Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 8)


So, guys I m back with my ff I am Teja so no more nonsense so let’s begin the story
EP 8:
@swasan room:
The sun rays’ falls on swara and sanskar and their clothes were lying on the floor and swara woke up first and saw sanskar sleeping so she kissed his forehead and about to go but sanskar pulled her towards him she falls on him and he tightens the grip.
Swara: sanskar let me go I want to go for shower
Sanskar: no you will go with me
Swara: please sanskar leave me

Sanskar: no we both will go for shower
Swara: ok for this time
They both went to take shower after sometime they both came out in the same towel and sanskar again started kissing her but she didn’t protest she enjoyed the feeling they again made love and they slept for sometime and swara got up and dressed herself she wore a white dress above knee length and it does not have hands. Sanskar also dressed up in white shirt and black pant swara went to the kitchen to make breakfast
She is making aloo paratha and toasting bread in meanwhile sanskar came to the kitchen and hugged her back and kissed her neck

Sanskar: what are you making for breakfast?
Swara: I am making aloo paratha for you and I am toasting bread for me I will eat bread and butter
Sanskar: oh that’s my favourite dish
Swara: you know sanskar I want to do love marriage but my father made arrange marriage which shattered my dreams I use to cry a lot at least he did not ask whether I liked the boy or not just he made me marry at early age but now I am happy that you love me and now I don’t have any complains

Sanskar: Swara mine situation is also same my father also didn’t ask whether I liked the girl or not he just given his decision without thinking about my life but now I am also happy as I got beautiful wife thanks to god
Saying this he tighten the hug meanwhile their breakfast is ready they had finished their breakfast and swara went to her college and sanskar went to his friends house
All the family members are gathered and having their breakfast and Ragini is pampered a lot as she is pregnant both the mothers are feeding her and she is making faces
Ragini: mom and ma I cannot eat further I am full now
Sumi: you have to eat or else how will the child will be healthy
Annapurna: yes Ragini you have to eat and don’t say no
Seeing this laksh laughed at Ragini and she is giving death glare to laksh and asked him that she will feed him then he will understand her situation and all other laughed at laksh mean while laksh is saying sorry to Ragini and Ragini is in angry mood she is not in mood to forgive him. Laksh pleading Ragini
Laksh (mind): laksh you are gone now before she had given one week punishment and now what will she do to me please god save me today if she gives severe punishment this time I will be in hospital

Ragini: ok laksh I forgive on one condition what I will eat how much I eat you should also eat that much
Laksh: what? Are you mad how can I eat?
Ragini: then I am not going to forgive you
Laksh: ok I will eat as you say
Ragini: ok thanks laksh
Laksh: it’s better to eat than bearing the punishment of Ragini had given the whole week
Laksh dp and shekhar went to office and Ragini ap and sumi are doing household work but Ragini is not doing any heavy work as she is pregnant

Swara came to home after her college as it is evening now she took rest as it is tiring day she is sitting in sofa and watching movie and eating popcorn meanwhile sanskar came to home and saw swara eating popcorn and watching movie and went near her and sat beside her but swara so involved in the movie that she didn’t notice sanskar she is enjoying the movie sanskar patted her she turned and screamed sanskar closed her mouth
Swara: sanskar when did you came?
Sanskar: when you are involved in the movie then I came
Swara: sorry when I watch movie I will involve in it and I don’t know what happens in my surroundings I love movies to that extent
Sanskar: what I don’t know that you love movie this much

Swara: yes sanskar I love movies they are romantic and have fights and all I love it. Ok leave you want something to eat. Saying that she got up but sanskar pulled and made sit her in his lap
Sanskar: no you sit with me we will share this popcorn
Swara: ok
She is watching movie and sanskar I seeing her antics he started kissing her
Swara: please sanskar leave me
Sanskar: you are my wife I can do anything
Swara: please till the movie finishes leave me after that I won’t stop you
Sanskar: ok as you say

They watched the movie and went to their room and they get intimate

Precap: swasan go out for shopping and honeymoon trip

Credit to: Tejasvi

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