swaragini meant to be together episode 7

first of all so sorry for late update and thanq for liking my previous epi everyone.
recap : ragsan convo laksh knows all…
plot : ragsan compose theselves
sanky : we were just talking lucky
lucky : but i didn’t ask anything bhai.. he smirks sanky shakes his head in embaressment rags is confused with the ongoing events
and looks at swalak
lucky : ragini don’t worrry i know everything and about bhai also he told me and i’m sorry
rags : laksh ..
lucky : i’m sorry that i never loved you as a life partnner but now i love you ..
swaragini and sanky look at him in shock
lucky : as a friend yaar …luking at swara waise bhi saali toh aadhi gharwali hoti hai na πŸ˜‰
swara hits him hard : yea i’ve no problem but you’ll have when we reach home now go we sisters need to have some
private talks
sanky looks at rags she assures him to go
swara : do you need a special invitation!
sanlak : yea swara mata we’re leaving
swara : hawww!! and they run away
ragini chuckles and swara makes an angry face and sits on the bench miffed
rags : acha baba my shona i’m sorry she holds her ears and makes a cute puppy face blinking her eyes πŸ™ swara whose face expression
slowly changes tto a smile starts laughing and rags too smiles seeing her thus they share a hug swaragini bg music plays

the screen shifts to sanlak who are waiting at the carside for the sisters
lucky : so bhai ragini …
sanky : what ragini??
lucky : i meant ragini is soo sweet naa she accepted my appology
sanky smiles : that she is
lucky : but you know i heard she cares for you much but then she will right thats in her nature
sanky : yea she is sweet and because off me now she is facing all these problems now
lucky : but it’s okk na nw that everything’s alright dadi will find a good match for her then she’ll marry (sanky’s face expression
changes lucky smirks)and then in future if anything happens due to all this i hope she won’t be weak as she was today or else …
he pauses sanky :or else ??
lucky gives a bichara face : or else she’ll be crying her whole life no i don’t wish anything like that happpen to her but bhai
she’s so dumb and agyakari types that she’ll face all problems without any
sanky : NO! i won’t let anything like that happen
luccky : but y bhai i mean …
sanky : what y damn it i love her that’s y !!…….
a wide smile appears on lucky’s face sanky realizes what he said and starts to make an excuse : i meant i love her as a friend
lucky (my dialogue on me only bhai): yea yea when did i say anything but bhai y not then
sanskar looks at him lucky : i mean she’s so sanskari ! agyakari types and chachi ji also likes her very much infact everyone
likes her
sanky : thats y she cannot be with me (lucky looks amused)i mean where me sanskar maheshwari cool and calm and she behenji
cry baby no match yaar lucky

lucky looks shocked towards him sanky continues thinking lucky’s believing his excuse : what i know i didn’t say like that
but it’s true right i mean ragini ‘s innocence and sweetness are no match for me that behenji
lucky : bhai y don’t you just turn around once
sanky’s expression is as if what is there to turn around and with attitude he turns to see is totally shocked to see swaragini !
ragini’s twisting her duppatta trying to control her anger : BEHENJI!
swalak shake their head in disappointment sanky fears and unknowing nods in a yess
rags : haww enough now first laksh and now uu also sanskar and then swara u also say something
swara : ragini y don’t sit in the car and we talk
rags : no ways i have money i can go through auto!
swara : but !!
rags gives her prasad : give it to your patidev and jethji and sanskar maheshwari i don’t care how i look like or behave like
but never thought youwould call me behenji bye!
she leaves in a tiff
swalak look at him angrily sanky : what did i do
swalak shook their head in regret

Precap : swalak plans. ragini’s modern avatar all family members except dadi are happy to see her thus a new entry sanskar jealous????
family members are amused to see sanskar’s possesive behaviour towards ragini…. will sanskar accept his feelings for ragini
or will an incident change their lives ??

hope you like it πŸ˜‰

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