SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 1)


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It’s been long, so here is the intro of the story:


Another villa is seen, on the outskirts of the opposite side of the city. The rays of the sun hit the walls of the villa, glowing the glass on the outside. The summer was coming to the end and the leaves started to change colors to welcome autumn. Two brothers are shifting heavy boxes from the car to inside the villa.

“Lucky it will be very nice if you could stop talking in the phone and help me move these,” a boy lifting 3 boxes on on top of another shouted at his brother, who was casually leaning to the red car parked in the driveway.

“Sanky bro, let me lend you a hand for exactly 10 minutes,” Lucky whinned at his brother, and took the last 2 boxes from the car and dumped them in the villa.

“10 minuted huh?” Sanskaar asked confused at the random number his brother was saying.

“Yep, Sara is going to call me after that,” Lucky said enthusiastically, grinning widely.

“Lucky, don’t you know the problems in maintaining a long distance relationships? “ Sanskaar said placing a hand over his brother’s shoulders and explaining him,”Imagine you here in London, her in Kolkata. Imagine your life after 10 years, after 20, after 30 years, white hair, full beard, walking stick and no entertainment.”

Laksh took a minute to imagine himself in a big mansion, alone with a lot of servants, white hair, full beard, a long mustache with a walking stick in one hand while the other listening to Sara complain from India. He quickly brushed the nightmare off his chest, after gulping his saliva right down the throat.

“Bro, are you teasing me?” Lucky asked confused by his words.

“What do you think??” Sanskaar replied in sarcasm, breaking into a sprint, with Lucky on his heels. Both of them chased each other for the rest of the evening, finally settling down in the games room to play video games

“That’s what I was thinking, when did my brother get so intelligent in matter of love, when he doesn’t even believe in love,” Lucky mocked at his brother, who was busy setting the game up.

“You’re right Lucky, I don’t believe it and always suggest you not to either. The only thing it gives you in life is pain, betrayal and depression and nothing else.” Sanskaar said lost into the thoughts of his past, hoping that their past won’t become hurdle to their coming future.

Next morning, both the girls get ready for their first day of university.

In minutes they are on their way into the heart of London- downtown. Cars from either side blocked their way, causing them to get squished in the middle of the streets.

“Yeah Dadi, we are almost there,” Ragini yelled out to the phone, and turning it off.

“Swara, careful,” Ragini called to her sister who was furious with the traffic on the roads.

Swara hated to wait, she was a very short tempered person. Although Ragini shared the same nature, she knew that driving rashly on the roads was no joke, so she tried to drill the words careful into Swara’s head as often as possible.

Not stopping at the stop sign at the end of the street, Swara carelessly took the car right into a red car, crashing the G sign on their shiny, black car.

Ragini slapped her forehead in disbelief and glared at Swara who blinked back innocently. She mouthed the words sorry to her and looked back to face the red car, glowing as the rays of the sunlight hit the surface.

The light breeze from the open top above them, blew their bangs right into their faces. Swara brushed off her bangs to the side of her high ponytail. She settled her lavender colored dress in place and stepped out of the car. Ragini, who was wearing a tank top with an overcoat and mini shorts hopped out of the car without bothering to open the door.

As she was doing that, she yelled, “Swara, I told you driving is different than riding a horse,”

They walked in front of the car to notice that the GS for Gododia sisters remained untouched.

Seeing that Swara gently replied, “Rags, chill. Nothing will happen to me, no one will fine me, or tow our car OR arrest me either.”

“I am more worried about myself,” Ragini teasingly said, as she saw a boy coming out of the car with sunglasses on. He walked up to Ragini and waited for an explanation.

“Hi handsome,” she started the conversation while Swara pulled the car to the side, letting the other people behind them to pass through.

“Hey beautiful,” he played along with her conversation, he was wearing a white shirt with a red overcoat and jeans. He had a locket with the letter L on it. He moved his hands to his jeans pockets and rested them there, tilting his head waiting for an explanation for the damage caused to his car.

Too much style and lots of attitude were radiating from the very eyes of his, Ragini thought eyeing him, but remembered her friends saying the exact things to her. She brushed those thoughts of comparison between him and her, and looked at her sister.

Swara was still looking cautiously at the cars, examining the damage, Ragini gently pulled her to the boy to provide him the explanation needed.

“She is the driver,” Ragini said pointing to Swara, while Swara walked past him and knocked on the window of the driver seat.

The other boy got out of the car and stood beside his brother after checking for any major damage near the front of his car. For some time, everyone stood staring at each others faces.

Swara couldn’t bear the silence anymore, she burst out, “Look, don’t stare at me like that, it’s not my fault, it’s yours too.”

“Oh really? You are the person who drove past the stop sign without stopping, smacking my car, and I am at fault,” she heard the boy reply in stern voice.

Swara struggled to find an answer, but finally found one.“Umhh….yes, when you could see the fact that a car was coming towards you, can’t you not wait for it pass through, but NO, Mr.Know it all decided to drive right into the car.”

“You’re a weird girl, you make the mistake, forget about saying sorry, you are blaming me for everything,” the boy responded in a calmer voice.

Swara was running out of patience, she was about to snap back at him, but was controlled by Ragini who showed her the time on the tower in the middle of downtown. Swara looked up at the tower to read 7:30 am. Ragini widened her eyes, asking to leave the matter here as they were running of time.

“Look, I don’t have time for all this, I need to be at a place in 10 minutes, so give give me your details, I’ll get the car fixed.” Swara said as gently as she could, taking out her phone from the side pocket of her dress and unlocking it to store his details.

“No need for all that pain, just put aside your ego and say SORRY,” he adamantly said, a slow smirk started to appear on his face.

Swara raised her eyebrows and tauntingly said, “Sorry and me? No way, I never ever say sorry to anyone. Get that in your head.”

She could see the shock in his face as she said that. That gave her some peace to see him irritated by her words, growing a victorious smile on her fragile skin.

“Then, I’ll report it to the police,” he firmly tried to threaten her as she swiftly turned around and headed back towards the car.

“Go to hell, then,” her voice in a dangerous low tone said back, pulling out the keys and pressing the button to unlock the car. Her high black heels clinged to the rocky floor of the road, making a thud sound as she walked by.

“Look, it was an accident, explain your brother, please,” Ragini innocently pleaded the boy,with the L locket, standing in front of her, both watching their siblings fight.

Ragini gave him a tight smile before she swiftly turned around and hoping to melt his heart with her innocent face.

“Bro, leave it.” Ragini heard the boy voice out to his brother, she winked at Swara who already seated in the car, grinned happily at their final victory.

“Lucky…” Ragini saw the brother firmly say back to the boy she was talking. So his name was Lucky, she thought as she opened the car door.

“Come on, It is not their fault they don’t know how to drive properly,” Lucky taunted them, placing his arm on the shoulder of his brother.

Ragini stiffened as she heard those words, blood from her body started to rise, flowing like a lava.

She looked up and gave him a black glare, and snapped,“What? What did you say?”

Seeing a smirk in his face, she proudly said, “Have you ever heard of FastBell?? I am their most experienced biker, so don’t you dare say that again.”

“Wow!” they flattered her, while she looked on proudly.

She got into the car, Swara started the engine and as soon as they drove near the boys, she heard them claiming,“You know who we are, we are the thieves that robbed the bank just days ago.” and broke into a wide laughter.

“Very funny,” Ragini said curtly, making faces at him. Their laughter could be heard till a distance, making both the sisters fume.

The minute Swara drove past them, and they were out of sight, she said, “They were expecting me to say sorry.” Both of them giggled at their expression of shock.

“How would they know, that we sisters, never say sorry to anyone except to each other and our family,” Ragini said, high fived Swara. Both of them hopping not to meet those brothers again, hoping to start their new year of university in a mischievous way.

Next: Clash of the Titans

I think the pairs of the story are quite evident in this update, but I wanted to let you guys know that the pairs are SWASAN AND RAGLAK. I am very sorry if I disappointed anyone. I know many of the ff are based on these 2 pairs, but I feel I am more comfortable in writing with these pairs.

For all the SWALAK AND RAGSAN, please don’t be upset, as I am already writing another ff (Friendship, Love and Passion) and my exams are approaching soon, at the moment I can’t write another one. BUT, I’ll write another ff for all you guys, after a month or so, if you still want
me to!!!! Till then, bear with this one!

I hope you all understand……But please do take the time to share your views on the update with me!!

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