SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Answers to Questions)


This is a super quick update to clear confusion from the morning. I am so sorry if most of you had no clue what was going on, I will try my best to answer immediate questions now. I wanted to reveal everything as the story proceeds, but I think it will make more sense if I do it now.
And YES, the story is continuing, there is no break.
So, basically all the 26 episodes before were all a MAJOR FLASHBACK. It was Swara narrating the story to Ragini who is in Coma for a month.
First question, what happened to Ragini,?
At the moment only Ragini knows what happened and she is in coma so she can’t speak. You will have to wait for a day or two for Ragini to come back to normal and see what happened. Normally, you fall in coma when something hits your head, not all the time but here is a hint as to what happened.
Next questions, what happened in the past?
After Swara and Ragini came back to India, Swara told Ragini they are here as she found out that the brother were Maheshwari heirs when she went in the room to prank Sanskaar. What did Swara choose will be revealed in the coming updates.

Change in the girls?
Ragini was a little broken from inside when she realized that the first person who she let into her heart only gave her pain and nothing else. While this incident made Swara more softer than before as she realized the worth of people and how some people will not be by your side (Sanskaar). It made Ragini more rude and arrogant as she built a wall around herself from protection against the pain.
Why is Swara guilty?
Swara is guilty because she didn’t tell Ragini the complete truth about the mission, not including her, Laksh and etc. Now, to overcome that guilt she is narrating the TRUTH to Ragini who is not able to hear her. SO, Ragini doesn’t know the truth yet. She only wakes up a little when the medicine is giving to her and falls back in coma as soon as it is done.
What happened to SanLak?
Sanskaar and Laksh are facing similar circumstances in losing their love, the next update will have their POV and how 2 years passed for them.
Why does Swara hate Maheshwari’s so much?
I mentioned this in episode 26. So, both the sister’s for some reason feel the Durga Prasad Maheshwari has gotten a man to kidnap them when they were young. This has left a scar of hatred on them, they came to London to find more info about Maheshwaris and to destroy their business. When she realized that she was with his son for 2 weeks and Ragini is almost falling in love with Laksh, she hurried up her mission and wanted to finish it quick before she herself falls in love too. At the moment, nobody knows what really happened with the whole kidnapping thing, I will reveal it when time comes.
Will SanLak and SwaRagini meet soon?
Of course, they are the main protagonists. Let me just end explaining what happened for each of them in 2 years and then the story will go on and how will they meet again.
Does Laksh love Ragini or Sanskaar loves Swara?
Yes for both, but after 2 years we will have to see whether they will admit that or deny the fact.

Any more questions? What choice Swara made is a common one, but you will have to wait till Swara’s reveals it to Ragini herself. Next up will be SanLak’s POV! SO keep reading, if you have any more questions that is NOT Swara’s choice, then comment and I will answer in the comments or the next update

Credit to: Mandy

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