Swaragini- Mil Jaye Iss Tarah (Part 3)


Hi guys I am super happy that you like my ff this much. Thank you.

So here it starts-

RECAP- Swaragin’s entry

Swara- Come on Ragini we are getting late for college.
Ragini- I am coming.

A little girl who was playing with the kids came to Swara and says- Swara di where is my chocolate.You always give me one.
Swara sits and kiss the little girl on cheek and says- I am sorry sweety as I came her e to call my sister so forgot to bring your chocolate. I promise I will bring it tomorrow.

The little girl nods and goes away.
Swara gets up and sees ragini watching her.
Swara- What happened?
Ragini- I am your sister and still not able to understand you. Sometimes you behave so rude and sometimes you act like kids. It is impossible to understand you.
Swara- Hmmm that’s true…but now get ready we have to go to college so get ready fast.
Ragini- I am ready I will wear this only.
Swara stares at her in disbelief- Ragini you used to wear this in Mumbai also, now we are at Kolkata, now change. Don’t forget that you are my sister.
Ragini laughs- I can never forget that , Even if I try to forget you will not let that happen and I will wear this only.
Swara- If you will win this then how will you join me in my pranks in this college. For playing pranks you need to wear fun dress like me so that you get the feel.
Ragini- Now aren’t we getting late for college.Lets go
Swara- Oh I forgot. Come on lets go.
They leave for college

The scene then shifts to a big house somewhere else where it is written “MAHESHWARI MANSION”. Inside that house three ladies are doing Pooja. After the pooja is finished, one of the lady ask the other one- Pari please distribute the Prasad to everyone. That lady is Ap. Pari goes and distribute the Prasad to Ap and the other lady which is Sujata.
She then goes and gives the Prasad to her husband Adarsh, who smiles at her and takes the Prasad. Then a man wearing suit enters the hall and asks for Prasad. He is Dp.

Ap comes and gives him Prasad.
Dp- You are looking very beautiful today.
Ap shys and says- You say that every day.
They both laugh. Pari comes and takes Dp’s blessings and Sujata also comes and greets them.
Sujata then takes some Prasad and walks upstairs to her room where a man wearing glasses is working on a laptop with many documents scattered here and there. He is Ram. Sujata comes and gives him Prasad.
Sujata-Breakfast is ready please come down and eat.
Ram- Bring my breakfast here.
Sujata- But everyone is down if you plz come then….
She is cut off with Ram’s stare
Ram- I don’t have time for family business. You go and bring my breakfast and also call Sanskar.
Sujata- He must be in his room, I will go and call him.
Scene then shifts to a big room where there is a king sized bed and someone is sleeping on the bed.
The door then opens and a very handsome boy wearing denim jeans, white t-shirt and brown leather jacket enters. He is our Sanskar.

NEXT EPISODE- Swaragini enters college and some boys tease them

Sorry for a short episode guys, I will poost longer episode from next time

Credit to: Diya

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