SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 3) Clash of the Titans

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Sanskaar and Laksh had a hearty laugh after as the 2 girls left their sight. Sanskaar’s mind traveled through the hazel, delicate eyes he met a few minutes ago, filled with a modest mix of emotions he was looking forward to uncover if she ever had the chance to..

As they drove into the campus, they could see people on either sides chattering with their buddies, the campus had greenery all over. The plants and the trees swayed themselves due to the wind, projected as if they were welcoming the boys to the campus.

The shiny red car, closed windows with black shields attracted the people in the campus to wonder about the owners. Laksh and Sanskaar faces lurked a smile as people started to look over to see how the car was of.

“Bro, wait here, while I go to the office and get out schedules,” Lucky insisted, making Sanskaar hit the brakes to stop the car, causing it to make a screeching sound alerting the staff in the office that they are here.

A woman from the office stepped out of the half opened door, and called out, “Is it the Maheshwari brothers?”

Sanskaar opened the window mirror and gently said, “Yes, and you are Ms.Lu I suppose?”

“Yep, park the car to the right, and meet me in the office,” she said strictly, making Laksh frown at her and gulped hard.

“After all the profs. available in the world, did it have to be her,” Laksh whinned like a 3 year old, resisting to come to the office. “Bro, I changed my mind, why don’t you go and get the paper while I wait here”

Sanskaar chuckled as he left the car to get the schedules. As he entered, he was greeted with Mr.Lu’s speech.

“Hello, Mr.Maheshwari, here is yours and your brother’s schedule for the upcoming year. I hope you both will follow all the rules of London U, If you have any more questions, please contact me,” she ranted on and on about rules, life in campus, etc. Sanskaar stopped hearing to her but silently nodded like an obedient child. After all he was the apple in his parent’s eyes, obedient and well disciplined.

He headed back to the car, after 20 minutes to watch Lucky’s face filled with boredom. He handed over the schedule, and started the car.

“Oh God!” Laksh cried out, as they stopped again near the entrance of another building.

“What now?” Sanskaar patiently asked,

“We only have 1 class together in the whole day, but we don’t have classes after lunch for the whole semester,” he said in modesty.

“Whatever,” Sanskaar replied back while getting out of the car, and grabbing his brown bag from the trunk. Both the brothers walked onto the entrance of the building, it was a magnificent campus, with an empty ground in front of the building.

As he walked closer, both of them noticed a familiar black car parked at the gates of the building.

Laksh walked further, glancing at the two girls sitting on top of the front part of the car. He sensed something familiar in their figure from the distance he was standing, by getting closer he realised the 2 girls were none other than the girls from the morning. A rise of excitement filled his body to mock them again for the prank, while Sanskaar was determined to blurt out a sorry from the mouths of the girls.
Ragini stretched her legs across the heated surface of the car, she looked at Tia, who was busy taking some more newcomers to their trap. Her hands were crossed in front of her tightly securing the hair that escaped from the french braid.

Swara was sitting next to her, finalizing the escape plan if they ever got caught. They almost never got caught, so both of their overconfidence told them that they don’t need one, but their inner conscience kept telling them to have one just in case.

Ragini looked over to Swara, who gasped and her face was flushed with anger. Swara looked back at Ragini and indicated to look forward, Ragini froze as she noticed the 2 boys from the morning walked towards them. What the hell were both of them doing here? Did they follow them? Why was Lucky and Mr.Know it all here?

“You,” all the 4 screamed at each other in unisang as the boys arrived near the car.

“Did you follow us?” Swara snapped back at Sanskaar angrily. Ragini held her back, as all the people nearby turned around to look at the happenings.

“Why would we follow you?” Sanskaar said back in stern voice, with his left eyebrows raised. Ragini noticed Lucky standing cooly beside his brother.

They seem like polar opposites, Ragini thought as she tilted her towards Tia, standing behind the boys and signalled her to see them.

“Umhhh, excuse me,” Tia gently said, walking up to the boys, “You both are new here?”

“Yes! We are!!!” Laksh enthusiastically said with a hint of flirtiness, and moved forward to Tia, by pushing Sanskaar aside.

“Great! we all have a welcome tour planned for you,” Tia said taking them away from the car.

Swara was still staring at them in shock, Ragini nudged her to gain her attention.“Swara, Swara” but no, her sister was still lost with anger right on her nose.

“Shona,” she said and Swara responded immediately, “Yes,”

“Come, let’s personally take them,” Ragini volunteered in a firm voice with a determined expression, hopping of the car front.

“What? Are you fine,” Swara asked shocked at her words, while she touched Ragini’s forehead to see if she had a fever to make her say random stuff.

Ragini gently pushed her hand off her face, and softly said “Yes, look they will mess the whole plan, and Tia might also fall for that flirty guy, Lucky and tell them that it was our plan and stuff…”

Swara thought about it for a sec and replied back “Our escape plan is ready.” She blinked twice to make Ragini get her excuse, but no use, after all it was Ragini, who always sticked to her point.

Ragini sighed and pulled her sister of the car, saying, “Still, come let’s go. “ She turned to their friend Rina who just arrived back from the washroom, “Rina, leave the car here, if anyone asks tell them we’ll give an explanation later.” Rina didn’t ask anything else and nodded assuring her to handle the situation.

“TIA WAITTTTT…” Ragini yelled out to Tia who had already gone halfway towards the building.

It seemed like she already started a conversation with the annoying boys. Ragini ran quickly toward them, dragging Swara from behind.

“Huh?” Tia asked boggled, looking back from Swara to Ragini hoping to find answers to her confusions.

“How about we take these 2 boys, you see the rest,” Ragini said eyeing the boys, while Swara rolled her eyes in frustration.

“Sure,” Tia said casually, walked a few steps before turning back and said,

“Oh, by the way, this is Lucky,” she pointed to Lucky who the girls already knew from the morning.

Tia pointed to the other guy “and this is Sanskaar.” Swara filed the name in her mind, vowing to take revenge for the morning incident.

Swara was happy at the fact that Tia forgot to mention their names to the boys, her body filled with a fresh kind of excitement as she remembered their prank and the fact that she was going to watch them fall into it.

“So, you guys are here to study, we thought you were following us. We sincerely apologise,” Swara dramatically said with a fake smile.

Ragini shook her head in disbelief from her sudden change of behaviour. She noticed Laksh averting his gaze from hers as she locked hers on him.

Apologise?, but no Sorry, this girl really has a big ego, but mine is not any less. I am going to make her say sorry to me, for sure, Sanskaar promised himself.

Next: Breaking the Ice part 1 (start to pranks!)


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