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Ragini and Laksh made their way to the ocean. Ragini’s hair which was earlier tied in a messy bun, was now hung open, playing to the tunes of the wind, while her warm feet shivered with the chilly ocean waves.

A quick tremble passed through her body as she placed the surfboard on the water and threw her weight on her stomach. She noticed Laksh doing the same things from the tip of her eye, she rolled her eyes with irritation and let out a silent moan.

Both of them paddled to the high ends, waiting for the waves to arise, Ragini grit her teeth and locked her jaw as the cool dawn water spread all over her heated body. Laksh lay there on his surfboard, with a bored expression of the silent awkwardness between them took the better of them both.

“Here it comes,” Ragini alerted him, as she noticed a giant wave coming towards them, several rays of sunlight penetrated the ocean while Ragini stood up her board, facing towards the beach.

As she expected, Laksh did the same thing, right in time for the wave.
Both of them twisted and turned their surfboards to keep up with the high wind shoving them from backwards and the also the rumbling water beneath. Ragini looked a little sideways to see Laksh standing on the surfboard like a robot, stiffened and erect, like he would topple over if he ever loosened up. Ragini’s mouth hung open wide, “Dude, are you nuts?” came out a sarcastic and amused reply from her mouth.

“Don’t disturb me,” he let out in a stiff voice, like he had a frog in his throat, preventing the words from escaping.

“This is not an assignment to concentrate, loosen up and chill….surf is to RELAX,” she yelled at him, enunciating RELAX as much as she could. Why is acting like a robot out of nowhere?

“Wha…attt” Laksh said as he lost his balance and fell with a thud into the ocean, causing a explosion of water on Ragini.

Ragini laughed amusingly at his downfall, while Laksh glared at her in extreme anger and embarrassment. He caught of Ragini’s ankle and pulled her out of the surfboard too, smacking her body right on top of his.

Her cold wet hair slid all over his face, while her twinkled eyes locked into his. His hand on her upper arm fastened and took all her weight on top of hers to keep both of them steady floating on the water. Her expression was for the first time innocent and black while her body squirmed on top of his, which made Laksh’s anger cool down the heat he was throwing at her.

A surfboard hit them both, alerting them of their position. Ragini looked around a bunch of people staring at them from the beach and quickly set herself upright. Due to the sudden loss of pressure and weight, Laksh’s body drowned a little, and tossed back up to float.

“Uhmmm….are you okay?” Ragini enquired with much concern filling her eyes, after seeing Laksh clutch his back with his right hand.

“No, my body has pains all over,” Laksh whinned in a hurt voice, as he winced while he tried to move through the water.

“From the cold water and tumbling into it?” Ragini muttered in a pretty loud whisper.

“No, from your weight,” Laksh answered back with the same hurt voice with a hint of sarcasm

“Ohhh..” Ragini said back calmly, before the words registered properly into her mind after 10 seconds,

“Wait, what?” she burst out like an erupting volcano at him, “Did you just call me fat?”

“Who knows?” he said with a glint of mischief in his eyes and smirk filling his chuckling face.

“I am gonna kill you today for sure,” Ragini said as she aimed her surfboard right at his head.

“Woahh…angry woman, get hold of yourself and your weight,” Laksh let out a comment, which made

Ragini more furious than she already was. She took a leap towards him with rage in her eyes.
The smirk grew wider and wider, darker and darker as Sanskaar saw Swara gulp a huge glass of wine mixed with strong alcohol.

This is what she deserves for being all arrogant and not apologising with him when he asked her to. She quickly gulped the last sip and handed the glass back to the waiter, while she looked at him with a happy and wide smile.

A smile which was going to break any second now, three, two, one.

She started to hiccup, her delicate face with curious eyes started to go up and down with each passing hiccup. She held her hand to her head, while blinking her eyes rapidly at Sanskaar, probably to steady herself from her dizziness.

“What” *hiccup* , “is,” *hiccup*, “happening, *hiccup*,” saying that, she sulked down into the bar stool behind her.

The early rays of the morning dawn beamed her confused face with the much needed excitement. Sanskaar waited for a few minutes to let the alcohol do it’s part, while he stared at the different reactions filling her tender face. After around a good 5 minutes, she stood back up and her eyes were filled with the much needed innocence.

“I wanna go party,” she whinned like a 3 year old with a childish look on her face, which made Sanskaar chuckle widely.

“First, you say a SORRY to me, and then you can go party,” he huskily whispered in her eyes, as his hands encircled her waist to prevent her from tumbling over.

“Sorry, but why uncle?” she asked him in a childish tone, while she stared at him flatly.

“Un..uncle?” he stuttered, it seems like her brain went missing than her being drunk, “I am not your uncle, call me Sanskaar,” he said in a heavy displeased tone with a annoyed look taking his face.

“Fine, Sanskaar, let me go and tell you on the stage,” she said releasing herself from his grip and jumping down excitedly as she pointed towards the stage.

Sanskaar nodding vigorously in positive, as he saw her go up on the stage. Now, his revenge would be fulfilled, this calls for a video, he thought as he took out his phone to record her confession. The crowd cheered and applauded loudly, screaming SWARA at top of their lungs as she ascended up the stairs. From how long did they know her?

“Helloooo,” Swara yelled, like literally yelled in the microphone which was at the highest volume, blasting her greeting into everyone’s years. This girls was CRAZY as hell.

“I came here to, wait why did I come here?” Swara screeched her voice in the microphone again, while the crowd took a step backwards to keep their eardrums in place.

Sanskaar looked at her drunken drama and wondered if this girl suffered from Alzheimer’s the moment she got drunk.

“Yes, I came here to say sorry to Mr.Know It All, but for what?” she in a toned up voice, while Sanskaar slapped his forehead in shock with his mouth hung open wide. He could feel his face flush with anger, and clenched his fist with extreme anger.

“Just say sorry damn it,” he mumbled out in disbelief as Swara literally sat on the middle of the stage thinking why was she saying sorry. God! what will happen to this girl?

“Who is Mr. Know It All?” a random man from the crowd asked Swara, who was busy lost in her own thoughts, sitting like a lost child in the middle of the stage with frustration.

“Mr.Know It All is this guy from my University who is extremely hot and handsome,” she started out ranting like a child.

Her words caught Sanskaar of guard as he looked into her eyes, which were glowing with happiness, while a wide genuine smile spread on her lips, her hair was in a high ponytail with baggy pajamas. She thought he was handsome? She was drunk maybe that’s why, but drunk people always told the truth right?

“He is also arrogant, mean and oh ya, he likes the color blue, he has a younger brother and…” her voice trailed off as she thought about different things she knew about him.

Sanskaar scowled at her from the back of the crowd which was immediately caught by Swara who squealed in joy like she found her long lost treasure, “There you are Mr. Know it all, come up on the stage.”

Sanskaar cursed his fate and stiffened at her sudden words, and stares of the crowd urging him to go upon the stage.

“Mr. Know it all, Mr.Know it all,” the crowd chanted as he finally dragged his lazy feet to the stage where Swara was standing, beaming with extreme joy.

“Just say sorry and stop this drama,” he muttered in a low voice in her right ear.

She dazed at him blankly and howled in a realization which Sanskaar could not comprehend., “Oh ya, a sorry,”

“Wait, why am I saying sorry again?” she asked back with the utter curiosity peaking out from her eyes awaiting for an answer. Sanskaar eyes flashed with anger as this girl was getting on to his nerves, the patience and calmness was evaporating rapidly into thin air.

“Crazy women, you and your tantrums, just say sorry,” Sanskaar demanded with a disgruntled tone.

“But for what? I need to know why or how will I say sorry?” Swara pleaded once more, with appealing eyes spreading through her body.

Sanskaar saw Ragini running through the water behind Laksh, both heading to the shore of the beach.
Shit! Not now, he can’t let her see her sister like this. Already that girl is good at catching lies, a new World War will start if both of them get to know that he was behind her drunken madness.

He looked back at Swara who placed a hand on her head to avoid her growing dizziness, while Sanskaar started to tense up as to what to do. As Ragini made a leap towards his brother, Sanskaar’s eyes sparked with an idea, as he lifted Swara up his shoulder while she zooned out into wild thoughts.

Ragini threw a glance at the stage which made her notice the 2 tall figures, who were they? She couldn’t see identify them, but something familiar was drawing her towards them, whoever it was, she was surely going to find out!

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