swaragini meant to be together episode 16

Thanq so much guy’s glad that you liked it here’s the next epi after a lot of time sorry for being late
Recap : ragsan engagement and swalak cute nokjhok.
Plot : Ragini’s standing near the window and watching the stars as swara come’s in chirping “ragini!!”
ragini turns towards swara who’s holding a big box as she trie’s to balance it she slips and is about to fall when laksh holds her they share an eyelock as ragini starts laughing!!
The box had sarees in them which now are all over swalak especially laksh he looks like he has taken a pallu over his head as ragini laughs swalak trie to free themselves as the sarees become mor complicated and surround themselves !
swalak stand there miffed in vain as ragini controls her laughter and comes towards them
ragini keeping her hand at the side table she gets her phone – Moments like these are to be kept in memorie you guy’s show me some smile !!
as her phone flashes swalak realize what she’s done as they yell annoyed – ragini!!
rags makes a sad face – i thought my devar ji was a lucky go person huh! not fair
laksh lifts his one brow up – if this makes my bhabi happy then .. y not
He takes a pallu over his head and swara laughs now looking at her stupid but cute husband as ragini joins her .
swara loses her balance and they fall down together on the bed .

As ragini runs out of the room saying – sometimes it’s better when husband and wife solve their problems themselves rather than letting others interferre and this one’s damn awkwardly romantic situation my lovlies so talk and try saying some sorry’s please!
As she’s gone laksh is on swara trying to getting up slowly as they stand swara orders him to stand straight and not move as she slowly loosens the sarees around them laksh starts with his cute appologies to her whinig how much he missed her last night he’s how much sorry to her and he would never say anything that would hurt her and never ever let he go again
When swara doesn’t budge to his sorries and talks he pulls her towards him as they stare into each other’s eyes
laksh – now should i open a sorry business for you where i’ll have my hundred clones saying i’m sorry misses maheshwari for a mistake well even i don’t know what mistake i committed but then SORRY !!
AS HE sits down on one knee and holds his ears swara gigles he looks at her confused as she kisses him on his cheek saying “your forgiven mr.maheshwari! and yea i’m not coming back home now i have some preps to be done so sorry you’ll have to miss your wify for next four days till your bhabhi comes .
laksh gets up and kisses her forehead lovingly – then take care of yourselves and don’t stress much please ragini told me how you were shouting on little things today !
swara – haww! she starting behaving like a jethani already!!
laksh – she was just tensed for you swara !
swara nods and hugs him .
It’s next day evening all are preparing for the mehendi ceremony at the maheshwari’s as sujatha chimes coming down
“jiji! i told sanskar from two days to polish and bring the jewellery and see till now it’s not brought i want my bahu to wear it today in the function!” as she sits sits on the sofa cribbing ap comforts her
ap – sujatha it’s okk the necklace will be hear till evening you can make her wear it tomorrow at sangeet okay?
sujatha – but jiji
sanskar the saviour comes there just then – mom here’s your necklace you can make your bahu wear it today only happy now??
sujatha takes the box ffrom his hand as she opens a wide smile appears on her face – beautiful just like my bahu isn’t it jiji??

she shows it to ap and she nods taking it. Its sanskar’s nani’s necklace their khandani jewellery hence sujatha’s attachment towards it is lot. And now that ragini’s coming to the house as her bahu she’s inseventh heaven .
Sanskar smiles and goes upstairs dialing a number ” so your sasumom seems really excited mrs maheshwari!”
ragini smiles at the other side – well is her son getting jealous with love ??
sanskar – why would i be jealous i’m happy that my family member’s love you so much but yea i might be jealous if..
ragini – if??
sansakr – if my wify loves them more than me ! take this straight mrs.maheshwari i don’t like sharing my wify’s love so no compromises with your love for your beloved and handsome husband .
As he brushes his hair lightly sitting on his bed ragini smirks – really well i love my idiot of a husband more than the handsome
sanskar – y so??
ragini – because he’s cute and he love’s me like an idiot unconditionally!
sanskar – so you mean handsome men don’t love their wife’s??
ragini – well because they keep conditions like you did
sanskar – fine fine love my family more than me who cares for the husband bechara
ragini smiles – aww sanskar babu ko bura laga !
sanskar amused – babu?? baby bolo babu k liye toh bohot time hai abhi
he smiles as ragini blushes – shutup sanskar and take some rest i need to get ready or else your bhabhi willhit me bye
sanskar say’s cutely – ragini i love you
ragini smiles and kisses on the phone – love you too..
as the phone cuts sanskar falls back on the bed smiling like an idiot and here ragini blushes and goes to change.

Precap – mehendi ceremony

hope you like this i really love this couple alas happy that varun and helly bagged the award kudos to them and teju and nami we
love you

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