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Hi guys…i know I m late but actually i had posted epi 10 early but my mistake I wrote uts name of my another ff so it got posted on it.some of u might have read it.this epi should actually be epi 11 but as I posted on other ff by mistake so this is epi 10.let me give u a brief of previous epi which is posted on other page.if u want to read full then go to


Recap: 2 days pass,swara is sad and ragini is in guilt.prem tells Jiya about swara’s miserable condition after losing sanskar.jiya misbehaves with sanskar and tells family that he loves her.she tells him about swara’s condition and he rushes to see her.laksh confronts ragini who cries for swara and she takes him to bar where mr.malik tries to misbehave with swara and slaps her but sanskar saves her.sanskar tells swara that he was angry cause she thought he would leave her.he was angry due to her lack of trust.both cry and hug.laksh comes to know that swara is dancer and ragini says that u might be disgusted as I m her sis.but he hugs her and promises to be with her always.screen froze on their happy faces….


Raglak go to swasan
Ragini hugs swara
Ragini:I am sorry di.
Swara:no in fact I should thank u as u helped me…
Sanskar pats ragini’s cheek and thanks her
Laksh:so u r my would be bhabhi
Swara smiles
Sanskar:he is my bro laksh….lucky
Laksh:hi bhabhi…u can call me…wtever u want
Lajsh:u said sth?
Ragini:no…did anybody hear?
Swasan smile
Laksh:by the way bhabhi bhai told me how u shut dad at mandir…bravo bhabhi
Swara:I just …
Sanskar:relax u were right…
Swara looks at him and smiles
Both get lost into each other

Piya comes there
Swara looks at her
Piya:u had sent papa to jail
Swara:piya I am so sorry…but he…
Piya hugs her
Piya:I am glad that u r fine…did he hurt u?show me ur face?
All are stunned to see the concern

Swara:piya u r?
Piya:I know wt he did was wrong and I am sorry on his behalf…he is like this only…nothing new…thank God u r fine I got so worried…
Swara:thnx to sanskar who saved me
Piya looks at him
Piya:oh so this is the sanskar whom u love?
Piya goes to sanky
Piya:kindly take care of my friend…she is very special person and yeah she is totally pure girl…and plz apply any ointment on her face…dad has beat her so hard…
Sanskar:I will
Swara smiles and hugs piya and ragini thanks her for being such a nice friend
They leave

Ragini:u guys go home and we will take prem outside as he was getting bored at home
Swara:this is no time
Laksh:exactly we will go tomorrow
Ragini squeezes laksh’s feet with her feet and he shouts
Laksh:oye Jhansi Ki rani!!!wts the problem?
Sanskar:what happened?
Ragini whispers in laksh’s ear
Ragini:let them spend some time
Laksh understand and smiles
Swara:wt happened laksh?why did u shout?

Sanky concerned:laksh
Laksh:don’t worry is am ok…just belly ache u know…
Swara:belly ache?ok u come in the house I will give u a medicine
Laksh:no..not at all…u know actually gas problem
Ragini laughs
Laksh:don’t laugh…someone can be in a problem…i will walk and be fine
Sanskar:as u wish…
Swara:ragini go with her
Ragini nods and takes prem and laksh
Laksh:help bhabhi deeply bhai
He winks at them and swasan smile
Sanskar:mad guy…

Swara and sanskar go inside home
Sanskar and swara sit
Swara feels pain
Sanskar:u ok?
Swara:yeah…just some pain…
Sanskar:I will kill that bastard
Swara:I will take bath to feel good

Swara goes in with sanskar’s help
Sanskar sits on bed and looks at swara’s and her family’s pics and smiles
He sees a pic in drawer.that pic is of shekhar and sumi.at that time swara comes out after bath and sanskar turns
He is awestruck to see swara wrapped in a towel only extending from her underarms to her knees

Swara is numb to see sanskar and avoids contact
Sanskar moves towards her stealthily
Swara moves back and is stopped by wall
Sanskar comes close to her.swara lowers her head and shys
Sanskar tucks her lock behind her ear and ups her face holding her chin

Sanskar caresses her cheek
Sanskar:did he slap u really hard?
Swara look at him
Sanskar kisses her cheek
Swara shuts her eyes
He sees swara’s arm…
Sanskar:he grabbed u really tightly
Sanskar kisses swara’s arm
Sanskar turns swara and moves her hair at front
He sees swara’s back with red marks
He slides his finger on them making swara shiver and he kisses it gently.swara shivers and turns around hurriedly and hugs him murmuring his name.

Her towel falls and sanskar gets still.lights go off.swara tightens her grip.
Sanskar hugs her back and swara feels at electric shock at his touch on her bare body.
Sanskar parts from her
Sanskar:swara…do trust me?
Swara’s eyes are shut
Swara:more than myself
He smiles

Sanskar covers swara with his coat
Swara opens her eyes
Sanskar:I will never break ur trust
Swara is overwhelmed and hugs him tight….
Both smile

Ragini and laksh are walking hand in hand
Prem sits on a bench and eats ice cream.
Laksh pulls ragini into a bush
Ragini:r u mad?
Laksh:yes after u
Ragini smiles
Ragini:prem is with us now lets go
Laksh:a kiss plz
Ragini:of course
Laksh excited:really

Ragini pushes him aside to go but he holds her hand
Ragini:let me go laksh
Laksh pulls her to himself and places his lips on her soft lips and kisses gently.ragini shuts her eyes and wraps her arms around his neck
Laksh holds her wist by one hand and other hand is at the back of her head.
Both first kiss softly but as laksh pulls her closer she tightens her grip and both kiss hard.laksh picks ragini in the same manner and spins while both are still kissing.he puts her down and departs as both are now out of breath

Laksh:u didn’t grab ur hand to let it go
Ragini smiles and hush him

Screen freezes on happy faces of both couples

Credit to: angel

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