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The next day was Saturday….so FAB 4(Sanskar,Laksh Sid and Priya) plans to go out…

Sanskar:Lucky can we call Swaragini also.Yesterday because of you Swara was unconscious so I think we must apologise…..

Lucky:Ok Sanskar only for you…otherwise I will not apologise to that Mata

Sanskar: OK then you go to Swara’s room and say sorry….pls do this for me

Laksh:Ok then but I’ll not say sorry…..

Laksh then goes to swara’s room

Sanskar:Ragini where is Swara

Ragini: Oh lover boy wait..she is sleeping

Sanskar:Ok today we all are going out so we wanted you to come with us….what say?

Ragini:Wow best way to tell your love to swara or atleast find out what she feels for you…..

Sanskar:I hope so

In Swara’s Room

Swara’s was sleeping ….Laksh could only see her face….he could see that she was having a teddy bear in her hand and sleeping the sunrays were falling on her eyes……….(Kuch kam plays in the bg)…Laksh went and poured a bucket of water on her and ran off before anyone could see him….


Everyone comes to her room and asks her what happened……she says someone poured whater on her

Sanskar looks at laksh angrily……

Sanskar:Swara’s wipe yourself you will catch cold!

Swara’s:Yaa sanskar your right

Then everyone leave……

In the dining table

Laksh comes and sees Swara

Laksh:Good morning…..Mata

Swara’s:I’m not Mata OK get if

Laksh:I will not give u any chance of complaint in this enemity

Swara’s:Let’s see

Both of them go

Ragini: Sid Priya where is Sanskar

Sid: Ragini he has gone out

Ragini: Ok then lets leave

Swara’s:Didi lets go and Change

Swara’s and ragini change

Swara’s is wearing a black Jean 3/4th and a blue top her hair is left free

Ragini is wearing a blue Jean and a green KURTI..


Laksh:Common guys lets leave

Sanskar:I’ll come by bike

Swara’s:Then Sanskar I’ll also come with you

Ragini smiles

Laksh:Thank god

All of them go

In the bike ride

Swara’s:Sanskar drive slowly I’m getting scared

Sanskar:Ok swara hold me tight

Swara’s:Ok then and hugs Sanskar

Sanskar’s heartbeat skips a beat


Swara’s:Guys if I may suggest can I tell you something

Laksh:Now what miss Mata

Swara’s:Let’s play Hide and seek

Sanskar: Wow yay OK then lets play

Ok then Sid and priya become the catcher

Laksh ragini swara and sanskar go and hide

Somehow Swara and Laksh meet

Swara: You!!!

Laksh:Mar gaya

Swara:Laksh I want to talk to you….

Laksh:What is it

Swara:I have been observing Sanskar for a while he seems to be hiding something behind his smile….some pain that I cannot tell what

Laksh:Even I was thinking about it…….he is surely hiding something….but he is not telling me.Can you help me find out what!

Swara:Sure but only for Sanskar


Swara:Yeah friends

Suddenly swara trips and falls over laksh

They roll down and have a eyelock

Ragini and Sanskar met

Sanskar:Ragini I think Swara also loves me

Ragini OK then propose before its too late…….

Sanskar:Ya I will

Then they all are tired of playing and decide to go home

Sid takes the bike and others reach home….

At Home

Swara: Sanskar I need to ask you something…..
are you hiding something from me

Sanskar:No swara what

Swara takes his hand and places on her head….

Sanskar: Swara’s what is this

Swara: Promise on me our friendship

Sanskar:Swara its…….something about Mom

Swara’s:But Sujata Aunty is in India na…

Sanskar:No she is here in the hospital

Swara:What!!! How

Sanskar:Heart attack

Swara’s: Don’t worry I’ll make things right.She means soo much to you and you are my most special friend

Sanskar: I am special swara!

Swara:Ya sanskar OK now don’t worry Monday we will see what can be done……

Sanskar:Good night

Swara’s:Good night


Swara’s:Ragini didi what happened

Ragini No you were crying

Swara’s:Na didi you go to sleep tomorrow we have a competition in Indian Society

Ragini:Yaa shit OK Gnsd

Swara: Good night

Swara goes to Laksh and see’s him crying….

Swara: Laksh

Laksh:(wiping his tears)ya swara….did sanskar tell you anything

Swara’s:Ya and tells him everything

Laksh( Shocked):What!!!

Swara:I’ll handle the issue don’t worry…..why were you crying?

Laksh:Nothing…actually I’m thinking of someone…..


Laksh:My bhai….

Swara:Ohh if I may know what happened

Laksh:It’s personal

Swara:I understand laksh don’t worry everything will become alright

Laksh:Thanks swara

Laksh to himself”What the hell has happened to me I never feel the same for anyone but swara no ways I have never thought about someone soo much what the hell is happening to me”


Credit to: Akshaya Radhakrishnan


  1. Akshaya Radhakrishnan

    Thank you guys the words mean so much to me…?….I am confused with the pairs will let you know

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