Swaragini- Mil Jaye Iss Tarah (Part 6)


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So here it starts-

RECAP- Laksh thinks of taking revenge from Swara, Some girls lock Swara in the washroom.

Swara is screaming for help while Ragini is waiting for her.
Ragini to herself- Why is Shona getting so late?
Just then the girls who locked Swara in the washroom came and sat at a table next to Ragini’s. They were unaware of Ragini’s presence. The girls then called Laksh.
Girl- Lucky we have done what you said.
Ragini starts hearing the conversation of them when she heard Lucky’s name.
Girl- We did what you told us to do. That Swara is now locked in the washroom.Poor girl, she must be screaming for help.
Both the girls laugh while Ragini gets shocked.
Ragini to herself- Oh my God. They locked her in the washroom,how could they. I never thought that Lucky can go this down.
She then remembers something.She remembers Swara once getting locked some time back and she fainted as she feels suffocated soon and has a phobia of getting locked.

Ragini runs to the washroom and opens it. And as expected, she finds Swara unconscious.
Ragini cries- Swara…open your eyes, see I’m there, now nothing will happen, just open your eyes Shona.
Swara is still unconscious. Ragini looks around and screams for help but no one comes. She then make Swara’s hand rest on her shoulder and makes her stand giving her support.
She takes Swara out of the washroom to the infirmary.
Infirmary warden- What happened to her?
Ragini cries- She got locked in the washroom and fainted due to suffocation.
Infirmary warden- Don’t worry child she will be fine. Just make her lie on the bed.
Ragini and the warden make Swara lie on the bed.
Ragini- Why is she still unconscious?
Warden- Don’t worry child she is fainted due to shock of getting locked. She will gain her consciousness soon. You go out and make her rest.
Ragini doesn’t wanted to leave but she leaves obeying her.

Scene then shifts to Laksh who gets the news of Swara getting fainted. He laughs and feels proud that his plan is accomplished. Ragini is sitting on the bench thinking about Swara and what Lucky did to her. Just then Laksh arrives there.
Laksh- So are you thinking about your sister or her defeat?
Ragini doesn’t reply but just stares at him.
Laksh- Hmm….I think so that you should think about her defeat only. I mean to say that your sweet sweet sister won’t actually die becoz of that stupid prank. Come on yaar she just got fainted and you are crying as if the world is finished or something like that blah blah. By the way your sister herself asked for this by messing with me.Cause if you will mess with me then this is what will happen.
Ragini hears him a lot and gets angry. She just stands up and to Laksh’s surprise, she gives him a tight slap right on his face. Laksh is hell shocked as someone never even dared to do this to him.
Ragini- And if you will mess with Swaragini, then this is what will happen. Swara was right, you people are not worth talking with politeness, all you know is this language.And remember, my sister is fine that is why I’m leaving you otherwise I swear I would have killed you. How dare you did this to her. First you and your friends tried to rag us and when we protested and tried to stop you, this is what you did. Shame on you. And from next time if you tried to mess with us, just remember the slap.
Ragini walks away and Laksh is still standing there in shock.

Ragini goes to the infirmary and find Swara regained her consciousness. She runs to her and hugs her.
Ragini- Shona are you fine, are you ok, I was so scared when you fainted. This is my fault, I should have came with you so this wouldn’t have happened.
Swara who is still a little weak- Shh…. relax Ragini, I am fine, see. And stop thinking that you are responsible for my situation, I know you can never harm me, not even by mistake so stop blaming yourself.
Ragini continues crying- I was so scared when you fainted, do you know Lucky was behind all this.
Swara- What?
Ragini- Yes Shona Lucky did all this to you, he wanted to take revenge from you for insulting him. But don’t worry, today I have confronted him and I am sure that from now onwards, he wouldn’t repeat this again.
Swara- What Ragini, you confronted him. That is amazing. I am so proud of you.
Ragini smiles. The warden then comes saying that the college is about to get over and now Swara is fine so Ragini can take her home.
Swaragini thanks her and hugs once again.

NEXT EPISODE- Swara walking on road when some goons trouble her. Sanskar’s car passes from the same road.

So this was today’s episode. Hope you liked it, I am sorry if it was short but I am not well as I have a little fever but I wanted to write. But right now I can’t write more. And yes Swasan’s First meet will happen tomorrow? So are you guys excited?. Plz plz do comment. Love you guys.
Thank you.

Credit to: Diya

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