Swaragini – Me and My best friends Season 2 (RagSan) CHAPTER 9

Heyy everyone… thanks for commenting on 8th chapter . Hope you like this one too . And Now its Ragini’s POV again. Happy reading  .

Me & My Best friends 


Ragini’s POV

I left for my home leaving him behind … crying on the road. How could I be so rude ? Why I had to punish him when he was not at fault?
Why did I made him felt like he did a mistake… when it wasn’t a mistake .

Yes that wasn’t a mistake. Kissing sanskar was the most beautiful thing I ever did in my life. It felt so good. Those were the best moments of my life but I wasn’t happy , he wasn’t happy, we were both sad with tears filled in our eyes.

I reached my home and ran straight to my room and closed the door. I didn’t had enough energy in me to even stand properly. I felt so broken but the worst thing was that I didn’t even know the reason for it. I dropped on my knees, tears running down my cheeks . I wanted to go back and hug him and tell him that it was not a mistake that…. he was not a mistake… that I ….
‘Noooo….stop thinking that Ragini’. I thought slapping myself .

I brought my legs closer to the chest and rested my head on my knees. I wasn’t able to breath properly. No matter how I hard I tried I couldn’t control my tears. Would he ever talk to me again? No he won’t obviously , afterall I left him alone on the road crying after I kissed him.  He would hate me now. I broke down in tears thinking this.

I didn’t know what I felt for him, I didn’t know anything but All I knew was that I wanted to be with him, I didn’t want to lose him.

I was constantly slapping myself for the same unknown reason. My eyes turned red. And I don’t know when I fell asleep looking at Sanskar’s photo in my phone.

“Open the door Ragini ” . I heard someone knocking my door and shouting.

I opened my eyes ,still sleepy . I looked at phone ut was 12 PM. Nooo how could I sleep for this long… how did I slept… what happened after last night.  I stood up to open the with these thoughts running all over my mind.

“Are you okay ?”. Swara said hugging me when I opened the door .

“Hmm”. I replied with confusion in voice.

“Your mom called me now… she said she saw you running to your room in tears last night.  She was really worried, so I said I will come and check, what happend?” Swara said worriedly.

“Oh.. Mom I’m fine ,don’t worry “. I said looking at my mom who was standing right beside swara.

“You guys talk , I’m going to work.. bye , take care”. Mom said smiling.

I was lucky to have a mom who was really understanding and caring.  I smiled at swara and called her in the room.

“He’s leaving…”. That was all I could speak.

“He!!who ??”. Swara asked me worriedly.

“Sans…”. I managed to say  only this and broke down in tears.

Swara hugged me and calmed me down. I needed her now , I needed my best friend to be there with me now. I was totally broke.

“Sanskar ? Where is he going ? Is he leaving? Why ?.” She asked looking at me .

“He is leaving… please take me there… to his hotel …. I need to talk to him… I need to tell something to him”. I pleaded to swara , hugging her and breaking down in her arms.

“Calm down Ragu , I will…. come let’s go”. Swara said keeping her arms on my back and trying to calm me down.

We sat in car and drove to his hotel. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and breathing seemed really difficult.
My heart was racing. I was not able to see clearly due to my swollen eyes.  I couldn’t let him go.

We finally reached his hotel and both of us rushed to his room . But he has already left. We asked receptionist for his room keys and went in his room. I already knew he has left but then also I came here in this room , like a fool. I was a fool to let him go.  I was a fool to not stop him.

But then swara saw a letter on the sofa.

We opened the letter , it was from the company where Sanskar had applied for the job , his dream job.  The letter said that he has qualified for the job  .

“Why did he left even after receiving the letter .?”. Swara asked looking at me.

“Just Go sanskar”. Tears rolled down my cheeks when I remembered the words I said him yesterday night.

Letter fell from my hands and I dropped on my knees after realising that he left his dream job just because I said him to go.

How could I do this to him? I didn’t deserved to live…. I had no right to survive….


This chapter is really really bad I know. It’s probably worst one I’ve written ?.
But still I hope you liked it even though I know it was not worth it .

So what do you think will happen ? Why did Ragini said that she no longer wants to live ? Will she punish herself?
Keep thinking.
And please tell whose POV do you want in next chapter ? Ragini or sanskar ???

And sorry for another short chapter . Next one will be veryyy long.. I promise .

And now one Important thing . …

Next chapter is the last chapter of this story .

Please let me know through comments if you want me to write epilogue . I am not planning to write an epilogue but I can write if you want.

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