at. Where is bhai? Laksh thought as he lifted Ragini and made his way to the ship coming near the shore. The last thing he heard was a loud gunshot before the ship left the area, sailing back to it’s origin. Hot tears welled up in his eyes and tension started to take over his mind. Where was Sanskaar bro? the water from his eyes left and fell on to the unconscious Ragini’s face in his lap. Due to the random hit of the water, her eyes flinched and started to slowly open.
Swara tossed herself from side to side as her head was hit hard by a super bad headache. Her eyes failed to open, even after the shining rays of the sun beaming on them. She finally with extreme force lifted her body to sit on the bed. Her eyes forced open and saw a mirror on the wall right in front of her. Her headache started to grow while her eyes scanned through the huge dark brown walls surrounding her. She looked around the room which was all different than hers, wait a minute this was not even her HOUSE.

“Where am I?” she muttered as she looked at herself through the mirror with a confused face.

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Credit to: Mandy

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