Swaragini- Mil Jaye Iss Tarah (Part 1)

Hi GUYS, I am a silent reader and this is my first ff. I am a big fan of Swaragini, especially Ragini. I also like Swara and I will try to give every character equal importance. Still, If you all will not like my ff I will end it soon.
So today I am starting with the intro of all the characters.I will start with Episode 1 after this.
So, here it goes-
In Gadodia Family-
Swara- She is a modern and beautiful girl of age 19.She loves her family especially her sister Ragini. She is modern but not vulgar. She studies in college and is very smart.
Ragini- She is also a student in college of the same age. She is a little Traditional and very caring. She is intelligent but not as smart as Swara. She is very beautiful too and usually wear churidar.
Sumi- She is the same as in the serial, very loving and caring.
Shekhar- He is very understanding father and supports his daughters in their decisions.
Dadi- She is also very kind and loving, she loves both of her granddaughters equally and even join them in their pranks.
The Gadodia family is very rich.

In Maheshwari Family-
Sanskar- He is very handsome and is a student of college. He is very kind hearted and caring but always acts very rough and tough as he thinks that it suits his style.He is also very fun loving.
Laksh- Same like his brother. He is also very handsome and a total flirt but with a heart made of gold. He also studies in the same college as his brother and both are of same age which is 20.
DP- He is a very nice person. He is not strict at all and always makes his family laugh.
AP- She is same as in the serial.Very kind hearted and sweet lady.
Ram- He is a little strict and usually stays outside denoting less time to his family.
Sujata- She is very funny but usually remains upset because his husband does not have time for her. Else she is very sweet.
Adarsh- He is just like DP who is a happy go lucky man. He loves her wife alot and handles all the responsibilities of the family with ease.
Parineeta- She is same like in the serial. She is the only bahu of Maheshwari Family and is very sweet and caring.
Uttara- She is a careless and spoiled girl who hangs out with friends till late night.
The Maheshwari Family is also very rich.

Guys I am confused about the couples I like Swasan And Raglak but If you want then I am also OK with Swalak and Ragsan coz this ff is for you guys so every thing will happen according to you. So plz do comment and tell me about the pairs.
Thank You

Credit to: Diya


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