Swaragini miserable to happy life epi 12 RAGINI’S RESCUE+KAVITA


recap:sanskar gives job to swara and she fumes when a lady hugs him.misha locks ragini in store room.


ragini keeps shouting but as whole college is vacant so nobody heard her.
swara fumes to see girl hugging sanskar.
sanskar is shocked to see kavita.
sanskar:kavita u?
kavita:hi baby my jaan
kavita kisses him on cheek.
swara gets more angry
sanskar:kavita?what r u doing here?why did u come?
kavita:coem on sanky u love me na…so i came back to ur life
sanskar:love and me that too u?
kavita:yeah of course
sanskar:its nothing like that?
kavita:how can u forget our first meet?our first kiss??
swara is shocked and coughs
kavita:who the hell r u?
swra:his personal secretary
kavita:and i am his girlfriend….so get lost
sanskar looks at swara who is teary eyed
swara:yes mam
she leaves and kavita is scolded by sanksar for hurting swara
he leaves while kavita is confused

swara goes to her cabin and throws files on table in anger
she sighs and stands up
she mimics sanskar
swara:acts as shocked like sanskar…ka…ka…kavita….what r uu doing here?
ka ka….as if he is shahrukh khan….
why did u come?stop kavita….ohh we hugged we kissed…bastard….he never kissed me….and that kavita….what kind of name is it?yuk…as if she is a poetry….chipkali…and sanskar…how mean when i said that i m his secretary he didnt say that i am his gf….i am gonna kill him
sanskar was amused to see her as he was standing at the door
he coughs and swara turns to see him

swara without listening to him starts throwing files on him
swara:i will kill u today….she is ur gf…u hugged her…u kissed her….u never kissed me yet and there u were romancing….betrayer
sanskar:r u out of ur mind….u will kill me…its hurting
kavita enters
kavita:what the hell is happening?is thsi the way to behave with ur boss?i will fire u
sanskar:and who teh hell r u to do it?
kavita:i love u
sanskar:shut u
sanskar holds swara’s hand and takes her from there and goes to his staff
he shouts and everyone gathers there
sanskar:i wanna introduce u all to miss swara….she is soon gonna be swara sanskar meheshwari as i love her a lot and cant live without her….
all girls are shocked and jealous but they clap and congratulate along with other people.
kavita:r u mad?how can u love this behenji?
sanskar:she is much better than u …leave
kavita:u will pay,,.,both of u…
she leaves
swara looks at sanskar and goes to her cabin
sanskar goes behind her.
sanskar:she was never my gf.she used to like me just because i am more rich than.she used to hug me.she proposed me but i refused.
sanskar smiles
sanskar:she kissed me forcefully.i even didnt respond.tahts why i became angry and shouted on her and she said we will be friends and apologized.but now she is back
swara turns angrily
swara:couldnt u do anything when she kissed u forcefully
sanskar:if somebody would have kissed u forcefully….wt would have u done?
swara:i would try to escape and slap that guy
sanskar:then do it
swara gets confused

sanskar smirks and holds swara’s hand and drags her towards her office table and pins her to floor
swara:ouch….what r u doing?
before she could say anything sanskar came on top of her and kissed her on her lips.
swara was shocked.sanskar’s one hand was in swara’s hand while the other was playing with her hairs
swara couldnt take it anymore and she released her hand and wrapped around his neck.feeling swara’s respond sanskar kissed her hard and soon their tongues met.swara clutched at his hair and was enjoying this feeling of love.soon they depart due to lack of oxygen
sanskar:u couldnt stop….u didnt slap me
swara whispered:cause i love u
sanskar kissed her again.swara rolls him and comes over his top and smiles.she snuggles her hair on his face and kisses him immensely.both roll down under swara’s table.they kiss with passion and then hug each other

laksh storms in
swasan get shocked
sanskar:who the hell is this?
swara:laksh….stand up
sanskar:u stay
sanskar come sout of tabel and laksh is shocked to see him
laksh:what r u doing here?its swara bhabhi’s cabin
swara hits her head and hits sanskar’s leg
swara:shit how could i forget its my cabin…i should have stood
sanskar:aa….ac…actually i was searching for swara
laksh:under the table?
laksh:what have u done to ur hair:?looks like someone attacked u
swara realises how she was caressing sanskar’s hair and smiles
sanskar:yeah a wild cat
swara hits him on leg and he lets out a small scream
laksh:what happened?
sanskar:nothing….but wt r u doing here?
laksh:oh yes….ragini…here z she?
sanskar:u should know
laksh:i dnt….i left college early for some work and told ragini to go home an dget ready i will meet her in an hout.its been 1 and half hour,she is not picking my call or replying and no one ia at home either
swara gets tensed and stands hurriedly

swara:what r u saying?
laksh is super shocked to see dishevelled swara coming from under the table
laksh:oh now i get it what were u doing under the table and how ur hair got messy
swasan shy
laksh:uhem uhem…its ok bhabhi dnt be shy,,.u guys are so eager
laksh/;oh yeah….plz tell me where is she
swara:i dnt know do sth
laksh:lets go to college

ragini is suffocating in room and coughs badly.sweat spreads all over her face
she faints
swasanlak reach college
sanskar:its locked
swara:where z she?did u call her?
laksh:thousand times
they see watchman sleeping
laksh:hey wake up…bhaiyya wake up
sanskar:he wont wake up like this….
sanskar kicks him and he falls down from chair
swara laughs
sanskar:get up
watchman:who the hell r u?and how dare u?
laksh:listen to me….he shows ragini pic………..have u seen this girl here?
laksh:what the hell
swara:look here and there….tehy search ragini around the college at least for an hour but of no use.
swara calls piya but she is not there too.
swara goes to prem’s school with them who inform that ragini didnt come to take prem.he went with jiya.
swara gets more tensed
sanskar:lets go to college hostel
they go there too
laksh is getting angry at himslef for leaving her alone
swara cries and sanskar consoles her
they reach hostel and search for her and ask her friends but to no avail
swara hugs sanskar and cries
the maid whom ragini helped sees them
kaki:what happened beta?
swara:kaki my sister is lost…she reads in this college
kaki:who beta?
laksh shos pic
kaki identifies her
swara:u know her?
kaki tells tehm how she heloed her
sanskar:we need to go inside college
sanskar bribes watchmen and tehy move towards store room
swara finds ragini’s bag and mobile on bench
laksh:open the door
watchman opens it and all are shocked to find ragini lying unconscious with blood coming out from her nose
swara shouts:ragini
laksh picks her up in his arms and all rush her to hospital
doc:she is out of danger…u came in time…due to heat and suffocation she fainted and blood came out of her room….she has to rest for a night…only one person ca stay
laksh:i will
laksh:plz bhabhi
swara smiles and goes with sanskar
sansalr brings swara home and prem hugs her
ap and sujata become happy to see her

dp smiles(guys he is evil…)
ap:stay here tonight plz
swara:but aunty
sujata:where is laksh?
sanskar tells them everything and ap sujata get shocked
ap:hope she is fine
sujata:we will see her to morrow
swara smiles at their concern and remembers her parents
jiya:di plz stay na i wanna listen ur lullaby again
swara smiles and takes prem and jiya to room and they fall asleep

ragini wakes up and finds laksh holding her hand
laksh gets happy and hugs her
ragini:why r u crying
laksh:i am sorry.its all my fault
laksh/;i should have taken u along with me…u r my life…i thought i had lost u….i lost my life…if i had not found u i would have died
ragini keeps her finger on his lips
ragin:laksh we will live and die together….if death will hav to coe then i will stand in front of to face it first so that it doesnt touch u…..
he is overwhelmed
laksh gives her a long peck on her lips.she smiles

ragini:laksh…someone intentionally locked my door
laksh is shocked
laksh:i will not spare that person once i find him/her

dp goes to his study and calls someone
dp:hey…she is here in my house
person:good….i wnt leave her….first i didnt care where she is or how she is but now i do as i will not spare her….today she has insulted my daughter….and she will pay
the person shuts phone angrily and turns around and sees kavita smirking

kavita:dont leave my so called sister….she doesnt know with whom she has messed….she messed with her sister ”kavita gododia” daughter of mr.shekhar gododia…..
she laughs evilly…..

Credit to: angel

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