swaragini meant to be together episode 10

recap : sanky jealous hearing about rags having a crush on harsh later ragsan momnt interupted by harsh again
plot : at the baadi swara and ap have come fromthe shopping ragini is showing her the childhood photos in one photo harsh
and ragini are fighting and in other harsh has a bucket on his head and a broomstick
swara : harsh were you trying to be a witch with a flying room
all laugh harsh brushes his hair in embarresment when dhruv says : he was tryin to be a bucket man who fly’s on broomsticks!
then there’s a pick where harsh is on his knees giving ragini a rose (these arechildhood photos )
swara : so this proves that u’re a born flirt
harsh smirks : it’s something that’s inbuild sweet heart he leans towards her
“uhhmm” it’s lucky : well you see sweet heart has my name written in her heart y don’t you try some where else

sanky gets up and goes towards him ap : laksh beta you said you had imp meetings na
lucky trying to make an excuse : maa actually the meeting got over so i came here
sanky whispers in his ears : meeting got over or got afraid f this flirt having some of his cheesy lines on your wife
lucky : my bro don’t be afraid of me mera kya hai we are married ! but what about ragini she’s so bholi bhaali what if this flirt
with his cheesy lines has a century on her and uhhm you get clean bold
sanky fake smiles : where did you learn such cheesy commentary from my dear brother
swara : if brother romance is over than can i have a talk with my patidev
sanky : ofcourse his all yours
sanky leaves and sits next to ragarsh
ragini : you looked cute when you were young
harsh : yea i know thanq but now i look hot and happening don’t i
ragini : ohh thats so sad because i like cute and handsome boys even now just like sanskar !
swalak and sanskar look at her surprised
ragini realizes what she said : i’ve got some work in the kitchen
harsh : how many times kitchen ragini??

ragini annoyed: what’s your problem my choice
she goes harsh looks confused: what did i doo ?
lucky goes to him as if consoling : bro girls and moodswings come in the same packet
swara follows ragini : so cute and handsome haa i guess i should tell maa to start looking for a guy for you
ragini : it was just slip of tongue my mistake
swara : ohh so you mean sanskar isn’t cute and handsome (she makes a fake sad face)
ragini : no he is …. swara chuckles : okk fine come lets go out and see what the boys are upto
sanky :dost i want to go to mandir with you
sujatha : but beta it’s evening
sanky : maa badimaa says there’s no visiting time to meet bhagwanji please na dost !
ragini :its okk chachi ji we’ll come back soon
harsh : hey mandir me too yaar atleast it will be something different atmosphere
lucky : dude how about club i mean maa and chachi will wait here for sanskar till them we’ll have some fun and then we’ll

go to pick them ookk?
harsh : that sound even more cool
they leave swara wishes “please god this time make it all right ” she feels a bit restless suddenly she calls out “ragini !”
ragini turns around “yes swara ”
“take care ” ragini smiles and nods
in the mandir
ragsan have darshan
pandit ji : arre beta you look even more beautiful in this look
ragini blushes and takes his ashirwaad sanskar says himself ” see how you are even the pandit knows to compliment and you !”
as they are moving down on the stairs a old man is sitting down he’s sick ragini gives him something to eat meanwhile sanskar
goes to and brings a bottle of water for him. the old man blesses “bhagwan tumdono ki jodi banaye rakhe!”
ragini gets shy a bit but doesn’t correct the pandit to avoid further conversation
sanskar : we’ll be happy together once you forgive me

ragini looks at him confused : forgive you ??
sanskar : for being bad at giving compliments even the mandir’s pandit ji knows how to compliment
ragini :really how about you take some classes from him he’ll give you free bhajan lessons too
sanskar looks at her amused and she runs from there to the road unknown of the fact that a car is approaching towards her
sanskar sees it and is shocked he shouts “ragini!…..
the scene gets mute for few secs sanskar is shocked ragini is lying down on the opposite side surrounded by a pool of blood
he runs towards her and holds her in his arms “ragini wake up ragini! someone call an AMBULANCE !”A man calls an auto
and says “you better take her in auto or else it might get serious” sanskar complies and lifts her up
in auto “ragini !” he sprinkles some water on her she opens her eyes little “ragini look please dont close your eyes i’m with
you please try to keep them open we’ll reach the hospital soon
the scene shifts to hospital sanskar come sholding ragini in his arms shouting for doctor doctor comes and checks her

the wardboy gets a stretcher they take her to the OT
nurse : sir i need some details of the patient so please cooperate he complies
the nurse asks him some questions and lastly takes his sinatures on the papers
the operation is going on and sanskar receives a call from lucky :bahi where are you ?
sanky : lucky .. he tells him everything lucky gets shocked : bhai don’t take tension we are coming there
here at baadi swara is restless since ragini left and now even her phone is off lucky calls swara and tells her everything
the phone falls from her hand
all get worried sumi : shona (she shakes her nut she doesn’t respond )so she picks up her
phone : laksh?? lucky :maa ragini ka accident ho gaya hai please come to sns hospital soon
they move in a hurry
at hospital lucky hugs sanskar and tries consoling him
swara ap sumi all come there worrid
sanskar is not in the mode to say anything swara comes in front of him “sanskar !” she slaps him hard

Precap : sanskar confesses his doings in front of the family and says “god i promise i would do anything to get forgiveness
but please don’t take my love away from me don’t take my ragini away god !” all family members are shocked

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