swaragini meant to be together episode 21 (It’s a New start )

SORRY, A really big sorry it’s been so many days after i resumed back to writing so needed some time to think what would be next as my other ff will soon be on a new track and back from the past here’s the new beginning of my ff
Swaragini meant to be together ….

10 Months Later…….

“Time flie’s it wait’s for no one, everything change’s but I won’t, atleast not until you want me to. It’s our baby’s naming
ceremony today and just look at you sleeping like a baby yourself. Till when will you make me long for your love sanskar
I know your doing this on purpose to tease me to annoy me. Fine don’t get up for me but atleast for our son. It’s such
an important day of his life today sanskar you can’t be late for it…”
“Coming Mom !” she looks at a sleeping sanskar and caresses his face ” I LOVE YOU ..” she kisses on his forehead and leaves.
The Maheshwari mansion is decorated beautifully, Sujatha yells at a decorator for not bringing the flowers on time
“It’s my chora’s naming ceremony today and you forgot to bring those flowers! Who appointed you for the decorations
even i’m better than you ..”
“calm down Mom .” ragini holds her shoulder’s ” Take a deep breathe ” sujatha complies “very good now go and get ready or
people will say sujatha maheshwari’s bahu’s so cruel she’s making her work so much that she couldn’t get ready properly !”

Sujatha holds her ears “Don’t you ever call my bahu cruel again she’s the best in the world! and yeah after this go to
your devrani i bet she’ll be a complete mess by Now!” ragini nods at her as she leaves smiling.
Ragini instructs the decorators and turns to go “Ragini Beta “dp calls her
“Yes Badepapa?” she turns to him ” Keep these file’s safe in the locker and are the preps done? ”
She nods ” yes badepapa the guests and panditji have arrived too ” Dp keeps a hand on her head ” what have we done if
it weren’t you ” she smiles and leaves .
“Swara !” ragini knocks at the door and it opens slowly ” Wow! such a pretty room !” swara pouts at her cutely as she laughs
uncontrollably “Laksh.. what the hell are you doing with my son??”
Laksh is trying to make the baby wear diaper’s. But the way he’s done it ragini feels pitty for her son she picks him up
” Who pins up a baby’s diaper’s with hair clips laksh !” she looks at the kid and he smiles at her cutely” Awww mumma papa
are so illiterate always troubling my baby ” she nudges him and he chuckles cutely
“Shaitaan why does this dad son duo’s face expression’s always become weird to me and so cute to you ??” swara makes an angry expression
“That’s because you my wife are the trouble maker and my sweet bhabhi is our saviour to death” he looks at the baby ” isn’t
it champ??” the baby smiles at him noding slightly as if he understood and agrees to what his daddy cool said .
“Huh! whatever don’t forget she’s my sister first ” looking at laksh “and then your bhabhi ” and then the baby ” and finally your
maasi ”
Ragini smiles at her childish tone ” acha baba now listen to this sister of your’s, go get ready and laksh you too . Panditji
is here and badepapa is down waiting for you go fast” Ragini makes the baby ready takes him with her to her room as she opens
the door she whisper’s in his ears ” Badepapa” The baby smiles
widely looking at a sleeping sanskar as the monitor besides him goes beep .
They go and sit beside him on the bed. she makes the baby lean near his face as if he’s kissing on sanskar’s cheek as
she makes him away a bit the baby looks at her and again at sanskar. It tries to touch his face examining him cutely .
He touches sanskar’s cheeks trying to hold him but as he doesn’t respond he looks back at ragini “Badepapa is in deep
sleep but he can feel you listen you but can’t respond back or move ”
Meanwhile swalak come to the room, laksh is about to enter when swara holds him back as she signs him .
The duo smile looking at ragini whose talking to their just 1 month old son whose listening to her so intently
as if he understands her pain. They knock and ragini turns ” Maa is calling you come fast ” ragini nods and takes the baby
with her.

The naming ceremony begins the panditji does some rituals as swalak sit opposite to him holding the baby as ragini sits
beside swara whose nervous a bit
“Th letter is R ” panditji says looking at the kundli ” decide a name and whisper in the baby’s ear for three time’s”
Laksh nods and looks at swara who smiles widely and whispers in his ears. Laksh takes the baby in his hands and whispers in
his ear as he looks at swara whose smiling so widely by now as laksh speaks “He’s not only our son but a ray of hope for us
he’s our soul he’s our RUHAAN ..”
All clap and then our ruhaan is made to sleep in his cradle as all shower him one by one with gifts and blessings.
Swara hugs ragini tightly as she whispers ” every person in my life whose name starts with R has always been the best for me”
As they separate even laksh mimics her the same way hugging ragini “yeah bhabhi everyperson in my life..” swara punches him
“Ouch !! why do always you girls have to be so emotional regarding everything” Ragini gigles “That’s because we are mother’s
and we have the right to be emotional and by the way who’s stopped you from being emotional you can cry too devar ji !”

Precap – Tarun (Anuj sachdeva ) and tamanna kapoor (rashmi desai)enter the maheshwari mansion
” Ragini gadodia??” ragini turns and smiles surprised ” tarun!!”

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  1. Amazing dear… I think Sanskar is in coma right?

    1. Thanq so much Lila yess your right

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  2. Super duper awsm

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  3. Yaar it its simply nice can u giv me ur previous links

  4. Cute and superb

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  5. Oh so our hero is in coma. Poor Ragini feeling pity for her. I liked the name rha an.

    1. Thanq Amna

  6. Great think sanskar is in coma…. And ragini has a child na what is his/her name

    1. Thanq Priya yes sanska is in coma but the child is of swalak his name is Ruhaan

      1. Ragini doesn’t have any kid???

      2. Nope as sanskar probably went into coma the day they got married

  7. Its shocking to know, Sanskar is in coma. But as usual I loved it n just want to thank u for the beautiful story.

    1. Thanq RSR 🙂

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  8. beautiful start…..i thought something was wrong with sanskar.. he is is coma from the hit he took trying to save swara before ragsan wedding right? i hope he wakes up soon. but i have a feeling that this tarun and tamanna are going to create problems for them once sanskar wakes up. will he remember ragini? looking forward to the next part.

    1. Thanq azure all your questions would be slowly answered in the coming up episode’s so stay intruiged and yes he ended up in coma while saving swara

  9. Awesome Yaar. Just loved reading the episode . Plz keep updating regularly

    1. Thanq Chhahat i wish i could but having taken such a long break from writing, being back with the old stories i would take some time but don’t woryy i would be updating on a daily basis soon 🙂

  10. when u will update next part

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