Swaragini- Mil Jaye Iss Tarah (Part 4)


Hello Guys I am back with my next episode of Swaragini ff. My last episode got only 4 comments, is it that bad Guys? If it is bad then I won’t bore you but still I will continue my ff as I will write my ff even for a single person interested in reading this.Still plz if you guys like it plz comment and I promise I won’t let u down.
So here it starts-

RECAP- Maheshwari family intro and Sanskar’s Entry

Sanskar enters the room and finds someone sleeping on the bed. He goes near that person and tries to wake him up.
Sanskar- Lucky get up, how much will you sleep, we have to go to college remember. (yes that person is Laksh)
Laksh speaks while sleeping- Haan Priya I really love you, trust me.
Sanskar- Which Priya are you talking about?
Laksh- Love you too Natasha, I will call you at night.
Sanskar- Now who is this Natasha you are talking about?
Laksh continue speaking while sleeping.Sanskar gets annoyed.He takes a glass of water and throws it on him.Laksh get up terrified due to sudden slash of water.
Laksh- Sanky are you mad?
Sanskar- No you are mad have you seen the time, we are getting very late for college. Now will you getup.
Laksh murmurs- I was having fun with girls and…..
Sanskar- By the way who is Priya and Natasha?
Laksh in his mind- Oh shit
Laksh- Actually they are one of those girls who can die for me
Sanskar- But it sounded different in your sleep.
Laksh- I think we are getting late…you go outside and wait I will change and come.

Just then they both hear Sujata calling for Sanskar. He goes out to listen her.
Sanskar- Yes Mom, what happened?
Sujata- Your father is calling you.
Sanskar- Then there must be some work as he never calls me to have a father-son talk with him nor he have time for us.
Sujata gets upset. Sanskar sees this and feels guilty.
Sanskar- Hey Mom, don’t worry, I will go and see.
He then goes to his father’s room.
Ram- Sanskar I have some important work for you.I am giving you some important documents and you have to take them to Mr Sharma.He is out of town and he needs the paper today itself. I have some important meeting so I can’t go, but you have to go to give these papers to him. You have to leave right now and you will be returning by tomorrow evening.
Sanskar- But papa, I have college today, How can I miss it, It is the first day…..
He is cut of with Ram’s voice.
Ram- It is the first day of your college thats why I am saying you to go. You will only have introduction with teachers today so no need to go to college and tomorrow’s college will be also missed but you are good at studies so you will manage.
Sanskar wanted to protest, but seeing his father angry, he nods and leaves.
He comes out of the room and finds Laksh waiting for him. Laksh is dressed in Denim Jeans and Black designer blazer, looking very handsome. Sanskar comes and tells Laksh that he has to go for some work and will return tomorrow evening.
Laksh gets sad on hearing that but to keep Sanskar’s mood lighten up he says- Don’t worry Sanky, I will have fun from your side also.
They both laugh and half hug each other and then Laksh leaves for college. Sanskar also takes the documents and leaves.

Scene then shifts to a big college where everyone is looking very modern.Swaragini enters college.
Swara- Wow this college is bigger than the previous one.
Ragini- Yeah looks like fun and perfect atmosphere for u to fit in Shona.
Swara- Hmmm…and don’t worry, you will also fit here nicely.
They both laugh and starts moving on the college ground.Three guys watch them coming.
Guy 1- See boys..Bhenji (ragini) with Pataka (swara).
Guy 2- I think its time to have fun come on.
Guy 3- Yes lets go.
The three of them walk towards Swaragini and stand infront of them blocking there way.
Guy 1 looking at Swara- Aae hae kya maal hai.
Guy 2 looking at Ragini- Par yahan toh haal behaal hai.
All three of them laugh. Swara gets angry seeing this while Ragini tries to calm her down.
Swara- What the hell are you idiots talking about.
Ragini- Swara lets go.
Swara- No Ragini, how can you be so scared, can’t you they are insulting you.
Guy 3- Oh madam ji we don’t know whether it is insult or not but we were just saying the truth.
Ragini- Plz listen, let us go.
Guy 1- If you want to go then first you need to show me your dance and plz bhenji don’t start some kathakali or bharatnatyam.
They all laugh listening this.
Swara- Oh you wanna see dance, thats all.You should have told us before only, don’t worry I will show you my dance.
Swara takes out her high heel sandal and start beating them. People gather and laugh seeing those guys getting beaten up.Ragini is hell shocked.
Those guys run away screaming-sorry and help.
Ragini- What did you do, what was the need to beat them up like this. This is our first day in college and see what you did.
Swara- So what should I do, They were insulting you and I can never tolerate that.
Ragini- I know that you can’t tolerate my insult. But all the time fighting is not the solution Shona.
Swara- I don’t care.
Ragini- Ok I loose and you win. Now happy? Come on lets go.

Scene then shifts to a guy with his back towards us, he is talking to girls.
The three boys whom Swara beat, came running towards him.
Guy 1- Bhai, that girl beat up us alot.
Guy 2- That girl is really dangerous.
Guy 3- Come with us and talk to her, tell her that who is the boss over here.
The boy turns around and is no one else than Laksh.
Laksh- If Lucky had to do everything by himself, then what work will you do.Shame on you, you got beaten up by a girl. I will tell her where she belongs.Where is she?
The boys tell him about where Swaragini would be. Laksh goes there in anger.

NEXT EPISODE- Swara gets locked in a room and is screaming for help.

So, this was today’s part.Hope you liked it.Plz Plz and Plz comment.
Thank You

Credit to: Diya

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