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Some days later :(1 and a half months for college to start)

Swaragini have become active members of the Indian Society.More than Ragini Swara became everyone’s favorite especially Annapurna’s and Sujata’s

One fine day Sanskar,Laksh Priya and Sid had come to the society AP wanted them to be introduced to Swaragini

AP:Swara beta come here bring Ragini also

Swara:Yes Aunty

AP:Beta I called you to meet my son and his friends

Ragini:Oh Aunty

Sujata:Chori you come to temple every Friday na how good please teach my son these values….always party party party otherwise music nothing else

Priya:Hi aunties

AP:Priya where r the others

Priya: They will take time

AP:Swaragini come after 1/2 an hour we can meet them

Swaragini: OK Aunty

Swara:Ragini come back I want to but chocolates

Ragini:Swara you go I have some forms to be filled

Swara goes outside the society and finds 3 boys troubling a guy

Swara:Stop it all of you

Sid: Oh madam who are you to say that

Swara:Human being any problem

Abhi: Swara please save me.I became their target for the week

Swara:Abhi don’t worry…..Excuse me please remove your masks and talk to me

Laksh n Sanskar remove their masks

Laksh: What is your problem do you know who are you messing with….Laksh Maheshwari and a member of Fab 4

Swara:I don’t care even if you are OBAMA just leave him how dare you hurt others

Laksh:OMG here comes mata Rani to save everyone..

Sanskar:Leave na laksh lets go

Laksh:Sanskar are u insane I’m not scared of her the entire world is scared of our band

Swara:Come abhi lets leave….

As swara goes did trips her and she falls over laksh…they have an eyelock and in swaras earphones Ishq Bulava plays

Swara:leave me

Then she along with abhi goes

Ragini: Swara where were you

Swara:Didi those Fab 4 band thinks they can do anything ahh

Ragini:Here also u started ahh come lets leave

Swara: But there is also a nice guy I don’t know his name but I wonder how he is that laksh’s friend

Ragini:Swara chalo AP Aunty is calling us

AP: Swara beta come here

Swaragini: Hi aunty

AP: Meet my son Laksh

Swara n Laksh:Tum!!?

AP: you know each other

Laksh:No ma

AP:Ok this is his friend Sanskar sujata aunt’s son and that is did and priya

Sanskar:Hello swara and Ragini


Swara:So you study in my college sanskar!

Sanskar:Yeah maa told me that you are also a medical student

Laksh:Oh mata rani is a doctor wow ab mazaa ayega

Ragini:Laksh rite Hi I’m ragini

Laksh: Cool

Swara:So MR.Laksh I heard your mom is never happy the way you behave learn from us

Ragini:Swara chalo na why are u fighting

Sanskar:Bye swara and ragini

Swara:Bye sanskar

College begins

Swara and sanskar become very close friends during the holidays swara thinks that sanskar is her dream man and sanskar has feelings for swara

Laksh:So miss swara gadodia welcome to hell.And one more thing….I don’t like your friendship with sanskar don’t spoil him

Swara:Sanskar is way better than u or other members of your band and who are you to say this to me

Ragini and Sanskar: Chalo ab tum dono

In college Sid Laksh and Priya and Raginiare in one class and Swara sanskar and are in the other….

Swara’s Class:
Swara is crying

Sanskar:Swara what happened

Swara:Sanskar my ganesh murthy is lost

Sanskar:Sad don’t worry we will find it

Swara: No sanskar My mom gave it to me when I was 4years old and till date I always have it

Sanskar:don’t worry swara we will get it

Ragini:Swara sanskar is right we will get it

Sanskar:Yaa lado is right

Ragini OK ill meet you guys later

Swara also goes out and she clashes with Laksh
They fall and both have a eyelock swara was crying

Laksh:Off ohh Mata Rani crying sad….

Swara:Shut up laksh

Laksh:Swara swara I told you not to mess with me


Laksh:I have the murthy.You must become my maid if you want it

Swara: What you have it!!!!Never I’ll become your maid

Laksh:Ok then I’ll break it

Swara:No I’ll bece your Maid

Laksh:Good not so soon I’ll let you know when I want

Then laksh goes leaving swara crying

Sanskar and Ragini meet

Ragini:Swara has always had it with her

Sanskar:Ragini I don’t know why but when she cries I feel the pain

Ragini:SANSKAR!!!!You are in love with her….wow you make the best match

Sanskar:No ragini not so soon I have to find out what she thinks of me


Laksh then comes and tells something….Ragini leaves…
Ragini: Why do I feel jealous of swara?
Then she goes to class

Laksh:Sanskar I stole swara’s idol

Sanskar:Laksh please give it for my sake

Laksh:No bhai I’ll not let me see whether it’s Swara or Laksh
He goes from there

Recap:Swara dancing to laksh words……and then….

Credit to: Akshaya Radhakrishnan

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