Hello everyone….my name is Akshaya and I’m a fan of Swaragini….I was a reader before and now have thought to write..Please support me and please suggest ideas for development…

The story is taking place in Mumbai , Kolkata and New York
Its a lovely morning in Kolkota…the normal life has begun..

Gadodia Mansion
Shekar the father of swara and ragini is waiting for his daughters.Sumi dadi n dida are doing aarthi…

Shekar:Swaragini beta where are you…..Its time for us to go come down fast

Swara: Coming papa

(In my fanfiction swara is an independent girl who is bubly cute and straightforward and ragini is a bit backdrawn she does not ask anything straight forward but swara understands her need.Ragini is elder to swara by 2years)

Entry of Swaragini

Ragini:Papa take prasad and swara where were you don’t you remember today is your convocation… I hope you have done your exams well doctor sahiba

Swara: Don’t worry didi I have rocked the exams and I will be the best doctor in the world like how my didi is the best architect in the whole of India!..

Then Sumi Swara Shekar Ragini Dida and Dadi get into the car…..

NATIONAL MEDICA INSTITUTE welcomes all of you to their convocation ceremony

Dean:So students its time to announce the student of the year any guesses ……..ofcourse my favorite….SWARA GADODIA…..she has excelled in her results congrats

Ragini:Wow swara great I’m so proud of you…love you

Shekar:Go beta you are wanted on stage…

Swara:(goes to the stage)….Thank you Dean…..I would like to call my family out there because of whom I’m eligible for this award love you all

(Gadodia family goes up and takes the award. Then the all come home….few days pass)

Swaragini: Papa we have a surprise for you….

Sumi n Shekar:What is it!!!

Ragini: We both have secured a scholarship in New York…

Shemi (Sumi n shekar):What wow that’s amazing

Swara:I know dad that’s rocking….

Ragini:Ma papa we leave in 15 days

Did n dadi: Wow bacha go for it…

(Theirs is a very modern family in ideas and views)

Swara was a great singer and ragini a great dancer

Swara:Did I who knows wether you ‘ll meet the ONE there..
Ragini:Chup swara there is nothing like that

Swaragini then leave to New York


Credit to: Akshaya Radhakrishnan

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  7. Good start Akshaya. please continue and we support u

  8. So all are in newyork

    1. Akshaya Radhakrishnan

      YA they are in NYC for some time until college gets over

  9. interesting pls continue

  10. nice start..
    can u pls make it swasan and raglak

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  12. Akshaya Radhakrishnan

    Hey guys thanks a ton…I’m basically OK with both the pairs. I need some time to think will let all of you know about it and thanks for appreciating my work….merry x mas and a lovely beautiful New year

  13. Pls make it swalak

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