swaragini meant to be together episode 20 (maha episode :P )


The scene starts with a dark room, swara’s tied up to a chair her head bleeding slightly.
“I told you to be careful while being there you bought the wrong girl brother” a lady’s voice is heard .
” I tried to get her Jiji but then she was surrounded by so many people that i couldn’t get her!” He punches the wall
and the lady goes towards the hooded person concerned ” I know brother how much you love her but hurting her sister
would make her hate you !”

He looks at her and his face is revealed (anuj sachdeva) he holds his sister’s hair and looks at her angrily ” did you just
say that my Ragu will hate me! ” he screams “No! she loves me and will never hate me there’s only one person whom she’s
gonna hate soon ” The lady looks at him with pain (rashmi desai – Tapasya from uttaran) “SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…”
Swara stirs up slowly but then it’s too late now she notices her hands and legs tied and she panics ” help!! somebody please
help me!!” she turns around and find’s the room dark and not even a single person. Tears start flowing through her eye’s
She screams continuously when one of the goon’s comes in and slaps her “Just shut up and sit there quietly or else!” he
removes his gun and point’s at her “What the hell do you want from me !! why have you..” The goon starts laughing ” I don’t
get money to explain why i kidnap people. I heard your too intelligent enough to investigate so think may be you’ll know
why i’ve kidnapped you ” He ties a cloth around her mouth and goes . Swara sobs remincing ragini.
“Ouch!” Ragini gets hurt by a pin and blood starts coming out ” laado !! ” dadi looks at her hand and starts scolding her
but ragini feels strange and gets extremely worried.

Sumi does sanskar’s tilak and he takes her ashirwaad. As the elders go in laksh excuses himself. He searches for swara everywhere
but he doesn’t find her he asks sumi about it who replies him saying even she didn’t see her from morning . Laksh gets tensed.
Sanskar gets a message and his face expression changes . He excuses himself from the elders and escapes from the baadi without
informing anyone. Meanwhile swara’s trying to open her hands but then the front door open’s and he’s here SANSKAAR’S here..
She starts sobbing tears continuously flowing through her eye’s. He runs to her and untie’s the cloth on her mouth and the ropes
She hugs him tightly “how did you find me ?”

He smiles wiping her tears ” The moment you texted me i traced your phone’s location and called the police too they would be here
soon as he helps her get up she shout’s “Sanskar !” The goon hit’s sanskar with a rod but before it could hurt him someone
holds it . He’s the same hooded person, he looks at swara ” please go from here we’ll handle them some how go and get the
police and don’t come back go!”

Swara nods and runs. Both sanskar and the man start fighting with goons. The man winks at one of them and he goes and hits
sanskar from behind. Sanskar clutches his hand blood starts coming out of it. He stil desn’t stop and hit’s the goon back.
A bullet shot is heard and police arrives at the place and arrests the goons .
“Mr.Sanskar are you fine you need immediate medication your head is bleeding profusely.”
“No I’m fine i need to go to the baadi please take swara to the hospital i’ll be there soon”
The inspector nods and leaves so does sanskar .

Sanskar reaches the baadi and all look at him worried .
ap ” beta where were you atleast you could inform us and go !”
He smiles at her ” maa come now let’s begin the rituals or else the muhurat will be gone ” laksh looks at sanskar concerned
but he looks at him and laksh nods.

As the rituals begin, Panditji asks shekar to call the bride sumi goes to ragini’s room and she hugs her ” Maa I feel uneasy
something’s not right here.. ” sumi smiles and tells her not to worry as laksh found swara and that she won’t believe
the would be mother couldn’t control her cravings for icecream so the duo left and would be there anymoment.
As ragini come’s down all look at her mesmerized sanskar smiles at her as she finds something fishy.
As the mantra’s start “sanskar is anything wrong !”

“yes! the thing that your worried on the most important day of your life now stop whining and pay attention to the mantras
and rituals ” Ragini makes a face. As the mantras continue uttara comes and does the gatthbandhan teasing them .
Panditji asks the duo to get up for the pheras sanskar get’s up but stir’s a bit , ragini holds him worried but then he just
signs her to continue after the seven phera’s the duo sit down .

sanskar ties the mangalsutra and finally the sindoor is bought. sanskar’s head starts hurting even more and blood now is clearly
visible on the back of his sherwani a bit as he puts sindoor on ragini’s forehead a drop of blood falls from his hand to her forehead
all throw flowers on them as sanskar falls down unconcious ..

Sanskar’s been taken to the hospital ragini’s holding his hand the whole time shocked and in utter disbelief crying profusely
“I never wished my forehead to be filled with your blood sanskar !”
sanskar smiles at her weakly ” Well It’s just that i couldn’t wait for you to be called as mrs.sanskar maheshwari…..”

Well please don’t kill if it was too bad or mostly because i’m not gonna give you guy’s a precap of what’s next ??
Will sanskar die ?? What will happen to our sangini/ragsan ??? What will hapen to our swalak??

uhmm being myself a big fan of sanskar i assure with the answer to my second question nope sanskar is not gonna die ..
The next episode will surely be super exciting i hope you guy’s liked and to know that there’s just one way Comment Comment
and Comment . I know all of us are really busy with studies and stuff but atleast a small word of appreciation from your side
would motivate us to write even more and better .

Credit to: nidhi

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