Swaragini – Me and My best friends Season 2 (RagSan) CHAPTER 6

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Me & My Best friends 




Ragini’s POV

I was sitting with Arjun in front of me. We already had dinner and now it was time to go. Don’t ask why but I really didn’t felt special. No it’s not that his arrangements were not good, he choose perhaps the most romantic restaurant,table was also beautifully decorated but I didn’t feel special at all.

“So what do you think ?”. Arjun said with a little smirk on his face.

“Think… about what ?” . I asked cos I had completely forgotten that today I had to answer Arjun with a yes or no.

Ohh c’mon… I know inside you’re dying to touch me”.Arjun said with a evil smirk on his face.

“Arjun , you’re drunk… I think I should go”. I said standing up .
I took step forward but he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to his chest. He looked at me , leaning forward to kiss me.

“Go away Arjun, you’re drunk”. I shouted at him pushing him away from me but I Was unsuccessful cos his grip was really tight.

“Ragini, we both know you like me… now c’mon kiss me”. Arjun said coming more closer to me literally forcing himself on me.

I was trying to push him away but unsuccessful…. I was scared , very scared. And then Arjun was pushed to the wall… no I didn’t pushed him , it was Sanskar who pushed him. Then sanskar took my hand and made me sit inside the car. I looked at him , telling him ‘thank you’ through my eyes. But he looked away.
We reached my room , he put the lights on and me sit on the bed.

“Here ,water” . He said giving me a glass of water .

I broke down in tears and hugged him tightly ,very tightly.
He pulled away slightly from the hug to look at my face clearly.

“Relax… you’re safe now” . He said looking in my eyes and cupping my face .

“I…I … you” . I tried to say something but couldn’t find words.

“Relax Ragini , I’m here “. He said rubbing my back to comfort me.

“Thank you sanskar”. I hugged him again still crying.
He hand was on my back, I could feel warmth of his skin. He touch was so comforting.

“I called swara and laksh , they will be coming and you want them to see you like this… crying”. He said smiling to make me smile too.

No“. I replied and this time with a smile on my face.

“I told you not to trust him, see I’m always right?” . He joked to make me happy again.

“Ya ya Mr.right”. I said back laughing.

“Are you alright ragu?”. Swara and Laksh asked me entering the room.

I hugged them and said I’m alright although I wasn’t.

“Thanks man… for saving our Ragu”. Laksh said thanking sanskar.

“No need to thanks… If something would have happened to her then I would have been…”. He paused looking at me .

I saw a genuine concern for me in his eyes. I smiled at him ,he smiled back.

“Sanskar,remember once you asked me if you could be a part of our group… the answer is yes. Now we are not three BFFs , we are four BFFs.” Swara said pulling all four of us in a group hug.

We chatted for a while , laughed and played games all night. But after that we decided to take a small nap cos tommorow morning we were going back to Mumbai .

I came on this trip with my 2 best friends and one stranger but while returning there was no stranger , just me and my 3 best friends.

Next morning we were on road , driving back to mumbai. Laksh was driving and Swara was sitting beside him in front and I was sitting back beside Sanskar . I couldn’t help but look at him lovingly. Oh noo!! He caught me looking at him. How can I be so dumb.

“Someone was looking at me secretly ..ahem… ahem”. He said teasing me .

“Shut up “. I said rolling my eyes.

Goddd… what was this feeling ,… he is mu friend I shouldn’t like him like that. Nooo I don’t like him … I like him as a friend… just as a friend.

“Control yourself Ragini…. he is your friend… just friend… don’t think anything else …otherwise he will break our friendship too  .. just a friend … nothing else …. stop thinking about him”. I tried to convince myself and distracted my mind to not to think about Sanskar again.



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