swaragini meant to be together episode 1

hey guys i’m a big fan of swaragini and ragsan just lost interest of the track after swalak marriage didn’t happen so here’s

Please do comment guys
plot swalak marriage day everyone in the house is happy.Ragini who loves laksh dearly is in a turmoil of emotions she’s
making swara get ready seeing her lost in thoughts swara asks
swara : ragini (rags luks at her with a smile) are u okk ?? there’s still time if the marriage’s bothering you tell me now itself
i won’t marry laksh
rags : yess it’s bothering me
swara gets up from the chair but before she could reply
rags : its bothering me swara because after this marriage u’ll go to mm and then i’ll hav take lucky’s permission to meet my sister
swara with a smile : who told that you can come to meet me whenever you want infact i’m thinking of talking to maa baba

and make laksh ghar jamai 😉
and they have a laugh just then sumi and dadi comes
sumi : may no evil eye fall on my daughters !
swaragini : maaa (and the trio share a hug )
dadi : ha ha now maa betiyaa forget this budhii dadi of theirs na
swaragini luk at each other and then at her : dadi!
they hug her too
dadi : now enough you girls get ready fast u’re lehenga here swara and don’t forget to wear the jewelery sent by ap jii
ragini : dadi u forgot something!
dadi : what ladoo?
rags : its our ritual to do puja at kuldevi’s temple before marriage don’t you reember!
dadi : yea yea how can i forget swara go get the thaal and leave for temple i could hav accompanied u but me and sumi have to see the preparations too
swara : it’s okk dadi ragini will acompany me to the temple we’ll come back soon
ragini nods in yes and swaragini leave for the temple

Precap : ragini’s confession to swara at river side. dadi and sumi are worried as swaragini haven’t arrived yet. just then ragini arrives

please please guys doo comment weather i should continue the ff hope u like it

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  1. superb …superb …..superb …
    .superb ……superb…plssss continue ur ff ….

    1. thanq so much manbi keep reading 😉

  2. Yeh to swaragini jaisi hi story hai……please swasan r the best not swalak

    1. ye swaragini hai but if i show it swasan toh definitely current swaragini jaise ban jayegi
      so sorry laiba khan if i hurt but swasan toh we see daily in so many ff’s and even in the serial
      so it’s ragsan this time sorry if i hurt you

  3. don’t show ragini in negative shade I can’t bare it

    1. this story has a twist wait for tomorrows epi and rags is not gonna be negative rosy
      keep reading 😉

  4. its ragsan wow .. i am huge fan of ragsan

    1. thanq preethi

  5. Nice start I love Ragsan as well as Swalak

    1. thanq crazy girl

  6. plss this time make swalak married plssss

    1. read tomorrows epi supriya i’m sure uh won’t be disappointed keep reading

  7. Nidhi ur ff is great! Keep continuing dr. Even I’m fan of ragsan and many ppl write ff on ragsan but they don’t update regularly. Hope you update your ff regularly and won’t leave it in between. And please please please don’t worry about the comments which you’re getting. .There are less ragsan fans so you would get less comments but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like your ff. So please keep this in mind and keep updating regularly.

    1. thanq so much vanitha i’ll definitely continue the ff keep reading

  8. No u shuld not stop writing pls carry on a d ahow some masti type things in ur ff and pls don’t seprate swalakits request

    1. thanq so much riya

  9. you make it like real serial don’t do this

    1. it’s not like the real one today’s epi has a twist dear wait for it khusubu

  10. Nice…thnx for ragsan

    1. thanq kaya

  11. amazing superb plssss post next part soon

    1. thanq manvi

  12. Nice..im also big fan of ragsan

    1. thanq janvi

  13. Suprb..im boh fan of ragini..thanks fr ragsan

    1. thanq lahari

  14. Suprb..im boh fan of ragini..thanks fr ragsan..

  15. Thank u sooooo much fr ragsan..plz dnt mske ragini negative

    1. thanq venni and rags isn’t negative in my ff

  16. Nice episode and yaa pls don’t separate swalak this time
    and show some masti btwn swalak some crazy type masti

    1. yup definitely angel thanq

  17. Nice story plz continue

  18. Thank u soooo much for ragsan. I am a die hard fan of ragsan. I also lost interest when swalak didn’t get married also

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