swaragini miserable to happy life epi 7


hi friends…i have written as os for swasanlak…plz read and comment.here z the link

recap:swara laksh meet.swasan and raglak cute moment.


sanskar comes down
sanskar:have kids slept?
sansakr:what did u make?
swara is standing facing the shelf with her back towards sanskar and sanskar slowly moves towards her.he keeps his hand on swara’s hand making her numb.he comes close to her ear and blows air.swara shuts her eyes and smiles.

baahaun k darmiyan
do payr mil rhe hain
jaane kya bole mann
dole sun k badan
dhadkan bani zuban

swara turns and sanskar ups her face.
sanskar:do u know how beautiful u r ?
swara smiles
sanskar:may i have the honour to dance with the most beautiful girl like u?
swara looks into his eyes and smiles
she keeps her hand in his hand

raglak reach a place
ragini is surprised
ragini:laksh where r we?
laksh:i thought to plan sth special for u

ragini:r u serious??? i mean…
laksh:u talk too much…now come fast fast
he takes her to the table decorated beautifully with flowers and candles..they are in a garden full of flowers scattered her and there.laksh gives her juice to drink.and he then brings a cake.
on cake it is written “my best friend ragini”
ragini smiles

they cut the cake and make each other eat with their hands.ragini laughs
laksh:what happened?
she wipes cake from side of his lips with her finger

laksh imagines ragini wiping the cake with her lips and he caressing her face.they r about to kiss when laksh’s dream breaks due to ragini’s voice
ragini:where r u lost/
laksh bends on his knees

ragini:what r u doing?
laksh:plz one dance only
ragini:i said no
laksh lowers his head in disappointment

janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
kasam tumhen kasam aa k milna yunhi
aik jaan hain bhale
do badan haun juda
meri ho k hamesha hi rehna
kabhi na kehna alvida

ragini starts twirling around him surprising laksh.she holds his hand and puts on her waist.she puts her own hand on his shoulder and both start moving slowly.he leans her down and kisses her neck,ragini shuts her eyes.

meri subha ho tumhi r tumhi shaam ho
tum dard ho tum hi aram ho
meri duaon se aati hain bus ye sada
meri ho k hamesha hi rehna kbhi na kehna alvida


he makes her stand and twirls her.she stand on his feet and he spins.he lifts her in the air and ragini stretches her arms.flower petals fall on them.he puts her down and ragini cups his face.he is holding her waist tightly.

both are lost in each other and move closer stealthily.finally their lips meet.the kiss turns from soft to passionate one.ragini caresses his hair and laksh holds her waist more tightly and they are in hugging position.they break the hug

laksh:i love u
ragini smiles and hugs him.


ek din…ek din teri rahaun mein
bahaun mein panahaun mein aon ga
kho jaon ga.ek din tera ho jaon ga(twice)

swara stretches her arm and sanskar starts caressing her starting from her hand moving to her shoulder.she holds her her shoulder and makes her lean down colliding to his chest.he holds her hand and turns her to him and holds her waist tightly and both dance to the beat.

tu jaane na tu chahat neri kitni betaab hai
jo barson meri palkaun pe tha tu wahi khwab hai
chuoke se teri neendaun mein
yadaun mein khyalaun mein aon ga
kho jaon ga ek din tera ho jaon ga
ek di tera ho jaon ga….

swara is feeling the closeness and tries to go but sanskar holds her hand and pulls her back holding her bare shoulders.his breath is touching her skin.he moves her hair to the side and kisses her shoulder expressing his desire to touch her according to the song.swara shuts her eyes and breathes heavily.

swara frees herself and lies on floor shyly.sanskar kisses her feet and comes over her and turns her.he kisses her forehead.swara puts her arms around his shoulder.he leans to kiss her.both are very close.both shut their eyes.
swara remebers herself being a bar dancer and pushes sanskar
swara stands up with a jerk
swara:no this is wrong…i can’t do this…

sanskar is shocked…

next epi:swasan actual kiss…

Credit to: angel

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  2. i feel Swara should tell the truth.. it would be nice… i want to see after hearing the truth hw will Sanky react and also his family

  3. It’s awesome bt plz post soon yr u take sooo much time

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