swaragini meant to be together episode 2


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Precap : swalak wedding preparations swaragini convo
at the temple the pooja is going on rags is lost in her thoughts
rags to herself :no i can’t do this but i love laksh no but swara is my sister how can i ragini you have done so much
made her look bad infront of everyone gave her drugs broke her trust for whom laksh who doesn’t even love you he even though swara
was on drugs never lost his trust on her may come what he’ll never leave her and above all my sister swara who did so much for me
for maa baba no ragini you can’t but then
just then panditji calls her to take arti ragini is out of her trance but swara notices the worry on her face and asks her
if she’s okk ragini nods in yess

swara takes panditji’s ashirwaad and leaves with ragini they are on the same river bridge walking swara notices the worry on ragini’s
swara : ragini
ragini stops walking swara goes and cups her face: are you okk i’m seeing you from when tell me what’s worrying you.
ragini thinks to herself: it’s the right time now ragini either it’s now or never !
then the screen shifts to baadi where sumi is shown worried that swaragini haven’t returned yet dadi who is in a hurry
for swara’s bidai see’s sumi and goes to her
dadi : hey bhagwan (ohh god) it’s u’re daughter’s wedding today and u’re standing here bangalan!
sumi : maa swara and ragini haven’t returned yet from the pooja
dadi : hey ram these girls naa today will give me heart attack only call her sumi what are you waiting for!
sumi : i tried shona’s phone but it’s switch off and ragini isn’t picking the phone too
just then ragini comes dadi and sumi go to her
dadi : ladoo where were you guy’s where’s swara ?
ragini : swara i didn’t go with her dadi. maa didn’t she come from the temple???
sumi worries even more
dadi : chori how could you let her go alone now..

ragini : relax dadi maa u guy’s come take some rest
she takes them to swaragini’s room. they are shocked to see a girl dressed in bridaal attir she turn’s back
it’s SWARA.
FB is shown river side
ragini : swara i’m a very bad person
swara : ragini !
ragini : please swara let me speak today and you listen i’m a very bad person and above all a worst sister.
how could i be soo bad they say it righly love makes you blind so blind that you forget other relations too. u become worst then
enemies to the people who love you. Swara sanskar didn’t do it alone the drugs the hotel everything someone helped him too
it’s mee u’re sister ragini ! swara no i’m not even able to be called u’re sister
swara has tears in her eyes she believe what ragini is saying although she had a doubt that sanskar couldn’t do it alone but
ragini her sister her friend no this can’t happen

ragini tells her everything the flashbaks are shown her accident sanskar telling her that he’s not mad he’s revenge from
the maheshwari’s the hotel drama how she gave swara the drugged laddoos at sangeet
ragini : swara even today i came here with the intention to kill you to get laksh but then that’s the moment swara that made
mee realize i’ve turned so evil so mad in love that i have turned into a killer that too kill my own sister ! i hate myself swara
(ragini gets down on her knees ) i’m sorry for everything i know u won’t forgive me as i hav done so much that u would start
hating me now and sorry is just what i can give u now swara (she luks down in guilt)
swara : you could give me something else too ragini
ragini luks up swara bends and makes her get up
swara : a promise that we’ll remain swaragini forever ..
ragini is teary eyed she nods in a yes. they hug each other swaragini forever and ever 😉
FB ends swara smiles sumi pulls ragini’s ear
sumi : my shona is going and my ragini is becoming double naughty then her
ragini : yea maa after shonaa goes you won’t br able to miss her na thats y!!
the three share a group hug and dadi at side sees all this and gets emotional swaragini see it they hug her too

dadi : now enough of tears and emotional hugs save some for bidaai also ! ladoo u also get ready fast
ragini nods in a yes sumi and dadi leave swaragini have a hug
ragini : nervous
swara : hmm
ragini : awww ! swaru it’s lucky who should be nervous not you 😉
maheshwari mansion :
everyone’s happy and the baaraat has left for the baadi sanskar seems tensed but doesn’t let it show and dances in the baraat
the baaraat reaches baadi sanskar is searching for someone he sneaks in from a side and goes to ragini’s room
She’s trying to tie the knot behind her back. Sanskar is mesmerized by her beauty She’s wearing a pink lehenga and an orange
choli. out of his trance he comes in and tries the knot. ragini sees him through the mirror and is surprized. She turns and
is about to say something. sanskar keeps his hand on her mouth. they share an eyelock !

Precap : ragsan convo. swalak marriage and their cute nok jhok. ragsan too share some eye contacts at the mmandap.

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Credit to: nidhi

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