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Kolkatha Airport:
Shekar and Sumi have come along with to drop swaragini in the airport

Shekar: Bye beta take care have fun

Sumi:(Crying):Shekar are you not worried they are going for 3 years….what a dad are you

Shekar:Sumi they will rock it don’t worry I have full trust in them

Swara:That’s like a cool dad don’t worry ma I’ll take care of didi

Ragini:(Crying):Ma baba I’ll miss you loads…..I’m scared out there

Swara:Why fear when I’m here

Ragini,:OK meri ma….now lets leave

Shekar n Sumi: By shona lado Take care study well

Swaragini board the flight

Its a music festival in New York and the entire place is filled with one name that’s…….

Our Heros Entry:
Laksh and Sanskar enter with their guitars

Behind them are…their friends Priya on the keyboard and Sid on the Drum…(Their band is like Fab 5)

The play amazing rock music and everyone cheer for them….. (Laksh and Sanskar are not brothers)

So now they 4 are bff’s from childhood they have faced a lot of trouble and still they are bff’s Did and priya are in love with each other priya is the only girl in their band so she is very pampered

Now Swaragini have reached New York and now they are going to their house…..Priya is their housemate….They take the key from the neighbours and enter the house……

Swara always has her earphone attached to her ears and believes that when she meets the one a beautiful love song will play somewhere

Ragini on the other hand feels that LOVE IS A WASTE OF TIME….?

So now they have 2 months until college reopens.At evening priya comes home

Priya: Swaragini right?

Ragini: And you are Priya!!!

Priya: Yeah that’s me anyways Ragini I’m your collegemate too

Ragini: Ohh that’s good

Swara: Ahem Ahem if you architects are done can we have food I’m hungry

Priya: Ok guys today sleep early tomorrow we will go to the Indian Society there you can meet a lot of Indians and make new friends

Swara: OK Priya do we have a temple there coz I go to temples on Fridays and didi all the 7 days

Priya: Oh there is one there

Swaragini: Good night Priya


SWARAGINI along with Priya go to the temple and then to the Indian Society

There they meet Anapurna Maheswari

Swara: Namaste Aunty

AP: Namaste beta…..I have not seen you here

Ragini: Yes Aunty we have come here only last week

Sujata:Oh beta what are you doing here?

Swara: I’m doing my medicine and Didi is doing architecture

Sujata:Oh even my son is doing medicine….what are your names beta

Ragini: My name is Ragini and my sister Swara

AP: Ragini beta what are you doing?

Ragini:I’m an architect Aunty

AP:Even my son is doing architecture in New York University

Swaragini: Even we are in the same college Aunty

AP: Ohh that’s amazing beta OK see you later

Swaragini:Thank you Aunty

Recap: Meeting of the love birds

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