Swaragini- Mil Jaye Iss Tarah (Episode 8)


Hello guys I am back with my 7th episode of my ff. Thanx for still reading it.
So here it starts-
RECAP- Swara rescued by Sanskar and faints in his arms.

In Maheshwari Mansion:
Laksh is sitting in his room thinking about the slap. Not in an angry way but in guilt.
Laksh- What am I thinking, she slapped me and I am still not mad at her. She is the first one to slap me but I felt the concern and pain for that Swara in Ragini’s voice. She was right, I shouldn’t have played such a prank with Swara. Oh God, what has happened to me, Ragini slapped me and I am thinking about her.
On the other hand Ragini is getting worried as Swara haven’t returned. Parvati calls her. Ragini goes to her room.
Ragini- Haan Dadi what happened?
Parvati- Laddo see I got my medicines, it was kept near my pillow and I didn’t even noticed it. Poor Swara, she went out to bring me medicines.
Ragini- Offo Dadi, you should have looked na. Okay now take the medicines and rest, I will wait for Swara. God knows where she had gone to bring medicines.
Ragini comes out of the room and sits on the sofa looking at the watch.
Ragini- Its been more than one hour that Swara left, when will she return?
Ragini gets worried and look at the door waiting for Swara to return.

Back to Maheshwari Mansion:
Driver stops the car and Sanskar comes out carrying Swara in his arms. He rush inside the house.
Sujata opens the door and is shocked to see Swara in Sanskar’s arm.
Sujata- Haye Ram, Sanskar, who is she? I have told you so many times that don’t ignore girls like this, see this girl also tried committing suicide because of you. Is she alive or dead?
Sanskar- Mom, what are you talking about. She is not one of those stupid girls. Some goons were troubling her and so I helped her but she fainted and so I brought her home.
Sujata feels proud listening this and says- Are waah, Sanskar you are a hero. Love you beta, you always make us proud.
Sanskar- Mom can I plz take her to the guest room, as I can’t hold her anymore.
He then takes her to the guest room and makes her lie on the bed. There is a locket which Swara is wearing that gets joint with the one Sanskar is wearing. And Sanskar didn’t notice it. When he is about to move away from her, he gets more close to her becoz of the locket.
HAR JAGAH TUMHI HO.. plays in the bg.
Sanskar looks at her and then tries to free his locket. He frees it and is about to go when Laksh enters in the room.
Laksh- Oh thank god Sanky that you are back. I was getting too bored without my partner in crime. And I have heard that you saved a girl from goons. Well done my hero, and by the way where is that girl?
Laksh then sees Swara and doesn’t believe his eyes. He is hell shocked seeing her.
Laksh- You… you saved her. Where did you saw her?
Sanskar- Do you know who she is?
Laksh- Yes she is in our college only. Was there any other girl with her and did the goons troubled her also?
Sanskar- No she was alone, and which girl are you talking about?
Laksh- umm…I am talking about her sister Ragini, she must be worried for her.
Just then they hear a phone buzzing. That phone is of Swara’s. They see the caller who is Ragini. Laksh picks up the phone.

Ragini- Hello, Swara where are you. Its been two hours since you left. When will you return are you Ok?
Laksh- Umm…I am not Swara. I am Lucky.
Ragini gets shocked listening his name.
Ragini- You, why did you pick up her phone? Where is my sister? What have you done to her? Listen, if anything happens to her, then I will not leave you. I told you not to come near her then why have you? Give her the phone right now.
Laksh- Offo, how much do you speak yaar. She is fine and she is in my house. She fainted and….
He is cut off by Ragini’s voice.
Ragini- What do you mean that she has fainted. What have you done to her?
Laksh- Madam, will you listen to me, I am saying that some goons were troubling her and my brother saved her but she fainted so he brought her home.
Ragini- Why should I listen to you, maybe you are lying?
Just then Annapurna comes and asks Laksh to give the phone to her. Laksh do as she says.
Ap- Listen beta, Laksh is not lying, your sister is in our home and she is fine. Don’t worry, I promise you that Laksh will bring Swara back to your house in the morning.
Ragini calms down after listening to Ap. She agees.Ap then cuts the phone and asks Sanlak to come and have dinner. Laksh goes and Sanskar before going, covers Swara with a blanket and put away a lock of her hair that was falling on her face. He then switches of the lights and goes.
Ragini is relieved that her sister is safe and goes to tell this to Dadi but finds her sleeping. She then goes without disturbing her to her own room and Thanks God that Swara is safe.

NEXT EPISODE- Principal announces that soon there is going to be fresher’s party in their college and everyone gets excited.

So this was todays episode guys. Sorry if it is short as I was running out of time.
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Credit to: Diya

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