swaragini meant to be together episode 3


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recap : ragini and swara’s convo. swaragini back again. the baarat reaches baadi. will the ragsan bonding blossom into love??

plot :
rags room: sanky has his hand on rags mouth. they share an eyelock just then someone knocks on the door they are distracted
dadi : ladoo come fast the baraat is down
rags : dadi just 5mins you go down i”l take swara and come to the mandap directly!
dadi : okk ladoo but get ready soon
and she leaves
rags : sanskar what is all this you should have called me before coming to my room. what if someone had seen you?
sanky : ragini i was just worried fr you and ..
rags : i told swara everything
sanskar is shocked. ragini turns around towards the mirror.
rags : yea the realization was late but i didn’t want it to be too late i was abou to kill her sanskar how can i kill my
own sister my love for laksh wasn’t love but sheer madness to get him, a man whom i loved didn’t love me back,
but loved my sister it wasn,t that i was jealous of her but angry and upset at the same time that y always me sanskar?
sanskar makes her turn towards him and cups her face carressing her
sanky : you took the right decision ragini believe me may come what i’ll be there for you always !
ragini has a smile on her face. He kisses her on her forehead and leaves. ragini goes too swara’s room. swara is soo nervous
that she walks in her room here and there she notices ragini and becomes more nervous when rags says that they have to go
down to the mandap.

ragini stops her and hugs calming her .
rags : swaru calm down (she faces her )it’s the most important day of your life so stop being nervous it’s not your exam result
day it’s your marriage day enjoy each and every moment comeon cheerup now i’ll give you a slight touchup and then we’ll go down
swara : but dadi called us down right !
ragini : my dear sis let the dulheraja and others wait a bit πŸ˜‰
down at the mandap lucky is waiting for his wife to be wife well just few rituals more and she’s all your’s laksh maheshwari πŸ˜‰
just then ragini comes down with swara all are mesmerized to see them lucky can’t set of his eyes from her.
rags takes swara to the mandap and makes her sit next to lucky. the rituals start panditji chants the mantras. ragini is standing next
tto swara down the mandap with sumi and sanky is standing opp to her next to lucky clapping happily as he always does they
share an eye contact and smile. meanwhile the mantras our going swalak are putting something in the agni
lucky : btw my wifie luks beautiful today !(teasingly smiles)
swara smiles : thanq patidev!

lucky : the pleasures all mine !
panditji calls sumi and shekhar for kanyadaan. they get emotional but ragini keeps a hand on both of their shoulders
as if assuring she’s always there for them. they smile swara to sees them and gets emotional, lucky notices and keeps his hand
on hers she smiles at his gesture.
panditji says to do the gathbandhan. sumi signs rags to go. ragini ties the gathbandhan tightly and promises to herself that
she’ll neva let this relationship break. swara at theother side promises that she’ll neva let her and ragini’s sister bonding break
swaragini bg music plays. swalak stand up for the phere(rounds). they complete the seven rounds with swara at front for the first
three and laksh for the nest four. they sit down all the while sanky is just luking at ragini lovingly sujatha notices him thus
and thinks”god hope what i’m thinking comes true soon (ragsan πŸ˜‰ )”
lucky makes swara wear the traditional marwari mangalsutra then applies sindur on her fore head. The panditji says shaadi sampann hui.
All are happy swalak luk at each other smiling they get up to take blessings from everyone. they go to dada and dadi first then to ap dp
, sumi shekhar, sujatha and rp .
bidaai time comes swaragini get emotional swara turns and hugs her tightly she cries but rags holds her tears back she knows
she can’t be weak in front of them her family needs her and her sister wants her to be strong.
shekhar kisses swara on her forehead they hug and sumi too hugs her. dadaji put a hand on her head and caress her and dadi too does
the same.

laksh takes her hand and keeps other hand on her shoulder he takes her towards the car.
on the other side sanky is just looking at ragini all the time thinking ” i can’t believe i made her take revenge from her own
sister fight for someone’s love who just doesn’t care to know how she is . i’m sorry ragini i know the guilt u’re facing is
all because of me. i’m sorry!” just then sujatha comes there
sujatha : come beta lets go
sanky : no maa i want to meet dost first (and he runs towards ragini and holds her dupatta .)
ragini turns around to see him.
sanky : dost your okk ?? maa is telling me to come with her but i will not go my dost is sad na i will stay with her only.
rp and sujatha come there
ragini smiles assuring him she’s okk: sanskar i’m fine and yea i’m your dost na so you’ll do what i say then???
sanky nods in a yess
ragini : then go with uncle and aunty and takecare of my sister she’s new to your house na won’t you welcome your bhabhi ??
sanky : yea i will not because she’s my bhabhi but because she’s my dost’s sister.
and sanky leaves .
rp : thanq beta sometimes i wonder if it wasn’t for you what would hav happened to my son . be blessed (he keeps his hand
on her head rags smiles at him sujatha n rp too leave from there)
sujatha (herself): hey bhagwan you give me bahu soon just like ragini
swalak in the car : swara is crying tears flowing through her face. laksh sees this and removes a hanky and offers it to her.
she takes it and wipes her face (aww she luks so cute like that)laksh smiles swara notices this and he shakes his head.
swara : i’m crying here and u’re smiling laksh does it luk funny to you !
laksh : shona i’m smiling not because it’s funny but because u look soo cute that i’m confused whether to console you or hug
you tightly !

swara (with a smile through her tears): the second option is gud
they sidehug a cute one . swara keeps her head on his shoulder and falls asleep.
at baadi sharmishtha has a pic of swaragini together. a tear falls on the pic rags comes and sees her thus .
she goes and hugs her from behind lovingly.
sumi caressees her face: bacha u didn’t sleep go change i’ll get you something to eat. you forgot to eat in all the preparations
rags : maa bring for both of us in the same plate i know you didn’t eat too!
sumi smiles and leaves

maheshwari mansion swalak are standing at the door and ap is doing their arti then grahapravesh is done . all sit in the middle
of the hall the ring ceremony (the ritual of finding ring from a big vessel bowl like . who finds the ring will rule the house)
pari : swara i know you’ll win but still all the best and she throws the ring in the bowl and mixed it .
swalak put their hand in the bowl and start searching for it .
swara finds the ring but lucky holds her hand inside. swara gives him a look lucky winks at her naughtily swara blushes and tries
freeing her hand and she succeedsshe smiles and removes the ring out of the bowl all clap .
uttara : ohho bhai bhabhi will rule you now forever πŸ˜‰
all laugh .

Precap : swalak room cute nok jhok and fights. dida slaps ragini. swara enters the scene. rags confession with a twist sanky’s emotional.

hope you guy’s like the epi please doo comment your views and suggestions.
keep reading πŸ˜‰

Credit to: nidhi

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