Swaragini – Me and My best friends Season 2 (RagSan) CHAPTER 7

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Me & My Best friends 



Sanskar’s POV

(First time in sanskar’s POV , now you’ll get to know sanskar’s side of the story.. get ready?)

We finally reached Mumbai. Everyone went to their homes and I went to my hotel. I wanted to see mumbai and its beauty , everyone says it’s a magical city but since its my first time in india ,I wanted to know more about this place. I thought to call Laksh to ask if he can come and show me the city since Rohan was still  in chennai but then I thought Laksh would be busy with his family and Swara, So I decided not to disturb him instead I dialed Ragini’s number. Now don’t ask me how I got her number?.

“Hey Ragu..”. I said when she picked up her phone.

“Shut up.. only Swara and Lucky call me that ?”. She said in her usual irritated tone .

“No.. but now I’m also your best friend na .. so I also have the right technically”. I said to convince her.

“Yeah… ok .. you can call me anything you want… permission granted”. She said this time a naughtiness could ne felt in her voice.

“I can feel you’re blushing miss”. I said .

“Shut up ? just tell why have you called” . She replied in anger.

I chuckled. I think I kinda liked these little arguments with Ragini. She calls me ‘idiot’ hundred times a day but that makes me smile and not angry. There was something special but I honestly have no idea what.

“Heyy are you still on the call” . Ragini said.

“Ooh yeah.. sorry I… actually I called to ask if you are free then we can hangout today and you can show me the city”. I replied coming to my senses.

“Oh…yeah I’m free.. I’ll be at your hotel in two hours then we can go”. Ragini said.

“Okay bye”. I said mentally slapping myself for saying ‘bye‘ cos I wanted to talk more.

Call disconnects .

After two hours I came down from my hotel room and saw ragini waiting  for me in her car outside. I recognised her and opened the door and sat beside her .

“Are you sure about driving? Laksh warned me that you are the worst driver he has ever seen”. I said laughing and she frowned at this.
To be honest she really looked very cute like this .

“I will kill Laksh ?… anyways he is lying,  I can drive better than him”. She said frowning.

“Okay then… where to go first ?” I asked .

“Umm.. I think we should start from Gateway of india then marine drive and then juhu beach in the evening… fine with you ?”. She said looking curiously at me and waiting for my reply.

“as you wish”. I replied and she smiled at this.

Then we visited gateway of india , took few pictures there. And then we went to marine drive and then to an art gallery. During all this I figured out that Ragini is very fond of shopping.
Well who am I kidding ? all the girls love shopping… it’s in their blood. And don’t think I am complaining about this, I don’t have any problem with shopping , I was just stating facts.

Now it was sunset time and we were on juhu beach enjoying the view. Ragini seemed to be in deep thought.  She was smiling at this view , looking completely relaxed . I think she was very fond of nature too.
I looked at her ,I don’t remember If I have ever mentioned how beautiful she was… her hair was black and was flowing over her shoulders with the wind , her black eyes were filled with  innocence when she was admiring the view of sunset . A cute smile played on her pink lips when she saw some children playing.
Oh nooo… what I am thinking… stop sanskar stop!!!..
I was trying not to look at her but failed. And then … oh nooo… she caught me looking at her .

“What were you looking at ?”. She asked.

“I…uh… n…nothing … j…just this view… its.. b… beautiful here … right “. I said stuttering.

“? omg… look at you ..  you sound like you have been caught murdering someone??”. She said laughing like a kid.

“Shut up?”. I said rolling my eyes.

“But you look cute while stuttering ?.. it’s adorable really”. She said again chuckling.

“Stop making fun of me? don’t call me cute and all??”. I replied.

“Ooh okay.. I won’t call you cute … cutie ?”. She said again making fun of me.

I walked towards the car frowning and sat.  Ragini also came after a while controlling her laughter.

She drove me to my hotel and then went to her house after promising that she will show the museum and zoo tommorow.
I came to my room, changed into comfortable night clothes and then turned the lights off . I went to my bed trying to sleep.  But as usual , I couldn’t sleep instead my heart was just thinking about Ragini even when my brain was telling it not to.

By now I was sure that I have feelings for her…,real , strong feelings but I can never tell this to her.
I knew she would probably break our friendship and never to talk to me again if I confessed this to her.
I know I can’t tell her that I like… actually love her but atleast I was getting to spend time with her.
That was enough for me. I couldn’t risk losing her friendship and her company.

She was the one brought smile on my face everytime. She was the one with whom I fell in love… I don’t know when or how… all I knew was that I love her.  Before some weeks a playboy like me would not even think of falling in love.
But here I was now, in love with a girl who is completely unaware of my feelings.

I finally realised that we don’t have any control on your heart. But I knew I have to stop this.  I should not be falling for her. I knew I wouldn’t be able to tell her and I knew that she probably has no feelings for me. She even hates me but I can’t help … I already fell in love with her…  and it hurts everytime I think she’ll never be mine… it hurts .. it kills me…


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