swaragini miserable to happy life epi 8


Recap:swasan and raglak dance.raglak kiss.swasan about to kiss when swara shouts

Swara:no no…this cant happen
Sanskar:what happened
Swara:I cant do this…no never…
Sanskar holds her from shoulders
Sanskar:I love you swara
Swara cries

Sanskar:I really love u…i know we dnt know each other much but I fell for u since the first day I saw you…u r different…
Swara:yes…i m,different…very much different…and u don’t deserve me
She heads to go but sanskar holds her hand
Sanskar:I know u love me
Sanskar:yes…i can see in ur eyes
Swara:no no no
She pushes him and turns but sanskar holds her hand and pulls her tight and holds her hair from left hand and twists her right hand with his right hand at her back and joins his lips with her lips…
Swara is shocked and wides open her eyes while sanskar is kissing her softly

Swara tries to free herself and tears are flowing from her eyes but in vain
Soon she is not able to control and kisses him back.she shuts her eyes and encirlces her left arm around his neck and caresses his hair.he frees her hair and cups her face.they kiss passionately and hardly…
Soon they depart due to lack of oxygen and join their heads…

Sanskar:I love you.
Swara:I … I love you too
They share a hug


Ragini and laksh are sitting in a lawn holding hand in hand
Ragini:I never thought I will fall in love
Laksh:I fell for u the day I saw you
Ragini smiles
Laksh puts his head on her lap
Ragini caresses his hair
Laksh:did u kiss anyone before
Ragini:u think its my job?
Laksh:no no…just asking literally
She laughs
Ragini:no…u r the first luckiest person
Laksh:I m honored madam
She laughs again and lucky caresses her cheek.he picks a rose and moves on her face making her shiver.ragini also lies down and keeps her head on his chest and both look at sky and dose off


Swara is resting in sanskar’s arms
Sanskar:why u stopped first
Swara:I got afraid
Sanskar:afraid of what?
Swara:afraid to go close first and then be pushed out of ur life
Swara:because u don’t know me…
Sanskar:I don’t care swara…no matter what I will never leave you…
Swara smiles

They dose off too

Next morning swara makes breakfast and sanskar drips her and prem home and laksh drips ragini hone
Swara smiles all day sings and dances with ragini
Ragini wonders what happened to her but is happy
Ragini:di…r u in love
Swara is lost
Swara:yes ragini
Ragini:who is he?
Swara:my prince charming…my sans…
Swara comes to her senses
Swara:what??what was I saying?did u say anything?
Ragini:don’t act in front of me..tell me his name…sans??
Swara:ok fine..he is sanskar
Ragini:wait wait wait,,,is he the same guys with whil I talked on phone.who took care of u?
Ragini:I am so happy…finally ur life will be normal too
Swara gets tensed
Ragini:what happens?
Swara:he doesn’t know my reality
Ragini:so what di…he loves u Na..so he won’t care
Swara smiles

Days are passing and swasan raglak come more close to each other
Sanskar still doesn’t know about her work.

One day swara comes home tensed
Ragini:what happened?
Swara:sanskar and his mom wants to come
Ragini:its good na
Swara:what good?what will I answer them?how we manage home?where does the money come from?how do I tell them who I am?tell me…
Ragini:di plz don’t panic…why don’t u tell them…sanskar will understand it…
Swara:I can’t lose him ragini…i love him…i love him so much
Swara cries badly and ragini is tensed to see her in that state as she is string but sanskar has become her weakness like ragini and prem
Ragini hugs her

Ragini gets laksh’s call
Laksh:r u ok?
Laksh:did u talk to ur di?
Ragini:no not yet
Laksh:why?when will u talk to her?
Ragini:she is a little tensed
Ragini:due to her boyfriend
Laksh:fantastic…she is enjoying her life but here we are suffering
Ragini:how can u say this?
Laksh:what should I say then?for how long will we meet like thieves?
Ragini:u r so mean…i won’t talk to u now.
She cuts call in anger
Laksh:hello hello…ragini I was kidding
Laksh hits his head
Laksh:try to control ur tongue mr laksh…

Swara thinks about sanskar
Sanskar calls her
Sanskar:we are coming at evening
Swara:but no…
Sanskar:no ifs and buts…its final…bye
Swara tries to say but he cuts call
She gets afraid
She screams….

Ragini is super tensed

Next epi:sanskar comes to know about swara’s truth…

Credit to: angel

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