swaragini meant to be together episode 8

sorry i know i’m uper late at updating my epi’s so sorry everyone
recap : lucky appologizes ragini sanky calls her behenji which makes rags fume in anger …
plot : rags comes inside baadi fuming in anger dida : are laado what happen to my child y so angry today???
rags hugs her : dida these boys what do they think of themselves always judge a girl by her dressing sense
dida carressee her face and takes her in her house : my child leave them boys are idiot’s u don’t waste your time thinking about
them and tell me who annoyed you i’ll take their class !
rags looks at her and tries changing the topic : but daadi would i look better in a change ??
dida smiles : you’ll look beautiful in anydress
sumi comes in just then with rasgullas : ohh maa here you are (she looksat ragini )laado you came back
rags : yess maa (she gets up and hugs her)
sumi looks at dida and asks her what happen
dida : sumi someone said our laado that she doen’t look nice in these clothes
sumi smiles : i guess that guy is blind that (rags looks at her)yess if your papa would have heard anyone saying his princess
like that next the guy’s look will only be changed (ragini smiles ) and no need to change because others say so
rags : maa but i want to change my look but dadi!!
dida : don’t underestimate your dida when i’m here merwaran can’t say anything to you!
ragini hugs her : i love you dida
sumi frowns : what about me
dida : don’t be jealous she loves you too the three ladies share a laugh sumi

it’s evening mm, swara is moving here and there in her room and so is lucky behind her at a time they both dash into each other
swara :ouch !! lucky !!
laksh looks at her innocently rubbing his head :sorry
swara : yea call my sister behenji first and then say sorry
lucky makes a confused face : but bhai said her behenji not me
swara : yea your bhai said and what were you doing there standing couldn’t you stop him (lucky’s about to say something)
you know what i think you might also be saying somehing about me that’s why
laksh : swara wecan continue fighting tomorrow first lets do something about ragini and sanskar!!
swara : yea but what??

lucky : i have an idea (he says something to her she smiles happily)
swara : mr.laksh maheshwari did i say that you’re the smartest person in the world!
laksh with attitude : well thanq misses maheshwari (and he leans forward to kiss her but she shoves him away)
swara fake smile : i think we should sleep now for tomorrows gonna be a big big day hubby 😉
morning : as the rays of sun fall inside the baadi the screen moves to a room ragini’s room
from toe to top ragini’s wearing a jeans and a stylish short and sleeveless pink kurta her hair let open small earings and
a cute bracelet on her hand. the morning breeze falling on her hairs making her ore beautiful yu guy’s might be thinking it’s
not that modern but guy’s it’s ragini and only the jeans are gonna create a big fuss when our deary dadi sees her
she applies a little gloss on her lips and pouts she winks at herself and smiles
at the table all are seated when they hear something tinkle it’s ragini’s anklet all are mesmerized too see dida winks at her and she
blushes but who could stop dadi : hey mhara khatushyamji!! she gets up and goes to her what is this new avatar chori
rags gets tensed but dida signs her to be calm dadu says : lado tell your dadi that this is modern world and even khatushyamji
has become modern then y can’t his gopi’s be
rags has a wide smile on her face

dadi : arre but !!
shekhar : no iff’s and but’s maa till now my ragini did what we wanted her to do now she’ll do what she wants and you won’t stop
her maa
dadi makes a face dida goes to ragini: ohho my heroine all set to meet yoursister 😉
ragini blushes : dida!!!!
shehar kisses her on forehead and say’s :keep smiling always you look beautifull
“only clothes can’t change your personality mamasaa !!” DHRUV AGGARWAL
A young and dashing boy he’s shekhar’s sister’s son studies in delhi
dadi smiles : hara chora aa gaya dhruv takes dadi and dadu’s blessing’s and shekhar and sumi’s
shekhar : beta you didn’t even call i would have come to pick you at the airport
dhruv :it’s okk mamasaa but weather seems a bit changed here someone’s looking not that but yea different
ragini taking his bag : and i would look more different once mr dhruv aggarwal tells me what gift’s have he brought from delhi
for his sister
dhruv : hmm so i’ve brought many gifts for my both sisters but that bag is with my friend
ragini squels : harsh!!!
dadi looks at her and a guy comes from door : harshvardhan sinha the it technologist meri jaan
ragini gives him a bad liner look goes towards him and takes the bag and goes in he gives her a hello won’t you call me in look
but then he comes in takes everyone’s blessiings shekhar introduces them to sumi

Precap : sanskar’s is mesmerized seeing ragini’s new look harsh enter’s mm holding ragini’s hand sanky gets irked a bit

so guy’s what do you think ragarsh or ragsan ????

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  1. plz guys stop posting these fan fictions..
    unable to search for episode.
    over night there gona b around 20-30 f-f..
    none of athe f-f are gud dat they cadn b given a minute.
    people instead of writing f-f, update today’s episode,
    plz dnt torture wid ua f-f…alrdy cv’s/drctrs of serials r dng dat.

    1. Bruv no need to be rude calm it if u don’t want them to write ff then why are u reading it

    2. that’s rude acchu and thanq mango achar

    3. Y what the issues with it….pls don’t stop posting.. It’s my daily routine to read all ff…

    4. If u don’t find the ff interesting then don’t read it..bt don’t ask them to stop it..bcoz there are so many who like reading ff..it’s a humble request

  2. Ragsan…really amazing episode and want to see sanskar jealous

    1. thanq rakhi

  3. Awesome update
    Ragsan pls can’t wait for sanskaars Jealousy place update auf the next part

    1. thanq nilani

  4. Ragarsh pls…… Loved today’s episode

    1. thanq subi

  5. these f-f are d best in boring n timewaste.
    plz stop dem for god sake
    instead update sunday’s episodes

    1. It was just ur opinion.. Not all.. There are many who follows it.. N if you have any problem u can ignore it..

    2. If u dnt like the ff just ignore it who told u to read it… No one compelled u to read it.. Dnt be so rude.. For god sake u dnt read the ff..

  6. Nidhi just ignore the rude comments
    And ragsan pls pls
    Update the next part

    1. thanq dear 🙂

  7. ragsan plzz dont change them plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. can someone start an ff where swara loves sanskar … laksh loves swara… ragsan love each other…
    and then when swara is supposed to marry another guy but the groom turns out to be laksh…
    And swara starts falling for Laksh and they become Swalak/ Swarya

    1. Aawwwiiieee….that’s exactly the base plot of my new Swaragini FF!!!
      I will be starting it in a day or two. 🙂

      1. all the best megha waiting for your ff eagerly

    2. awesome one xxx but i’m already writing three and studying for my entrance but surely work on it when my exam’ over 🙂

  9. nidhi plz donot ..take them seriously ….. and there are so many guys like ur ff . ..

    1. thanq cute girl

  10. Don’t need be so rude achu… Some stry r best… I use wriiten episode green colour box written only u won’t get fiction there… .

    N nidhi its gud don’t wry for hash wrds .. Ur ff awsome

    1. thanq meghs

  11. No way only ragsan thats it dont think otherwise plzzzz yaar

    1. it’s ragsan only yaar just rying to give ragini an admirer to make sanky jealous 😉

  12. Ragsan pls I love them as a,pair
    I hope u wont change the pairs

    1. nope nilani it’s just to make sanky jealous

  13. I just read all the previous updates in a go and the story is soooooo cool!! I dore this FF, SwaLak and RagSan are so cute! Eagerly waiting to see a jealous and possessive Sanskar!
    Continue soon 🙂

    1. thanq megha

  14. Forget the haters nidhi. Haters are gonna hate. And about the episode. It was superb. Plz dont stop writing and dont change the pairs. Leave it ragsan. I lOVE ragsan. U can make sanskaar jealous with harsh but don’t pair harsh and ragini.


    1. thanq lila it’s ragsan only 😉

  15. Only ragsan yaar dnt separate them..plz….
    & acchu if don’t want to read ff just ignore it….all others are interested in ff more the in reading cvs stupid tracks

    1. thanq achu and it’s not separation it’s jealousy time for sanky 😉

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