Swaragini miserable to happy life epi 11 LOVE AND PRANK


recap: kisses


raglak go to college on bike and misha fumes to see them
misha:how the hell can they be so close i have to do sth
ragini and laksh sit with each other on same desk in class fuming misha
after class gets over ragini keeps her head on laksh’s head and their fingers get entangled into each other
ragini:laksh…thnk u
laksh:for what?
ragini:for accepting the reality of my didi…
laksh smiles
ragini:do u know what we had suffered a lot…our chacha took away all our property…chachi loved us but chacha….he threw us out of the house…chachi protested but of no use…didi searched for jobs a lot but her certificates were left at home she was insulted everywhere.finally she had to go for a bar dancer
laksh:dnt worry…now no more insults and no more problems…
ragini:but what will we do now
laksh:when bhai is here not to fear
ragini gives a confused expression but laksh kisses her forehead and hugs her again

someone had listened their talks

swara is roaming in the house and wonders how is she gonna handle the household
bell rings and she opens door to find sanskar
sanskar:hi princess
swara:what r u doing here?
sanskar:call me inside
swara:oh sorry sorry….come in
sanskar:because u r going with me now
sanskar takes her hand and makes her sit in car and comes to office
swara:sanskar why did u bring me here?
sanskar takes her inside holding her hand making all the girls jealous
sanskar:everyone kindly gather here
all listen to sanskar
sanskar:guys this is swara….my personal secretary
swara is shocked

a guy:sir never kept a personal secretary before as he hates girls around him
guy 2:yeah bjt wt happened now?
guy 3:i think sir likes this girl
sanskar hears and smiles

all go to their work and girls make faces
sanskar:come to my cabin
she walks behind him
sanskar hols her by waist and pulls her towards him
swara:what are u doing?someone will see
sanskar:no one will see
swara:wts all this?secretary?
sanskar:u dnt need to do any dirty job again….u will work here with me
swara is overwhelmed
swara:u didnt need to do this…
sanskar:i didnt do it for u…i did it for myself
swara:what do u mean
he pulls her closer
sanskar:u will be mine…only mine personal secretary so u will have to be close to me….very close
he pulls her more close in an attempt to kiss her but she pushes him

swara:i am so sorry mr maheshwari but my boyfriend wont like my closeness with u
sanskar:and who is ur boyfriend?
swara:my boyfriend?he is the most special person in the world whom i love a lot….he cares for me.he feels my pain and sadness.he is alwasy there to wipe my tears.
swara turns her face from sanskar and is lost in his thoughts and he is being oerwhelmed by her words
swara:he is the reason behind my smile.his hands reach out to wipe my tears.he is everything to me.his touch is the moist wonderful feeling of my life.in fact i have no life without him.

sanskar just then slowly puts his hands around he waist and hugs her from back.
sanskar:i love u swara
swara:i love u too
sanskar puts her hair and aside and kisses her neck
swara puts her hand on his hands
sanskar keeps romancing her neck when someone knocks
swara quickly moves away

a girl comes in rushing and hugs sanskar shocking swasan
girl:sanskar my jaan
swara’s face hungs down and she gives death glare to sanskar

laksh:ragini u go home and change i will come to pick u up
ragini:i have to go to take prem
laksh:no need he will come with jiya
laksh:no ifs buts…we are gonna go out for shopping….u go i will pick u after finishing a work
ragini smiles
ragini:ok fine

maid gets tired of working and drops a basket
ragini helps her
ragini:kaki ma…r u ok?
kaki:han beta …
ragini:leave it …let me do
kaki:no no u r student beta
ragini:so what?i am like ur daughter
kaki smiles
kaki:wts ur name ?
ragini:i am ragini…
kaki:whole college is empty hat r u doing here?
ragini:i m just leaving but before that u leave for ur home and i will put in store room.then watchmen will lock the college.ok?
kaki smiles
kaki:ok beta
she leaves
ragini keeps her bag on bench and enters store room to keep stuff but someone shuts the door
ragini shouts

ragini:hey…open the door…who did it?anyone plz
she bangs the door
its misha
misha laughs evilly
misha:now i will see how u go out with laksh today…till morning u might die of hunger…hahah

she laughs again and leaves

NEXT EPI: sanskar’s mimickery by swara.ragini in miserable condition….

Credit to: angel

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