Swaragini miserable to happy life epi 3 RAGLAK 1st MEETING


RECAP: swasan first meeting.maheshwaris too meet swara


ragini:prem u have to eat ur lunch on time and study well.dnt misbehave in class.make new friends ok
prem:i am not going school for the first time
ragini:but u r going to new school for first time

laksh drops jiya to school and she kisses him on cheek.laksh sits back in car to take a turn.jiya sees ice cream stall and runs to it.laksh starts his car and dosent notice jiya
he is about to hit her when ragini pounces on jiya and both roll don to other corner.laksh is shocked and stops car.
ragini stands up and hugs jiya who is crying
ragini:beta r u ok?
jiya:thank u aunti

laksh comes running to them
ragini gets angry and slaps him
ragini:r u blind?cant u see anything?what if u had hit this girl?why do u drive when u dnt know how to??
laksh is just listening her keenly and doesnt utter a word
jiya hugs laksh
ragini is stunned
laksh hugs her
laksh:i am sorry….
jiya does ragini’s parody
jiya:r u blind:dont u know how to drive?what if u had hit ur doll??

ragini opens her mouth at her cleverness
laksh laughs
laksh:sorry doll….r u hurt?
jiya:no but aunti…
laksh looks at ragini who is hurt at head
laksh hurriedly takes out handerkerchief and places on ragini’s head and starts speaking with concern
laksh:i m so sorry…i didnt see blood…i m so sorry
ragini eyes him lovingly at his concern
prem who was standing at the main gate of school rushes to ragini and hugs her
prem:r u ok didi?
ragini:yes prem dnt worry

laksh:i hurt her…sorry
ragini:its ok…and i m sorry too
laksh:for what?
ragini:for scolding u
laksh:no no…it was my mistake…
ragini smiles

prem and jiya smile at each other
jiya:hi …i m jiya
prem:i m prem
jiya kisses him on cheek and he places his hand on his wide opened mouth
jiya:what happened?
prem:u kissed me?
prem:u r a girl
prem:we will have kids now
raglak laugh

jiya:its ok
both giggle
prem:u hurt my sister so i have a punishment for u
laksh:what punishment?
prem:do friendship with my sister…
laksh:i would love too
he looks at smiling ragini and smiles
laksh extends his hand
laksh:will u like to be the friend of laksh maheshwari miss??
ragini places her hand in his and smiles
ragini:only ragini…
both feel strange

ragini then caresses prem’s hair
jiya pulls laksh’s coat
laksh gives her questioning look
jiya whispers
jiya:i wnt talk to u
jiya folds her amrs and turns away giving angry expression
laksh then looks at ragini and says sorry
ragini:for what
laksh:for this

he the hurriedly kisses her on cheek surprising ragini
jiya claps
jiya:now u became friends
prem:u will also have kids
raglak are embarrassed
ragini:u both are getting late for school just go
they wave goodbye to raglak and leave

ragini:its ok
laksh:jiya would have got angry…
ragini:u love ur doll
laksh:yeah she is mine and sanskar bhai’s doll
ragini:and prem is life of mine and swara di
laksh:swara di?
ragini:sanskar bhai?

laksh:sanskar is my elder bro…we are maheshwari family
ragini:swara is my elder sister…her life lies in us…
ragini:yeah…i think i should leave for college now
laksh:yeah me too…

both smile and leave

next epi:swasan meet again due to prem….raglak in same college

Credit to: angel

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  3. I don’t knw why but this name prem reminds me of sallu bhai’s PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO???…. But i must say ur ff is really good and i like it coz its swasan and raglak…yupieeeee??

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