Swaragini- Mil Jaye Iss Tarah (Part 5)


Hello guys I am back with the 4th episode of my ff. To clear the confusion I am saying it once again that this ff is of SWASAN and RAGLAK only.
So here it starts-

RECAP- Laksh’s entry and Swaragini’s entry in college where Swara beats some guys whose boss is Laksh

Swaragini walks on the ground when those three guys came back blocking there way once again.This time the guys are looking more confident.
Swara- You idiots came back. I think that you like being beaten up by a girl.
Guy 1- No, this time our boss will get beaten up.
Guy 2 hits him on the shoulder- What the hell are you speaking
Guy 3- He means that this time our boss will talk to you and tell you your position.
Swara- Oh if thats so, where is your boss.
Laksh comes there- I am their Boss.
Swara laughs seeing him- When they said Boss, I thought that I will meet someone of my type but you,Uff.
Laksh- Looks like you have a lot of attitude madam.But don’t worry, Lucky knows how to fix people like you.
Swara smirks- See Ragini, in our previous college I used to fix people like him and now he is telling me this.
Ragini- Umm…Ragini we should go now
Laksh sees Ragini and says- Oh so this is the girl you were calling Bhenji.Well Swara, what did they say wrong. Haven’t you looked at her clothes?
Ragini feels bad by that comment. Swara sees this and gets angry.
Swara- Listen Mr. Lucky, if you say another word to her, then I will not take a second to turn you from lucky to unlucky.
Laksh gets angry by her comment. Swara holds Ragini’s hand and says- She is my sister and it will be healthy for you if you don’t try to mess with Swaragini’s power.Got it.(Swaragini title song plays in the bg).Laksh stares at them while they start walking away.
Ragini to herself- Come on Ragini, Swara is doing so much for you, now you should also stare at that Lucky with anger so he don’t mess with us again.
Ragini turns around and try to stare at Laksh with anger, but she was looking damn cute with that fake anger that Laksh instead of getting angry, laughs seeing her face.
Swaragini then walks away.

Scene then shifts to Gadodia residence in evening. Parvati is doing something on laptop.
Parvati- Laddo come here, see what happened to the laptop.
Ragini comes there. She looks at the laptop and fixed the problem in very less time.
Parvati- How did you fixed the problem?
Ragini- Nothing dadi, the laptop got hang and I just restarted it.
Parvati- Thanx Laddo, I am so happy that I have got granddaughters like you and Shona.
Ragini – And we are lucky to have a beautiful dadi like you.
Parvati gets shy- Dhatt, me and beautiful, Tum bhi na laddo.
Ragini laughs and hugs her. She then moves to her and Swara’s room where Swara is reading a novel.She is reading a horror novel.
Ragini- Offo Shona, why do you always read novels like this. Can’t you read a normal novel.
Swara ignores her. Ragini senses that she is angry with her.She snatches the novel from Swara’s hand.
Swara (frustated)- What are you doing Ragini?
Ragini- What are you doing Shona, why are you not talking to me?
Swara- Becoz you are very weak. You never fight with people and always I have to take a stand for you.
Ragini gets upset hearing that. Swara realizes what she just said in anger.
Swara- I am sorry Laddo, but you need to be strong. You saw how that Lucky insulted you today.
Ragini- But Swara all the time fighting is not the solution of every problem.
Swara- And all the time being numb is also not the solution. You have to speak for yourself coz in this world no one listens to us if we are polite, we have to be strong and brave so that no one messes with us.Promise me that from now onwards you will speak for yourself cause anything can happen anytime, what will you do when I will not be there for you…
Ragini- Swara…don’t ever say that again.We will always be together. No one will be able to seperate us.
Swara smiles- Yes you are right but promise me that you will now be brave.
Ragini- I promise. You also promise that you will never say that again.
Swara- Ok baba, I promise that I will not say that again.
Both of them laugh and hug each other. They then hear Sumi calling them for dinner. They then go downstairs for dinner.

Scene then shifts to Maheshwari Mansion where Laksh is lying on his bed looking towards the ceiling. He is thinking about his insult.
Laksh- You have to do something Lucky, you can’t let that Swaragini come over you.They need a lesson.
He then remembers Ragini’s angry cum cute face and laughs.
Laksh- Actually no need to take revenge from that Ragini.She wasn’t at fault but I won’t spare that Swara.I will show her what Lucky can do.

Next morning in college Swaragini and Laksh both enter the college at the same time. Swara and Laksh both stare at each other with anger. Laksh is the one who back off first.
Swaragini then attend some of there classes. Laksh on the other hand is talking to two girls giving them some instructions. Those two girls who are completely lost in Lucky agree on doing what he says.
Swaragini then sits in cafeteria.
Swara is going to order something when one of those two girls spills juice on Swara’s dress.
Girl 1- Oh I am very sorry.
Swara- Its ok, I am fine.
Ragini- Are you ok.
Swara- Yes I am fine, you go and order food and I will go to washroom and clean this.
Ragini agrees and Swara goes to washroom. She cleans up the spilled juice on her skirt.Just then the two girls come and lock the washroom from outside.Swara senses this and tries to run outside but in vain.
She screams for help while the girls are gone. On the other hand Ragini is waiting for Swara to return.Screen freezes on their faces.

NEXT EPISODE- Ragini slaps Laksh.

So, this was the episode for today. I know I am making you wait a lot for Swasan meet, but don’t worry, they will meet soon. Hope you will like it.PLz Plz and Plz do comment.
Thank you

Credit to: Diya

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