swaragini meant to be together episode 17 (mehendi ceremony)


Thanq so much for the lovely comments and silent readers .Lila your ff’s damn awesome vampires and ragsan two awesomeness in one ff loved it and waiting for your next epi 🙂

Recap : swalak solve their problems. ragsan phone convo .
Plot : As the car arrives at MM, Uttara squels from the entrance “everyone come here fast my bhabhi’s came !!”
everyone smiles as ap and sujatha come there to welcome their bahu and would be bahu. The expression on sanky’s face is priceless
as he looks at the entrance restless to have one look of his MRS.MAHESHWARI. sumi and shekhar come with dadi and dadaji

and following them comes swara and ragini. sanlak are mesmerized to see them. Swara’s wearing a olive coloured saree and
matching jewellery and accesories and ragini’s wearing a mehendi green colour lehenga choli and matching accesories.
She takes ap and sujatha’s blessing’s
sujatha chirps – jiji my bahu is looking so beautiful!(she applies kaala teeka on her)logo ki buri nazar na lag jaye meri bahu
ko !
ap smiles as they welcome the gadodia’s. The mehendi ceremony starts swara applies mehendi on ragini’s hand and signs her to
see as ragini smiles swara gives the cone to a girl and asks her to complete it. swara goes to sanlak
swara – so jethji ready to find your name on my sister’s hand .
laksh teases – bhai’s dying to go near bhabhi .
sanskar hits him – yea yea tease how much you want dekh lena mera bhi din aayega lucky (see my day will also come lucky)

As the background music play’s uttara drags swara to dance ” mehendi hai sajne wali aankho mein gehri laali …..
as swara and uttara dance sumi looks lovingly at ragini who smiles at her and side hugs her mother.
Swara starts feeling dizzy while dancing though she continues. Uttara drags ragini this time and now it’s only swara dancing a
at the center as the family member’s watch her dance singing emotionally for her sister ragini’s eyes fall on the chandelier
that’s at the center top of the hall the sparkling chandelier seems to be moving a bit don’t know y. As the chandelier moves
a bit lower ragini gets worried and runs to swara who’s busy dancing at the center. As the chandelier falls down ragini

pulls her back at nick of time getting herself hurt a bit. As ragini hugs swara tightly swara dozes off…
The scene shifts to swalak’s room as the doctor’s checking swara whose holding ragini’s hand tightly despite of being
unconcious, all are waiting outside. The dostor looks at ragini and tells her something that brings a wide smile on her face
as swara gains conciousness slowly ragini smiles at her.
The doctor comes out with a tensed expression as sanlak get worried
sanky – doctor is there any problem ??
doctor looks at dp and smiles – congratulations mr.durgaprasad your going to be a grandfather.
dp smiles as lucky stands there dumbfounded still confused to what the doctor meant as sanskar laughs and hugs him

“lucky your going to be a father my stupid brother!” laksh seems in the nineth heaven as he reciprocates the hug .
Both family members hug each other and congratulate. All enter and bless swara while sujatha beems “jiji see my bahu is so
lucky her first day in the house itself and we got such a big news!(she caresses swara’s face) now chorii no more going
here and there take rest lot’s of rest and if you want anything call us we’ll get it for you!”
swara – Mom..
ap – sujatha is right swara no more excuses now it’s not just your life alone you have to take double care of yourself !
swara – maa don’t worry my hitler would be jethaniji has already ordered me and took my promise to not do anything ! god
knows after she comes i won’t even get to move down of this bed.
Ragini hits her head lightly as sumi continues – ragu is right swara no more moving here and there now we are going down
ragu we are in the cab come down fast( swara makes a cute sad face as sumi smiles ) ap ji can we takee your daughter in
law too ??
ap smiles – sure as after two days we won’t let her go anywhere .
sujatha – she herself won’t go jiji (she caresses ragini’s face) because her reason of staying at the baadi is herself going
to come here forever..
The scene shifts to a dark room – a unknown person is shown pinning a man to the wall as the man plead – i’m sorry sir !
it happened mistakenly i’m sorry !
the unknown – because of you what if anything happened to her today i told you i won’t bare evn a single scratch on my love !
any she got hurt today !
the man – sir …

the unknown – you will be punished for hurting my love who ever hurts her will be punished!
The scene shifts to swalak’s room laksh is holding swara’s hand
ragini – are you guys done we need to leave swara
swara looks at ragini cutely as uttara comes in – ragini bhabhi uncle aunty are calling you both.
swara pouts as ragini looks at her defeated – now what swara ??
swara complains – sanskar didn’t find his name on your hand !
As the others grin sanskar looks at ragini who shows him the mehendi,
uttara goes and stands next to sanskar eagerly,
sanskar looks at the mehendi cutely as swalak too seem excited but then…
sanskar – yes i found it huh!! so easy it was see!
he points at a design and uttara hits her head and ragini too makes a face .
swara looks at both the girls expression and starts laughing and laksh goes and pats his brother – what dumbfounded that my
brother found his name huh??
ragini stares at him as uttara shakes her head in a no – how shameful my brothers are so blind one can’t find his name on his

bride and the other was confused what badepapa being dadaji means!!
This time swaragini laugh together at uttara’s statement as sanlak scratch their heads
sanky defends – it’s not everyday that my brother becomes a father !
lucky – and finding name in this mhendi is like finding a pin in the jungle!
The three girls just stare at sanlak as sanky pulls ragini’s hand a bit to search the name she sinces in pain. Its’ then
that the realization strucks them the chandelier !
As swara does first aid of ragini giving her lecture cutely of being so caring for others and forgetting about herself.
Sanlak seem tensed and suspicious about the chandelier incident .
Swaragini leave for the baadi along with the gadodia’s as sanlak talk to the elders
dp – i’ll ask the servamts about it now go and sleep it’s sangeet tomorrow there are preps to be done.

Precap – Ragini’s mehendi colour turns really dark as she smiles. sangeet ceremony sujatha finally makes her bahu wear the
pushthaini haar!

Hope you like it 🙂

Credit to: nidhi

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