swaragini meant to be together episode 4


swaragini meant to be together episode 4
plot :
swalak room : the room looks AMAZING!! fully decorated with flowers and candels everywhere.
laksh comes in and thinks where’s swara he’s about to go to washroom he turns and it’s her swara!
sleeping on the floor with all thoose jewellery on her
laksh (himself) : my wifie luks soo cute ! has all the time to fight with me like a sherni but see now sleeping as if a
small baby.

he goes near her ” my dear wifie get up”(she turnns aside)
swara : rags enough now stop speaking lucky’s voice
lucky chuckles he lifts her slowly and makes her sleep on bed . he removes her ornaments slowly and then keeps them on the dreser
and goes to change then comes and sleeps next to her kissing on her forehead he switches of the table lamps and gud night 🙂
morning all in the baadi make preparations for swara’s pak phere
ragini comes out wearing a baby pink colour dress she offers water to tulsi plant sumi and shekhar smile seeing her thus so
does dadi.
a neighbour says : luk at her the gadodias are so lucky they got a daughter like her so sanskari the house where she’ll go as bahu
will be the most happy one .
ragini turns and sees sumi shekhar dadi standing ahe goes towards them
rags : dadimaa maa papa gudmorning !
shekhar carresses her face : gudmorning beta
sumi : come lets have breakfast
they go inside
ragini comes to help sumi bring the tea and breakfast
swara gets ready wearing a red blue colour saree her hairs are wet she dries it with her towel drops of water fall on laksh
he smiles and gets up slowly hugs swara from behind

swara : gud morning hubby !1
lucky : now my whole day will be gud my wifie !!
swara : aww baby so cute but not now go get ready we have to go to baadi(with a wide smile) today for rituals i’ve kept the sherwani ready for
lucky makes a puppy face
swara kisses him on his cheeks and pushes him to washroom.
the maheshwaris get ready and are waiting down swalak come down and take everyone’s ashirwaad
sanky : lucky we are going to meet my dost come fast we’ll be late otherwise !!
swalak smile and leave !
baadi all are busy preparing just then they see someone on the door and are shocked !1
sumi : maa

dida comes inside sumi runs and hugs her !!
dadi : bangalan!! finally u’re awake your nathi is coming home now
rags has tears in her eyes she goes near dida : nanimaa
dida slaps her hard !
all look shocked
just then swasan who are on the door happy become shocked too!!
sanky : dost !!
lucky and maheshwari’s coe just then
dida : ragini you’ll speak today or shall i speak !
swara : dida !!
rags : no swara i’ll say today everyone has the write to know
all luk at her
rags : i’m sorry i know what i did can’t be justified by a sorry but i had noother option or rather i would say i didn’t wanted
to see any thing else from childhood what y elders taught me i did they decided everything for me my studies my clothes my

every decision was taken by them whether i liked or not i wanted or not i obeyd them they decide my bride and i took him as my lifepartner
i started loving him and became so mad for him that forgot love can never be taken forcefully it happens it’s got but at that time
i don’t know i became so mad in laksh’s love that forgot everything else i was going to kill my own sister
all the fb’s are shown the hotel scene where swara got caught, then the pub scene where she was drugged , then the sangeet where
she made swara eat drugged laddos and she danced everything but she didn’t take sanky’s name even once . sanky was about to speak
rags : i did everything i confess i did it all by myself(dida sanky and swara luk at her in a shock as they know that sanky helped her)
rags : and for all this i have just sorry to say i’m sorry i know my deeds aren’t forgivable
swara : no ragini you don’t need to say sorry to us it’s us who should be sorry
sumi : shona you knew all these
swara : yess maa baba i knew but rags has no fault in it it’s our fault everyone’s
shekhar : swara what are you saying beta

swara : baba did you even once asked ragini how she felt did you console her anyone of you say sorry to her and lucky did you
think once what would have happened if that day ragini died in the accident no noone cares what you all care for is samaj and society
i’m sorry but my sister is at no fault
she hugs her swaragini hug teary eyed
dp : swara ‘s right and off all the one who accepts their mistake and has guts to appologize in between so many people should be forgivn
all smile shekhar comes and hugs them
shekhar : i’m sorry beta
rags : no papa no
dada : now that the baap beti are emotional don’t forget that rituals should be done on muhurat
all sit and the rituals begin first there’s a small puja done then the cotton balls ritual (cotton balls are stick upon both bride and groom
and they have remove each others cotton balls) ragini goes to get some thing from kitchen someone holds her and pulls inside a room

Precap : swalak ritual and ragsan convo . swara notices sanskar and ragini together .in swaragini room
swara : ragini y did you save sanskar ??? ragini luks at her

so sorry for late updates and hope you like my today’s epi do comment your views and suggestion
keep reading 😉

Credit to: nidhi

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