SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 10)


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Ragini raced through the woods to get back to her angry sister. She smiled at her sister’s wild thoughts, and people thought she was crazy.

“Swara..” Ragini said in a pleasing voice, playing with the strangs from her hair.

“Hmmm,” Swara hummed back in a response as she marched her way back to the tent like a military person, ready to attack at any time.

Ragini hesitated for a minute before she was cut of by Swara who asked her suspiciously, ‘Ragini, what is cooking in your head?”

“Many things,” Ragini sarcastically said back as she kept on twirling her strang.

“Name me part with woods, midnight and Swaragini in it,” Swara said as she halted suddenly, and turned to face her sister who most probably had a crazy plan cooking in her head.

“How about we go exploring on the other side of the woods, let’s see what is there on the other side,” Ragini winked at her sister whose face illuminated in joy.

“What about the guards?” she asked back with confusion.

“From when did you start caring about the guards?” Ragini asked her surprised by her lost thoughts.

“From the time they started to invade our privacy,” she said in a low annoyed tone, followed by a suffering sigh.

“Come let’s go, if they are there, which I don’t think they will, we will come back and stay in the tent. So, what does Shona say?” Ragini said as she placed a hand on her sister’s shoulder and led the way.

“Shona says sounds like a plan,” Swara said back happily as both of their eyes twinkled in new found pleasure.

Swaragini walked and walked through the woods, it seemed to them it had been hours since they saw the same black gloomy trees, leaved fallen all around them, the little moonlight on top of them, irritating both of them to the core. Both of their shoulders sagged back and their limbs were on the edge of falling asleep.

“Are we even walking in the right direction?” Swara asked irked by the pain in her legs with the constant walking.

“I think there are only 2 directions, IN and OUT,” Ragini blurted out as she placed a hand on her hip and examined the place, maintaining complete silence for a minute.

“Can you hear that noise again?” Ragini voiced out her concern to Swara again, who looked like she was sick of that voice as it killed all her excitement in one go.

“There you go, the stupid guards again,” Swara said in a irritated high voice, failing her arms on either sides.

“Shhhhusshhh…maybe it is someone else,” Ragini hushed her annoyed sister.

“Bullshit, come I’ll show you,” Swara grabbed Ragini’s hand again, and took them to the noise.

“You guards invade our privacy soo much, I mean why do you even follow us? But anyways, I think you should know that we haa..” Swara yelled out from the top of her lungs as they both headed in the direction of the noise.

“Swara, calm down,” Ragini pleaded her sister to stop her shouting, but ofcourse she didn’t stop.

“Look what you did, I forgot what I was saying,” Swara exclaimed and took a minute to revive what she was saying, “Oh ya, you should know that we have the ability to take care of ourselves, we don’t need you all around.” She presumed her shouts as Ragini shook her head in complete disbelief.

Swara noticed some black and neon running shoes around the corner, she took a sharp turn and faced back to the Ragini who was still walking sleepily a few steps away.
“See, Ragini, they were only our guards. I am always right, and why will anyone come here? They probably will be idiots to come here at this time,”

Ragini walked around the corner and faced Swara who was busy ranting her speech of victory, she tilted her head in an angle to look behind Swara and her eyes were locked into a familiar angry pairs of eyes.

Her face went pale, which was probably noticed by Swara due to the moonlight hitting them all over.

“What happened?” Swara asked in a dubious voice as she saw Ragini’s pale face with the little amount of moonlight penetrating her eyes.

Ragini signalled her eyes, asking her to face back and raised an eyebrow at her.

“Arree..they ghosts?” Swara exclaimed enthusiastically as she basically started to jump in excitement.

Ragini gave her the What the hell are you saying look and widened her eyes to ask her to turn around again. Ragini pointed her finger at Swara and asked her to turn around NOW.

“Vampires? OMG!!” Swara screamed as she turned around with huge amounts of expectations to see a person with black teeth stuck out, wearing a red cape and gloomy black eyes to stare at her.

Instead she saw, 2 male familiar faces looking at her confusion with their mouths’ hung open at her jumping. It was them, Laksh and Sanskaar. She stopped her jumping and stood still, as her brain underwent a major brain freeze while her limbs went numb and her face grew all pale and expressionless. Ragini shook her gently by the shoulders which drew her back from her thoughts.

“What the hell are you doing in my woods?” she snapped back at them as her irritation was at it’s peaks, why did they always have to come and clash with them.

“My woods? Till I know the city, I think this is government property, and not any privately owned area of some wierdo girls who were trying to find vampires and ghosts in the middle of the night.” Sanskaar shot back in a cold response.

“Oh really? If we are wierd, then what are you? What are you both doing here standing in the entrance of the woods in the middle of the night?” Swara mocked back at him, making his gaze turn hesitant.
Sanskaar hesitated for an answer, if he would tell her that he had a nightmare and was here to stroll, she might end up thinking he is a coward or something. Ughhhh..what should he tell her? He looked at Laksh and raised his left eyebrow slowly as to what to give her as a suitable response.

“We were here to …explore,” Laksh camp up with a suitable respone.

Ragini asked back, biting her tongue not to snap at his lie which she noticed by his actions, “Explore? At 4 in the morning?”

“Yes, what..ttt are you both doing here at this time?” Laksh asked her back to divert her attention. Swara and Sanskaar were still eyeing each other angrily.

“We are here for camping,” Ragini answered in a low tone.

“In these woods?” Laksh asked back surprised, who the hell would come here to CAMP?

“Then where else would we go, in your house which is filled with waiters who spill wine,” Swara replied back in a mock, mostly aiming at Sanskaar.

“And old and late working bartenders or in the shopping mall or in the middle of a museum,” Ragini added as she placed hands on Swara’s shoulders and leaned in to place her chin on top her hands.

“I was thinking more of a peaceful, quiet area than these noisy woods,” Laksh answered back, explaining his idea of camping.

“Why are you afraid of ghosts? or owls? or don’t like noise? Maybe that’s why your party was so, so lacking of entertainment,” Swara engaged him, while Sanskaar prevented Laksh from answering.

“For every single thing why do you end at our party? If you liked at our party so much then you can tell us directly, we won’t mind,” Sanskaar turned the table around.

“Like… my foot. I hated it?” Swara said with disgust filled in her voice.

“Sureee…” Sanskaar shot back rolling his eyes.

“We have seen better parties many times before, if you want we can show you one that is still going on which is better than yours,” Ragini said back in a mock.

“Okay, then we are on,” Laksh said accepting her challenge to show a party which was better than theirs.

“Raginiii…” Swara mumbled. Both the brothers face’s filled with a smile as Swara tried to stop her sister.

“Shuh…” Ragini silenced her and said on the phone,”Hello, we are at the end of the forest, a few of you wrap our tent and supplies and the others get my bike to the end of forest. We are going for a ride,”

“Ragini, but where are we going?” Swara mumbled at her sister who was eyeing Laksh with extreme confidence and determination.

“You’ll know very soon,” she replied back with a wide smirk filling her face.
Ragini and Swara raced through the early dawn traffic to reach there destination on the other side of the city. Swara sighed as she placed her hands on her sister’s shoulders to alert her of the rash driving she was up to, it seemed like Ragini was taking her and the boys to the other side of the country. Boys, where were they? Swara looked back to see the whole place filled with cars and a very few bike on the very ends. Did they leave them behind? Who cares about them anyways?

“How much more time?” Swara mumbled in Ragini’s ears.

‘HUH?” Ragini yelled back due to the noise of the moving vehicles.

“How much more time? We need to go to university in like as few hours,” Swara tried once again in a high pitched voice.

“A few more minutes, HANG ON,” Ragini said as she increased the speed of the racing bike while Swara’s heart raced in the same speed.

“Whoaahhh”, Swara yelled out as Ragini swiftly drove through cars, leaving Swara’s open hair flying all over her face, she couldn’t even leave her hands from the support at the back due to Ragini’s driving.

She flipped her head back and forth, but the wind was hitting her head from either sides, leaving her dark, straight hair on her face. She blew the hair of her face, but failed miserably when it came back as soon as the wind blew again.

Just when she was about to leave the support, a hand jerked her attention, the warm hand spread across her face to move her dark black curtain of hair away from her face. The heated warmth spread across her chilled body as the hair disappeared from her view, while the person locked them safely behind her right ear, all while she was sitting dumbstruck behind Ragini.

Swara turned her head to face to see who was helping her to only find Mr.Know it all, looking at her with one of his eyebrows raised. He was too, sitting behind his brother who was busy competing Ragini who was glaring at him in shock. For what? She didn’t know as she was too busy looking at Sanskaar glaring back at expecting her to give him a grateful smile while she just sat there blankly. Ragini was still busy yelling at Laksh who was listening to her silently, who was just a few centimetres away from her.
Ragini glared back at him while the corner of her eye payed attention to the cars in front of her. The bikes were just a few inches apart from each other, which made Ragini paranoid of smacking into each other. She didn’t know how Laksh caught up to her, even when she dashed through the roads. She took the bike a little to the left so that they wouldn’t crash into each other, but to her surprise he did the same thing while smirking at her boggled expression.

Ragini took a sharp turn, as she heard Swara gasp from behind at the view of the beach. The beach was lit up by the streamers and lights on either sides. There was a little light to the party from the dawn light, and the wooden hut bar at the side was covered with streaks of light from above. There were people dancing to the crazy music of the DJ placed on the small stage allocated in the middle of the beach. There were little lantern lamps placed on the side of the beach, and the chilly breeze from the ocean added the effect.

A firework just hit the air, as it spread it’s pink petals open to look more like a flower. Swara squeezed Ragini’s shoulder as another dragon firework appeared on the sky. Ragini smiled as she looked at Laksh’s face which started to glow on witnessing the splendid view of the beach.

“Any match to your party?” Ragini snickered at Laksh. The cute and excited glare in his eyes changed into cold and hesitant.

“Come on, our party was much better than this, it had….different genres playing, food, games, etc,” Laksh said back

“Lie, even you feel that this party is better,” Ragini said as she immediately recognized the lie in his voice and actions.

“What?” Laksh asked her with shock, “No, ofcourse not,”

“Another lie,” Ragini mumbled under her breath.

“Bu..tt,” Laksh asked confused at her right assumptions. A smirk played on Ragini’s lips as she glanced at the bewilderment in the brother’s faces.

“Don’t even try, Ragini can figure out easily when people lie,” Swara calmed him down, explaining him Ragini’s close and keen observations.

“How?” He asked as layer of confusion and curiosity started to fill in his eyes.

“Oh, in his case,” Ragini said as she got all excited to explain them her way, “His eyes avoid the gaze of the person he is lying to, as in now every time he did that, his eyes were escaping from mine,”

“Wow! You’re good,” Sanskaar said impressed by her skills.

“Thank you,” Ragini said grinning proudly, “I’m gonna hit the waves then,”

“Are you sure?” Swara shot back. “At this time, in chilly weather…..surf?”

“Like duhhh…” Ragini said back to her confused face.

“She knows how to surf?” Laksh asked her as she grabbed a surfboard from the pole at the back.

“Ofcourse not, I am just taking a surfboard to sit on the waves,” Ragini said in a sarcastic unbelievable tone as she eyed the surfboards to see which one to pick.

Light purple or Dark purple? She finally took the light purple one and walked up to her sister.

“Well, that will be a sight to watch, so I’m in,” Laksh went along with her to grab a green and white colored surfboard for himself.

“What are you both going to do?” Ragini asked Swara and Sanskaar who were eyeing each other with extreme enmity.

“I am going to get a drink,” Swara finally replied breaking from the eyelock and moving towards the wooden hut bar.

“To spill wine on your dress again?” Sanskaar mocked at her, halting her back.

“That was your WAITER, come and watch me, I won’t spill it on my dress,” Swara challenged him in a confident voice.

“Swara, be careful not to drink anything else except wine and only 1” Ragini mumbled to Swara in a warning voice.

“Nothing expect wine huh?” Sanskaar said to himself as Ragini and Laksh walked to the shore, while Swara made her way to the counter. A dark mischievous smirk went on his face as he looked at Swara and the glass of wine. This was going to be a very long and fun start to the day.

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Credit to: Mandy

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