Swara’s phone rings at night 12o clock

Swara:Hello who is this?

Laksh:Your boss

Swara’s:Boss? I am not working anywhere

Laksh:Did you forgeta… Ganesh murthy….

Swara’s:Laksh! Where did you get my no. from?

Laksh:That’s non of your buisness… Now listen come out now….


Ragini:Swara’s what happened whom are you talking to

Swara’s cuts the call and tells ragini everything

Ragini says OK you go I’ll make arrangements

Swara’s goes towards Laksh’s house

Some goons follow her…..she starts running and suddenly they catch her and try to molest her…..at that time Laksh comes there and sees her…..he fights the goons and swara hugs him tightly laksh also reciprocates the hug they stand still…..suddenly Swara faints in his arms

Laksh then carries her in his arms tohis car and took her home…..there AP was sleeping so he took her to his room and made her lay in his bed…..

He is mesmerized by the way she looks and stares at her…a voice inside him tells him “she is your enemy and what are you doing”…..He then wakes her up…

Swara’s:Laksh where am I…..

Laksh:In my house mata

Swara:Those goons?

Laksh: I chased them…..

Ragini calls Sanskar and tells him everything

Sanskar paniks and comes to their house

Ragini goes and hugs him…..saying Swara’s phone is not reachable

Sanskar hugs her and calms her down

Ragini:Sanskar I’m worried….I don’t know what happened

Sanskar:Don’t worry Ragini I’m there for you

Then they both realise their position and move apart

Sanskar then calls laksh and puts the phone on speaker

Sanskar:Laksh what the hell is this where is Swara

Laksh: She was chased by some goons

Ragini on hearing the word goons faint

Sanskar:Laksh you take care I’ll call you back

Sanskar then carries Ragini in his hands and takes her to bed…..be stares at her and brings her back to consciousness

Ragini: How is Swara

Sanskar:She is safe don’t worry

Ragini hugs Sanskar and cries

In Laksh’s house

Swara’s gains consciousness and hugs laksh

Laksh:Swara’s its alright you are safe

Swara’s:Thanks Laksh

Laksh:It’s OK come ill drop you home

Swara: OK Laksh

Both have a eyelock and NazarLaye plays

At Swaragini’s house Laksh brings swara…Priya Laksh you here so late what happened……Laksh tells her to call Ragini….Ragini and Sanskar come down

Priya:Sanskar when did you come

Laksh:I’ll tell you everything bring water for swara

Sanskar sees sSwara and hugs her….laksh feels uncomfortable

Swara:Says sanskar I’m fine and goes and hugs Ragini…..swaragini plays

Sid comes and asks wether everything is alright…..

Sid :Sanlak you here?

Sanskar:What are you doing here?

Sid: I came to see my girl friend

All go to sleep Sanlak also plan to stay coz its very late…..

Night everyone is sleeping Ragini goes to the terrace

Ragini:Sanskar what are you doing here?

Sanskar:I was thinking about swara

Ragini:I know you love her then why don’t you tell her?

Sanskar:I’m not sure Ragini…..

Ragini:Then make it sure na

Suddenly thunder starts Ragini gets scared and hugs Sanskar…..it rains heavily….both are drenched…..

Sanskar:Ragini I guess it’s late lets go inside


While going inside the room Ragini spots Laksh staring at swara from outside…..

Ragini:Laksh what happened

Laksh just walks away Ragini also goes to bed

Precap:Realisation of Love

Credit to: Akshaya Radhakrishnan

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