swaragini miserable to happy life LAST EPISODE


Guys this is gonna be my last epi as this ff is not much read but i will keep writing swaragini hate to love and once that is finshed i will write a new ff “SWASAN FF” thnx for all ur love and support…
I wanted to add lots of twists and turns but I am gonna let it all go in this last epi
Recap: Kavitha is shekhar’s daughter.swara and Sanskar share a romantic moment.swasanlak save ragini.
Dp talks to shekhar and informs about swara being in her home.


All greet swasan and raglak.kavita comes to maheshwari mansion.shekhar comes from behind
Swaragini are shocked to see him
Sanskar:who is he?
Kavita:my dad
Ragini:what the hell…she is our sister.
Shekhar:miss swara u have insulted my daughter…
Swara:no I didn’t…i even don’t know she is ur…
Kavita:oh shut up…sanskar is only mine but u snatched him
Sanskar:shut up kavita…i love swara,..
Kavita:and I hate her….dad…
Shekhar takes out the gun…
Dp comes smirking
Dp:kill her outside not here
All are shocked
AP:what the hell r u saying?
Dp:shut up its none of ur business
Sujata:bhai Saab…
Dp:did u all think that I will let a bar dancer to become my bahu?
Ram:bar dancer
Shekhar:yes she is a bar dancer
Sanskar holds swara’s hand
Ragini:and its all because of u…u snatches away all our property and threw us out of the house despite chachi’s protests….u are a jerk
Shkhar is about to slap her but laksh holds his hand…
Laksh:don’t u dare
Sujata hugs ragini
Dp:sujata after knowing the truth of these cheap sisters still u r on their side?
AP:we knew everything before
Dp is shocked
Sujata:when Sanskar came to know abt it he was depressed that swara thought he would leave her….he shared it with us and then we came to know about her sufferings in life all because of u Mr shekhar gododia….
Kavita shouts:enough all I want is sanskar…
Shekhar:and u will get him when swara will die…
Shekhar shoots but sanskar comes in front of her and gets shot
Swara shouts:sanskar…
All rush to him.kavita too comes to him but AP jerks her away…
AP:its all bcz of u Mr dp…if sth happens to my son I will not spare u…
Sanskar is shot on shoulder.
Sanskar:I am ok…
Dp:how dared u speak to me like this?
He snatches gun from shekhar
Dp:all mess is due to swara…
He is about to shoot when laksh kicks his hand.
AP grabs gun..
AP:throughout life we have suffered ur tortures,I treated ur wife as a slave.u treated all of us like jerks,but not now…I wnt let my children remain unhappy due to a devil like u…so…its better if u die…
Swara:Aunti no…
AP:dnt stop me
Kavita takes a vase and hits on dp’s head
He falls and dies
All are shocked
AP:it was the best thing that had ever happened in my life…
Laksh fights with shekhar and throws him away…
Sumi rushes to them….
Sumi shouts enough!!!
Swaragini are delighted to see their chachi
Sumi:enough shekhar…why r u doing this?
First u snatched these girl’s parenst from them.then their home and shelter.now their love too…why such anger?
Swaragini are shocked
Ragini:snatched parents?
Sumi:yes ur parents didn’t die in accident….ur chachu paid the goons for doing so….
Swaragini are devastated
Shekhar’:because I wanted whole property…i wanted money…i wanted to give my daughter all the happiness she deserves and sanskar is one of them so kavita will get him at any cost…
He points gun at swara but sumi interferes and they start to fight over gun.swaragini and kavita are standing with each other.
Gun is shot but shockingly it had hit kavita…
She falls down…shekhar rushes to him.even swaragini pat her cheeks and hair seeing which kavita is stunned
Kavita:I am sorry….

Saying so she dies
Sumo curses shekhar that u snatched everything form ur brothers daughters and now God has snatched ur daughter from u…
Shekhar feels guilty and asks swaragini for forgiveness…they forgive him…
Police comes and takes the blame of dp’s death on himself and bids a heart breaking farewell to sumi and everyone else….


Swasan and raglak are getting dressed up.swasan come down with saurab,Sara and varun….their kids…

Raglak come down with kavita and abhay…

Its prem’s and jia’s wedding….

Sanskar kisses swara’s neck and she hits him.
Swara:what r u doing?all are here
Ragini comes:so what?
Laksh:if we guys would nt have been shameless u sisters would never have become mothers,.,
Swaragini feel shy
Prem and jia get married…

Swara:finally after so many hurdles and calamities
Ragini:our miserable life has turns into
Swaragini:a happy life!!!

Swaragini hug sanlak and show ends with a happy note….

Guys my next ff will be for swasan… Its first epi’s name will be “Swasan new ff epi 1(I found her)”

I will post after some time…do read and comment….
See u soon…thnks guys…love u….bye

Credit to: angel

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  1. angel i expected a lot from dis ff….y u hurriedly finished it????it was nice….little disappointed dr….

    1. This ff wasn’t read much…yes I wanted tobadd mamy twists and turns but on daily chaps when there would be only 2-3 comments then its of no use to write it…i am gonna start new ff….do read it and sorry for disappointing u

  2. awesome…. please upload musical emotions I’m eagerly waiting for that that my one of the fav fan fiction!!!! keep writing

    love you :):)

  3. It ended??? will miss it..it was such an osum ff

  4. Omg….u ended it ….i always keep in w8ing fr this bt it was all ur decision… was expecting much more…will definitely miss it..

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