swaragini miserable to happy life epi 9


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Recap:swasan ragalk romance…ragini happy for swara…ragini angry on laksh…swara cries and ragini is tensed to see her like this…


Ragini pucks up swara and cups her face
Ragini:di…i promise u nothing will happen…if he truly lives u then he will stand by you…
Swara hugs her
Prem:excuse me…can I too get a hug?
Swaragini smile and hug him

At night

Swara’s phone rings but she is sleeping and ragini who was studying picks the call.
Sanskar:hi my love…i was missing u so much
Ragini:she was missing u too
Sanskar:huh…who is this?
Ragini:ur saali…
Sanskar:oho…miss ragini..how u kiddo?
Ragini:pretty and sensible
Sanskar laughs
Sanskar:where ur di?
Sanskar:oh …
Ragini thinks sth
Ragini:u love my di Na?
Sanskar:more than anything…
Sanskar:she is so pure and unique…different from all
Ragini smiles
Ragini:if u really live her then plz come tomorrow to my home…
Sanskar:all ok?
Ragini:no questions…do what I m saying …nd di shouldn’t know abt it…
And call cut
Ragini kisses swara’s forehead and sleeps

Swara drops prem to school and goes to bar while ragini is at home working.she is angry with laksh so didn’t go to college.its afternoon.she brings prem home.bell rings and she finds sanskar…

Sanskar:why u called me
Ragini:to tell u sth
Sanskar:what happened??
Ragini:this is our small house…at rent
Sanskar:ragini…what happened?why t u tensed
Ragini:we belonged to a rich family sanskar…we were very small when our parents passed away and our chacha Chachi took care of us…but our whole property was captured by them…swara di was eldest and she had to take care of us so we were thrown out of the house…swara di applies for many jobs but as she had left her certificates back she didn’t find any job…she did other jobs like waitress,maid but she was mistreated everywhere…rented house,siblings study…she had to do it all alone so she found a job at last…
Sanskar:which job?
Ragini:such job due to which she is insulted daily but bears it for us as she loves us…such job due to which she wants to be away from u…such job which startles her by the thoght of losing u…such job which shakes her with the thought that u will hate her and go away from her life…

Sanskar:stop it ragini and tell clearly…
Ragini holds his hand and takes him to pub and sanskar is shocked to see swara dancing
Swara finishes her dance and is shocked to find him
Sanskar goes near her
Sanskar:u…u r a bar dancer
Sanskar hits a table with his foot and it falls down
All are shocked and swara has tears in her eyes
Sanskar leaves angrily
Swara sits on floor and cries
Ragini:di..i m sorry…i thought..,I will help but..
Swara wipes her etears stands up and smiles:my fate…
Ragini is guilty at the thought that she snatched swara’s happiness and is disappointed…..

Next epi: Swara:no plz…spare my virginity…

Credit to: angel

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