swaragini meant to be together episode 18 (sangeet )


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Recap – sujju getting hyper for necklace. ragsan phone convo.
Plot – It’s morning and ragini’s sleeping peacefully on her bed while swara’s sleeping in dadi’s room now that swara’s a would be

mom dadi won’t let her stay alone how sweet. As ragini opens her eye’s slowly her first sight is her now become darker mehendi.
As she gets up and sits on the bed with a huge smile, her mehendi’s so dark in colour she looks at both her hands and smells the
mehendi closing her feeling it.
“So it’s not always that my wify has such a beautiful smile on her face ??” Ragini now looks here and there surprised.
“won’t this handsome would be husband be credited for that amazing zmile now turned into an expression of surprise??”
ragini amused looks at her phone – sanskar how can you know that??
sanskar smirks at the other side – well that’s something called intuition my wify don’t you know ??

ragini – ohh really but hey wait din’t i cut the call last night sanskar??
sanskar grins – nope you just slepttalking whole night abut how dadi gave swara a big list of do’s and don’t and that she had to
sleep with dadi now that she needs extra care and love. My brother here is getting restless to meet his beloved wife and she is
spending some quality time with dadi??
ragini laughs – yeah yeah everytime spent with dadi is quality time only .
sanskar scratches his head smiling – now my whole days gonna go awesome.
ragini lifts her brows up questioning – why so??
sanskar – i felt you smile and heard you laugh right now what beginning of a day would have been better than this ?
ragini – the day which that began with us cuddling next to each other you kissing my forehead lovingly and i being your wife
rushing you out of the room because your getting late to office .

sanskar falls back on his bed – how about we cut the last part and exchange it with you giving me a kiss??
ragini giggles – well that’s to be seen for now .
laksh comes there just then and snatches sanskar’s phone – good morning bhabhi hows you and my wify over there?
sanskar stares at him – well isn’t there a door at the entrance of my room that’s to be knocked before entering??
laksh waves his hand dismissing him – do brother’s need to do that in each others room??
sanskar – well that’s will be seen when swara comes back to this house and your room.
ragini starts laughing at their fight – ok fine stop it you too. Now laksh i’m sending you a video call wait a sec .
As the brothers wait ragini gets up from hr bed and on’s her cellphone’s video call. She goes down e hall and checks first
as it’s empty she goes to dadi’s room and turns the cell towards the bed, swara’s sitting cutely on the bed pouting at dadi
dadi – chori what is this from 1 hour this milk was kept here if you won’t drink it how will you get strength it’s your
sister’s wedding and being you i know you won’t sit quite at one place .

swara makes a puppy face – but dadi who drinks milk so early in the morning yesterday only you made me drink the milk at
night how much calcium will you feed me?
dadi stares at her and she smile gulping the milk slowly – good don’t teach me all this i have experienced a lot more then you
chori now get ready fast and come down for the breakfast .
As dadi leaves swara keeps the half glass of milk on the side table and sleeps again.
Ragini controls her laughter and runs back to the room – so now restless patidev happy ??
laksh nods – your the best bhabhi i could have ever wished !
he winks at her as sanskar stares at him – so now that your done won’t you leave ?
laksh -and your the worst i’ve ever met
as laksh leaves ragini starts laughin and sanskar shakes his head – do you look so beautiful every morning??
ragini flushes – now go i got to get ready for the breakfast .
sanskar pouts asking cutely – do i have too??

ragini – aww your so cute but yess you have to .
she smiles and sign’s of.
At the breakfast swara just stares at dadi who’s putting more and more in her plate ,
swara – dadi are you planning to make me kumbhakaran??
dadi – chori i told you na no questioning and showing tantrums on your diet?
swara – what no no this is not supposed to be a diet maa baba!
shekhar shows his hands submissively – i’m sorry but maa is right this time.
sumi – shona she’s saying right it’s not for you alone
ragini compltes – it’s for the two of you !
swara pouts at her – your supposed to be at y side .
ragini – well then sorry to upset you my sister !
It’s evening the maheshwari mansion is looking beautiful, all lighting’s and chandeliers .
As the gadodia’s come there this time uttara sees excited as she sees dhruv her face lits up
sanlak look at her and seem suspicious
lucky – bhai look at our sister doesnt she seem too happy today ?
sanky – hmm is there something that your brothers need to know??

uttara nods in a no – bhai you just focus on your dulhan there’s nothing like that !
Just than ragini comes along with swara and my my do i have to describe always how beautiful the sisters look .
sanskar takes the mike – so before my sister begin with her planned events for the evening thanq so much everyone for
coming here and blessing us my mom has been planning since day one to make her bahu wear the pushtaini necklace it’s my
late nani’s necklace and a blessing towards the beginning of our new life so mom please come.
sujatha come’s smiling with the necklace box as she makes her wear it everyone claps ragini takes her blessings .
The sangeet begins as uttara hosts the show, first dance is on radha song with uttara dancing at the center and harsh dhruv
at both her sides as they groove to the music a hooded person enter’s MM and approaches towards swara but before he could reach
there swaragini are dragged to the center and the light’s go off

Salaame-e-ishq play’s in the background and both the couples dance to the beats as rp sujju uttara dhruv shekhar sumi
join them with some relatives .
Next comes laksh’s and dhruv on the song “tera dhyaan kidhar hai yeh tera hero idhar hai!”
They dance with ragini as all smile at their antique and funny steps. The hooded person is shown again this watching from above
as he clicks some pics .
Last dance of the evening is on prem ratan dhan payo the whole family grooves to the music and the evening comes to a awesome
and memorable ending .

Precap – Haldi ceremony at baadi sumi and dadi get emotional.Sanskar get’s restless meanwhile the hooded person enter’s
baadi . will the marriage happen peacefully or is there something bad to happen?
who is he hooded man and why is he troubling our swaragini??

Credit to: nidhi

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