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Recap : 10months leap. epi starts with ragini talking to a sleeping sanskar. it’s swalak’s baby’s naming ceremony. The baby’s
named Ruhaan. What happened to sanskar? where is the hooded person ??

Plot –
“Sujatha ji i feel really sad for you and your bahu bichari..”
“Thank you so much mrs.vadera i’m glad you showed your pity on me but you know atleast my bahu and beta are in the same house
with us. But your’s i feel awfull for you but then they say it’s karma that always come’s back just like you left your
inlaws your children followed the suit but still keep your hopes high maybe someday even they might feel sad for you and
come back ” she sniffs “coming jiji!!” she fake smiles at the lady ” benefit’s of having a joint family you see, see you later
mrs.vadera!” she leaves and swara stops her midway
“Wow chachi! I’m impressed !” sujatha gives her a attitudal look ” I know I know.!” They both laugh.
The gadodia’s are busy playing with ruhaan.
“Now it’s Nanu’s chance to hold ruhaan. Come here ” he takes ruhaan from ragini and starts playing with him.
“Ragini gadodia!” A man speaks from the entrance and all turns towards him. Ragini’s face has a wide smile “Tarun!”
Tarun kapoor along with his elder sister tamanna kapoor enter the maheshwari mansion
” For a hundredth time it’s ragini maheshwari now mr.kapoor!” she forwards a hand towards him as they shake it lightly.
Tamanna takes her into a hug “You’ve become so beautiful but still the same innocence in you ragu!”
Ragini smiles ” thanq so much and you’re still the same hot and happening ” she winks at her .

Dp and the maheshwari’s welcome them. Ragini and tarun were childhood friends. They know each other
since they were 6. Due to some personal reasons the kapoors had to leave kolkata and shift and since then they were in no
contact. Tarun is a doctor by profession and the day when sanskar was injured he was called in to perform the surgery.
” I wish i could do something for him” tarun exclaimed “You have done a lot for us tarun. The fact that he’s alive means
a real lot to me. And one day he’ll be back with us soon” she smiles at him reassuring as he thinks ” You still haven’t changed
a bit ragini the same smile the same loving and caring nature for your loved ones. I really admire you alot, My love for you
keeps on increasing day by day. And I know you’ll surely reciprocate it one day, That day will come soon.”
Ragini waves infront of a thinking tarun as he comes out of his world saying “Haan?” ragini laughs “Tarun!” she replies catching
her breath ” In whose world were you lost my dear friend?” she hits his chest lightly as he smiles at her ” Chalo One good deed done
from my side today” he looks up at the ceiling ” Bhagwan ji! Lessen my one bad deed okay?” ragini makes a cute quirky face and
hits him again a bit hardly as he exclaims “Ouch! mrs. maheshwari that hurt!”

Ragini shakes her head exasperated ” You deserved it Doc for being late and now doing stupid dramas and talks!”
“Ahh! that reminds me. I need to wish Mr. Ruhaan and give him his gift. Where’s he?” Ragini smiles and searches
for him as they both look around the hall they find the young boy being the centre of attraction as a few girls call his name
and ask him come to them but he straightly refuses by shaking his head and looking behind them as he finds ragini he starts
crying “Aww! ruh beta what hapened ” shekhar looks at him concerned as he keeps crying ragini rushes towards him and takes him from
shekhar. As ruhaan stop’s crying shekhar looks at him astonished and tarun replies looking at shekhar “Looks like someone is
too fond of your daughter uncle” shekhar smiles agreeing.
“Well, For the matter of fact Tarun everyone here is fond of ragini” swara comes from behind hugging ragini cutely “My sister
is the bestest you see” she smiles cutely as he nods at her in agreement.
As the guest’s start leaving, tarun visits sanskar and sits in front of him

Flashback :
Sanskar’s been taken to the hospital ragini’s holding his hand the whole time shocked and in utter disbelief crying profusely
“I never wished my forehead to be filled with your blood sanskar !”
sanskar smiles at her weakly ” Well It’s just that i couldn’t wait for you to be called as mrs.sanskar maheshwari…..”
He falls back unconcious and ragini’s hand slips from his as the doctors take him inside the OT.
Ragini’s vision starts blurring as tears continuosly flow through them. Swara come’s and holds her as laksh rushes to the
doctor “It’s emergency, He’s been hit on his head if the operation doesn’t happen on time we won’t be able to do anything”
Laksh holds his collar tightly “What the hell do you mean we can’t do anything??” Rp and Dp hold him back.
Dp “I’m sorry doctor, you please do your work”he looks at laksh “Laksh behave yourself. If you fall week at this moment who will
look at swara. She should not be here in this condition go calm her down” Laksh’s eye’s become gloomy as he nods and goes towards

A Man comes rushing he’s wearing a black hooded jacket “I heard there’s a emergency over here. I’m doctor Tarun here’s my License.
I’m a neurosurgeon” The doctor shakes his hand “Thank you doctor tarun You’re just on time Dr. Gupta will brief you in a moment
it’s a attack on the behind of the head ”
The doctor’s hurry inside the Ot as the Man looks at a dreadfull ragini one last time.
The Operation gets over as the doctor’s and Nurses come out all go ttowards them “Well it was really serious case but all thanks
to doctor Tarun Mr.sanskar is safe Now. ” All have a sigh of relief as the doctor continues “Though we need to keep him under Observation
for the Next 24hours. Lets Hope for the best ” The doctor smiles and leaves, just then tarun comes out and smiles at them
“thank you Doctor, Thank you so much ” ragini smiles at him through her tears as he nods at her “He’ll be shifted into another ward soon
then you all can go and see him ” He leaves from there as swara hugs ragini.

so sorry guy’s network and rain seem to enemies over here. Hope you like the episode next would be iss rishtey ko kya naam doon
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