swaragini miserable to happy life epi 5


RECAP: swasan and raglak meet again.ragini helped by laksh and share a cute moment.prem goes with sanskar and swara searches for him madly hurting herself.she finds prem and faints in sanskar’s arms.sanskar carries her to his room and keeps watching the sleeping beauty.

Jiya:Chachu…her foot is bleeding
Sanskar gets concerned
Prem touches swara’s head and instantly moves his hand away
Sanskar:what happened?
Prem:di is burning..
Sanskar touches swara’s forehead
Sanskar:damn it

Prem:bhaiyya…where has your family gone?
Sanskar:they have gone to marriage…shit…jiya take prem to ur room I will take care of swara
Sanskar brings cold water and a napkin
He keeps putting it on swara’s head so that her fever goes away

He then cleans swara’s foot with a towel and she winces her foot in pain.sanskar kisses her foot.
He holds her hand and sits by her side.he caresses her hair and smiles.he kisses her forehead.and doses off in the same sitting manner.

Prem and Jiya see it and give naughty smile to each other
Jiya:are u thinking what I m thinking?
Jiya:so my chachu
Prem:loves my didi
Both give hi five to each other…and leave
Ragini is shit tensed and tries calling swara

Sanskar picks it
Ragini:who is it?
Sanskar:I m sanskar
Ragini:but this is my di’s phone…u thief…dnt u have shame…how dare u steal her phone and what have u done to my didi..tel me rascal I will call police u shameless guy

Sanskar hurriedly cuts the call
Sanskar:damn what a tsunami…
He then calls again and tells ragini that prem is fine and swara is resting as she has a little pain in foot,
Ragini says sorry and laughs
Ragini:plz take care of her…
Sanskar:can I sleep now?
She smiles and cuts call…

Next day sanskar wakes up by a call of ap
AP:u ok beta
Sanskar:yes ma
AP:we will come by tomorrow
Sanskar:its fine
AP:u know Na this dekhi family is ur bade papa’s friend.they didn’t let us come back yesterday night,so we will come tomorrow.
Sanskar:its fine ma
Sanskar:his sister came last night and…
AP:he tells her everything
AP:oh take care of her

Sanskar:she is the same girl who answered bade papa
Ap:oh very good
Ap:no nothing…she is at home Na..fever?dnt let her go anywhere till she cures completely…understood…
Sanskar:yes boss…
She cuts call and tells sujata
Sujata:let them spend some,time together

Laksh and ragini meet in college
Ragini:what happened?
Ragini:I m still angry
Ragini:lets go
Laksh:will u bunk,class??
Ragini:who said it?
Ragini:we will have coffe in break time at canteen
Laksh:u r so stupid
Ragini:why r u calling me stupid
She fakes crying
Laksh:I m,…m so sorry…i had hurt u.,,sorry…
Its ok…come break time..plz ragini…
Ragini laughs
Ragini:I was kidding dumbo
Laksh makes faces
Ragini:whenver u will call me I will come
Saying so she heads to leave but he holds her hand
Laksh:that whenever I will call you..you will come

She looks into his eyes but cant understand what he actually wants to say
He moves closer to her…ragini breathes heavily and shivers as she feels his breath on her face
Laksh:tell me
Ragini:I will…
Laksh leaves her hand and she runs away..,

Swara wakes up and sees sanskar.
Sanskar:only sanskar
Prem and Jiya enter
Prem:here I am
Swara hugs him.
Prem:didi…i was so scared
Tears flow swara’s eyes

Swara:I m fine
Jiya sees prem sitting in swara’s lap
Sanskar:yes princess
Jiya:I am missing ma
Swara sees her and calls her
Swara:come to me
Jiya runs to her.swara caresses her hair and kisses her forehead
Jiya:u r so pretty Chachi…

Swasan are stunned
Jiya:yeah Chachi
Sanskar:why r u calling her chachi
Prem:bcz u love my di
Swasan are shocked
Prem:Han he took care of u whole night.he was so tensed.
They blurt out care of Sanskar for her.
Swara blushes badly

Piya calls her
Piya:hello..,dad is shouting…where r u?
Swara:yeah I m coming
Prem snatches fone
Prem:piya didi…swara didi is not fine…she has fever…
Piya:ok sweety
He cuts call

Prem:take care of my didi jeeju
Swara:r u mad?ita nothing…dnt call him jeeju
Jiya:but Chachi
Sanskar:what Chachi??go to ur room and play…
They laugh and leave

Swasan keep quiet looking at each other

Next epi: Raglak date and swasan raglak dance

Credit to: angel

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