Swaragini miserable to happy life epi 4 2nd MEETING



RECAP: raglak meeting


ragini:um…i should leave now….its my first day at college today
laksh:ok…see u again…
both leave while smiling

swara:how can people be so naive?
piya:its fine…these rich people are headache
swara:no piya…i dnt wanna insult him…but its just that he even didnt respect the prasad and …
piya:hey chill…dad is calling u…its ur performance time
swara:ok i will leave…

ragini reaches in college.she is shit nervous to see so many students and esp boys
she sighs
ragini to herself:come on ragini…u have to study,,,di has worked so hard…come on…all the best
she goes in and collides with a boy
ragini:i am sorry
boy:i am not
ragini:excuse me?
boy:new entry?
boy:oh…in the mid?
ragini:do u have a problem?
boy:oh not at all babes in fact its good that a pretty girl has made an entry in college
ragini excuses to leave but he holds her hand
boy:why r u in such a hurry babes?
ragini:let me go plz

boy laughs.ragini cries as his grip is strong
all college students watch it and laugh
just then the laughing boy gets a hard punch on his face.
ragini sees the person and its laksh
laksh:hey bro how was my punch
boy:u bastard i am gonna spare u
laksh again hits him
a girl comes to laksh.her name is MISHA.(played by shesha of naagin)

misha:why the hell r u fighting with this guy and that too bcz of this behenji
laksh looks at ragini and is surprised to see her there.ragini is crying and goes to ladies washroom
the boy runs and laksh goes behind ragini and misha is left calling out his name
misha:whenever i try to talk to him he goes away.
ragini reaches washroom and cries
laksh enters
ragini turns and hugs him.he is stunned and his arms are still stretched.ragini keeps crying while hugging him tight
laksh slowly reciprocates and asks her to stop crying
ragini:why does it happen to me?

laksh:because u r really beautiful
ragini looks at him
ragini:but i m behenji
laksh:no…who cares about those people’s thought…u r perfect the way u r …
ragini feels truthfullness in his eyes
he wipes her tears and ragini feels shy
ragini thinks:oh my…i hugged him…ragini u never did this to any boy before but now…
she looks into his eyes…

laksh waves his hand in front of her
laksh:where r u lost?
ragini:u r in girl’s washroom
laksh is shocked
ragini laughs whole heartedly as a girl steps out of washroom and screams after seeing laksh.
laksh instantly runs out of washroom

girl:oh my God how stupid he is…
girl:hi i m tina
ragini:me ragini
tina:so u r new comer?
tina:ok then lets go to class
ragini and tina go to class and ragini is surprised to see laksh in the class
ragini:what r u doing here?
lakhs:its my class
ragini:wht hppened to u?
ragini:then why r u being so rude as if u dnt know me
laksh:madam because of u i was caught in ladies washroom….i saved u and u didnt even thank me
ragini makes a pouty face
ragini:ok then what do i do to set ur mood?
laksh:coffee?or tea?or dinner?or lunch?
ragini laughs
laksh excitedly:really?
ragini leaves while laughing
laksh scratches his head while disha fumes

swara finishes her performance and leaves for home
prem and jiya come out at off time
sanskar comes to fetch jiya
sanskar:hi doll
jiya:hi chachu
she kisses his cheek
prem:it must be ur sanskar cachu na?
jiya:yes…chachu he is prem…my new class mate and friend
sanskar:hey champ…
sanskar:who is coming to pick u its rather late?
prem:di should have come….she is never late
sanskar:how irresponsible…
prem:plz dont talk about my sis like this…
sanskar sees his anger
sanskar:ok ok…sorry…here take the phone and call
prem calls ragini but she is in her class and her mobile is off….swara doesnt pick the phone as she has slept
sanskar:umm…ok come lets go to my house and u can call again…ur didi will come there
prem thinks for a while and then goes

sanskar reacges maheshwari mansion with kids and inroduces prem.prem enjoys there
sujata:is he rich na?
dp:dnt wry sujata…the studenst who study in high school are rich as its very expensive school….
sujata:yes bhai sa u r right
ap and sanskar are disgusted
ram:sanskar…u stay with kids…we have to go for a marriage
ap:where is his sister?poor child…

after few hours ragini comes home and sees swara sleeping on couch
ragini:she must be tired…my sister
ragini sees here and there and wonders where is prem
she wakes up swara
swara:ragini…u came?
ragini:didi where is prem
swara stands up in shock
swara:shit…prem…how could i forget his school?
she rushes to his school leaving a tensed ragini behind
swara is told that prem is not in school she is super tensed.
she searches him everywhere but doesnt find him.its evening and she is tired and distraught.she sits on foot path and cries

swara:why…why does this happen to me only?why do i have to suffer?my prem…plz come back…i cant live without u…
she keeps her head in her hands and cries.she gets a call
ragini:didi..i just got prem’s call….take the address
swara instantly reaches maheshwari mansion.her foot gets hurt and bleeds.she enters the house while limping and crying.nobody is at home except sanskar and kids and laksh is at his friends home

he rushes to swara who hugs him and cries
sanskar is surprised to see her
swara kisses prem and apologozes to him
swara:i m so sorry….plz forgive me
jiya and sanskar come to them
swara thanks sanskar
sanskar:its fine
swara:i should leave
she stands up and feels dizzy.she is about to fall but sanskar holds her.both have an eyelock

after a min eyelock swara faints in his arms.he carries her into his room and places her on bed.
he tries to stand but swara is holding his shirt’s collar.he keeps looking at the sleeping beauty and smiles

next epi: sanskar caring for swara.raglak spending time

Credit to: angel

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