swaragini meant to be together episode 13 (ragsan alliance fixed time for engagement )

recap : swalak consumate their marriage and ragsan spend a romantic night..
plot : ragini comes to her room blushing when she finds sumi standing in front of her looking at her with fake anger
sumi : your dadi came just now to check on you !
rags : maa actually …..
sumi smiles : next time inform me and go so that i’ll be prepared to give your dadi a convincing excuse
rags smiles and hugs her : love you maa..
sumi smiles and kisses her forehead : nothing is more precious for me than my daughters happiness ragu always be happy
ragini smiles and drift of to sleep. it’s morning and ragini’s having a peaceful sleep sumi’s so happy to see her smile
she goes to freshen up and when she comes back shekhar is sitting beside ragini caressing her face adoringly

sumi smiles : she’s slept so peacefully
shekhar smiles looking at her : after many days happiness has come in her life sumi i wish this happiness stays forever
sumi nods with a tear in her . ragini gets up to find a teary eyed sumi and shekhar sitting next to her
rags : papa what happened to maa did you say anything to her !
rags looks concerned sumi replies: no beta these are tears of hapiness
harsh comes saying “uncle how about government fitting taps to womens eyes i mean if they’re sad they cry if happy they cry !
won’t the water crisis of our country lessen a bit !”
shekhar nods “nice idea btw!” rags throws a pillow at him ” those are called emotions you zombie ! ”
sumi laughs acha go freshen up we’ll have breakfast then come fast !
they leave just then ragini’s phone beeps “hows post valentine feeling mrs.sanskar maheshwari -sanskar”
ragini blushes and replies ” not that bad mr.idiot love you byeee ”
she goes to freshen up and meanwhile in maheshwari mansion swara is all ready to welcome her sister come jethani her hair
is wet she looks at laksh and smirks she goes near the bed and slowly brushes her hair with her hand making drops of water
fall on lucky and he slowly opens his eyes to find a gigling swara he pulls her towards him
laksh : so wify getting all naughty !
swara chuckles : patidev get ready or else papaji will eat you raw if you get late for office today

and she pulls away from him and runs . laksh gets up and shakes his head smiling . sanskar enters his room
lucky : so bhai all set for your BARBAADHI !
sanskar grins : yea the one you looked at smiling right now ! should i call her back to say how you appreciate her !
laksh makes face : fine ! anyways once my bhabhi comes i’ll see you he gets up and goes.
sanskar is texting when laksh leans out of the door forwarding a hand : towel please !
sanskar smirks : saale tu kabhi nahi sudhrega (you’ll never change) he throws the towel at him and goes out
at the hall ap and sujatha are getting all things ready sanskar looks confused when swara replies : jethji don’t you want
to meet your wife ??
ap and sujatha smile sanky : but why are we going today
ap : to fix engagement and marriage date then we will give our bahu shagun
sujatha : choraa ! go get ready fast i have kept the suit for you. your saali selected it
sanskar llooks at swara who smiles cutely at him
at the baadi sumi is making ragini ready in a red and black anarkali dress with collar. dida comes in just then
sumi : see maa hows my ragu looking ??
dida : you forgot one thing !

sumi looks at dida who goes and applies kaala tika to ragini : now she’s perfect no evil eye will be cast on her!
dadi comes just then : bangalan this one the little things that i like about you ! now laado come out soon the maheshwari’s
might be here soon okay
she kisses her on the forehead and they leave
the maheshwari’s come and greet all sanskar comes and takes everyones blessings .
sumi : swaru beta go bring ragu
swara nods and goes in .ragini’s looking at herself in the mirror
swara chirps : my jethani’s looking really beautiful today!
rags smiles and turns around : jethani???
swara gigles yes after marriage you’ll become my jethani na!
rags smile fades but then swara hugs her :arrey baba ! i was kidding now come maa is calling you !
swaragini comes out the bg tune plays “ek dhoop chanchal hai ek chaandani …” swalak and ragsan have eyelocks
ragini goes and takes everyones blessings all sit when sanskar’s phone beeps “what if our kundali’s don’t match !”
sanskar replies “hmm then i’ll have to find a new bride for me..” rags looks at her phone and she fake smiles at sanky
his phone beeps ” i’ll kidnap you from the mandap itself!” sanky controls his laughter and replies” zabardasti hai kya??”

but then shekhar looks at him with glares and then at ragini soo they stop
the panditji say “adbhut chathees k chatees gun milte hai aisa lagta hai jaise yeh dono ek dusre k liye hi bane hai!(perfect
all 36 guns match it’s like they are made for each other only)”
all get happy, swara clutches ragini’s hand tightly smiling at her . ragsan look at each other and smile
panditji ” tomorrows day is perfect for the engagement and 5 days later for marriage ”
sumi worries : this early there are so many preps to be done
ap smiles and says : sharmishtha ji don’t worry we are one family now we’ll distriibute the responsibilities with each other

dp reassures and then ap and sujatha give ragini the shagun they bless her
ragini and swara go inside and have some talks swara’s excitement is clearly shown as she chirps about shopping and all
rags is looking at her phone continuously when it beeps but to her annoyance uttara snatches it away
ut : swara bhabhi i had my doubts when bhai said to lucky bhai that he’s texting his associates
swara smirks and rags looks helpless at them

“so mrs. maheshwari just six days and your officially mine. and the kundali’s don’t matter what does is our hearts and they have
already matched . I LOVE YOU !”
ragini blushes and uttara says what should i reply my bhai’s so romantic i never knew !
swara giggles: i love you too sanskar ! they give each other a hi5

Precap : swaragini go for shopping at the mall. uttara and dhruv. adarsh and lucky give sanky a cute and funny imagination
of his future post marriage life ….

are you guy’s excited for the engagement !!

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