Swaragini- Mil Jaye Iss Tarah (Part 2)


Hi guys, I am back with my first episode of my first ff.Thank you for actually reading my Intro and commenting on it. I am really glad to see the response.Also, after seeing the comments i have decided to keep it SWASAN and RAGLAK.
So here it starts-

It is morning. A very big house is shown where it is written “GADODIA RESIDENCE”. In Gadodia Family a lady is shown working in the kitchen. She is making breakfast in a hurry.
She is our sweet Sumi. After making breakfast she heads upstairs shouting.
Sumi- Shona get up. How much will you sleep. See Laddo is already awake. Just get up or else you will miss the first day of your college.

Scene changes to a big room. Light music is playing in bg. There a pretty girl is shown sleeping on a round bed. Her face is covered with her hair. The windows are open and light breeze enters the room. The wind blows more and her hair get removed from her face. She is Swara. She gets up yawning and still look beautiful with open messy hair. She hears Sumi shouting again.
Swara- Coming Maa
Swara to herself- Offo again college.I had to attend college first in Mumbai and now in Kolkata.( the bg music changes from sweet to guitar chord). Now again I have to behave like a polite girl otherwise again the principal will complain to my parents. And this new college in Mumbai college evrybody knew me so they never tried to mess with me but here it will take some time.But I will do it, I am Swara Gadodia by the way.
She yawns again and again hear Sumi calling her. She rushes to get dressed.

Then a man is shown very coat and holding a bag and moving towards the dining table. He is Shekhar.
Shekhar- Sumi where is my breakfast? I am getting late for office.
Sumi- Just one min. I am bringing your breakfast.
She takes the breakfast and keeps in on the table and is about to go back when Shekhar holds her hand.
Sumi gets shy and say – Shekhar what are you doing?
Shekhar- Doing romance with my wife.Can I ?
Sumi- I thought you were getting late for office.
Shekhar- If you want I can cancel the meeting and stay with you.
Sumi- No you go as you have a important meeting today.
Shekhar- Are you still upset that we shifted to Kolkata from Mumbai?
Sumi- I was, but now I am ok. But you know na Shona is still upset because of this.
Shekhar laughs and says- U know that our Swara starts getting upset and angry on small things. But don’t worry, our Ragini is there to keep her happy. By the way where is she?
Sumi- She has gone with her Dadi to the temple.They must be returning anytime.

Just then Parvati enters saying- I have came but your laddo again went out to play with children.
Till then Swara comes down wearing a white top and blue knee length skirt. She is wearing high heels and her hair are open and straight from top and wavy from the bottom. She greets everyone and says that she is going to call Ragini.

The scene then shifts to a girl playing with little children in the park with a pipe.She is throwing water on them and the kids are laughing and enjoying with her. ( Instrumental guitar is playing in bg) Swara reaches the park and sees the girl. She shouts Ragini.
Yes she is our Beautiful Ragini. She is wearing black slacks and a Red colour full sleeves kameez with maching earrings, her hairs are open.She turns around on hearing Swara’s voice, The water pipe is removed from her face showing her pretty face.
The screen freezes on the faces of Swaragini.

So this was the first episode guys, hope you all enjoyed it, if not plz let me know and I will end this ff.I actually dont know whether this ff is boring or interesting so I leave it on you.
Thank you

Credit to: Diya

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  1. superb what a beginning I love it especially swara she is so cool

  2. Thanks for making swasan
    great epi.

  3. Superb episode

  4. Amazing. Please continue.

  5. to bad diya i felt very bad because in ur previous episode ragsan and swalak was many and now ur telling raglak and swasan srry to say this go and check ur previous link i really felt bad

    1. s even i also want to tell it swalak and rasan fans vote was many
      but see she changened it bye to ur ff

    2. Yesterday when I published the first episode there were only 23 comments on my intro part in which many votes were given to Swasan and Raglak. So in the ff I wrote that.
      Sorry if u felt bad.

  6. see here is the link http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-mil-jaye-iss-tarah-part-1
    not t all pair when today mornging i read it i was so happy that swalak and ragsan was many i thought it ia swalak and ragsan

    1. even i agree with u dimple

  7. Amazing continue soon nd post long parts

  8. superb…….ur ff is intersting……..

  9. Interesting

  10. interesting……………

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