swaragini meant to be together episode 12 valentines special (part 2)

ragini’s been discharged and brought back to baadi. sumi shekhar dada dadi all are caring for her time to time. it’s night
and deary dadi wanted to sleep in her laado’s room but thanks to sumi who saved her by saying she wants to do so
a paper wrapped on a stone comes in flying through the window ragini opens it to find something that brought a wide smile on her
face it had a heart shape drawn on it written inside ” I LOVE YOU RAGINI GADODIA waiting for you at the terrace – love mr.idiot”
meanwhile at maheshwari’s swara enter’s the room to find it all dark and candles been lit all around heart shape candles
there are rose petal before she could step in she finds a note “be nice and sweet before you step in it’s my heart that your entering!”
she removes her slippers and forwards her steps as she does with each step the lights at the sides start glowing red it’s rose
petals that she’s stepping on. The room is all gloomy a silent music plays on the background a romantic and well
Seductive one πŸ˜‰
“laksh!” swara calls out for him and suddenly flower petals fall on her. the door is closed. swara turns around
“HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE MY LOVE…” laksh is on his knees and forwards her a hand “would you like to have a dance with me?”

swara exclaimed with a smile ” i would love too!!”
she takes his hand and they dance on a light and soft music slowly he turns her around and they are so cloe to each other that they
feel their hearts beat getting closer to each other they are just inches apart they are about to kisswhen swara turns around
he holds her hand and pulls her closer kissing her shoulder slowly toward her neck he makes her turn around lifting her up
he takes her to the bed the whole moment looking into each other eyes he laid her on the bed and leaned closer to her kissing her

forehead then her eyes and slowly the scene fades ………
at the baadi ragini finally manages to sneak out, she slowly goes up towards the terrace and finds a red rose with a rose “well
it’ never too late but this one’s really very late HAPPY ROSE DAY !” further she finds another note “well this one was a bit
awkward as it was at the hospital today so officially today was the PROPOSE day for us πŸ˜‰
further she find a basket full of chocolates “well you love them so much that it shows on your face that smile you have as a proof πŸ˜‰ ”
and thats true ragini has a huge smile on her face girls and chocolates are best friends since ages you see πŸ˜‰
next comes a huge pink teddy so big and cute! sanskar comes fro behind it and kneels in front of her” i promise miss ragini gadodia
may come what this sanskar maheshwari will never leave you alone we are friends before lovers and will always remains so
ragini kneels infront and hugs him tighly
sanskar :ragini well there’s a little more too!

ragini looks at him amused
sanskar removes a blue velvet box from his jacket and opens it. platinum bands with small sangini inscribed on them
:miss ragini gadodia will you be my valentine … forever …??
ragini is teary eyed and nods in a yes. sansky cutely smiles like a baby and makes her wear the ring ragini to does the same
they dance on a romantic music playing at the bg so cute ragsan!
after some moments ragini stops sanskar looks at her worried: what?
ragini :dadimaa!! it’s so late sanskar we should leave now !
sanskar : okk bye . he makes a sad face when she starts leaving but then she turns and whispers “you forgot this one day ”
she kisses him on his cheek and runs away giggling. sanky is dunbstruck by this and stands there keeping his hand on his cheek
like an idiot ! a cute idiot

Precap : the maheshwari’s come with shagun. the engagement !

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