Swaragini (Mixed Emotions) Musical (Intro)


Angel again guys.i just cant stop writing about swaragini.just in love with it.ok need ur help.i m soon gonna end my 2bd ff swaragini(love forever) nd start this 3rd one.just read below

In this ff characters will be samea few more characters will be introduced like
Tia:sanskar’s girlfriend.a hot s*xy girl
Her role will be played by diya from miley jab hum tum
And some more characters.

Now guys this ff will be a mixture of love hate revenge emotions music shattering etc…much different.i wanna make my ff a musical one.mnz it will contain songs,music….
I wanna ask if its ok with the musical ff??should i make it like this??

And another question is that in case of swasan there will be fight between them at the begining which will turn into love.so do u want this journey complete easily or u want any tashan and fun???mnz should sanskar easily fall for swara or swara should make him realise??

Plz answer both questions as this is gonna be really exciting for swasan and raglak fans as well.sth really different hurdle will be seen for ragini that u might not have imagined….

Stay tuned and comment

Credit to: Angel

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  1. I think sanskar should easily fall for swara. And please no revenge drama I am tired of it please!!

  2. o wow ….my ragini playing different role in ur ff wow ……plsssss post next part soon

  3. if d pairs are swasan nd raglak then any concept will b k

  4. Yr we want tashan nd don’t end your second ff nd I m also a crazy fan of swaragini specially swasan nd we want sanskar to fall in love first nd let swasan story be a revenge story

  5. nice angel you make love hate relationships between swasan.i want tashan and fun between swasan and swara should make him realise for love.

  6. There should be some fights revenge and then love

  7. Kk wide musical ff and tashan should be there

  8. swara should make him realise …we need more fun that I’ll be nice

  9. plz make it full on masti yaar 🙂

  10. There should be tashan fun and fight

  11. jst plz dont end ur 2nd ff

  12. It is awesome that u started ur 3rd swaragini ff. It is a wonderful intro.and i like to see the tashan and fun b/w swasan..
    Eagerly waiting for the episode ..

  13. awesome. ….plz make it start swasan relation in revenge

  14. I’m happy bcoz its swasan… There can b tashan nd fun b/w swasan.. Nd swara should make sanskar realise his love bt don’t make it hard for swara..

  15. They story should be of tashan hate to love realising it slowly and lot of romance will be waiting for or ff

  16. Angel I m very excited to read your ff… n yaa I think if its musical its going to be very interesting…..n tashan n fun would also be fun for us….so my answer is musical yes n tashan n fun also yes….all the very best for your new ff…

  17. n ya unite swasan soon in your ff love forever kick sid out of it…

  18. Plz yaar i want some tashan n fun same with raglak plz make ragini a strong n smart character unlike the sanskari one plz i lykd ur concept of musical love story keeping writing

  19. swasan both fall for eachother easily but tahan in btw to accept it

  20. Ur idea is awesome and don’t let swasan become enemies pls…..they look soo gd together.And ofcourse ur ff are sooo good

  21. keep it tashan waka love bcoz easily falling in love would b little boring

  22. We want tashan wala love n fun …

  23. ya sanskar easily fall for swara

  24. ya first tashan n then …..sanskar fall for swara

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