Swaragini – A Marriage Love Story (Epi 6)


So, guys I am back with my story I am Teja as I said I am describing what happened so I think you will like it
So, let’s begin story

EP 6:
In these two years swara completed her bachelor’s degree in commerce and she is doing master’s in commerce and sanskar completed his MBA in finance and coming to Us to work in his dad company and swara left Switzerland and studying in Us and swara and sanskar fell in love with each other they talked over the phone after one year as decided and they become comfortable with each other and laksh and Ragini had twins one boy name Sharad and girl name Shalini both are two years and today sanskar is coming swara is excited it is night time .
Swara: jiju what are sanskar’s favourite dishes
Laksh: swara you don’t know you both talked to each other for two years
Swara: sorry jiju but I never asked him we use to talk random things
Laksh: ok his favourite dishes are aloo paratha and rasmalai
Swara: thanks

She went to kitchen and made his favourite dishes as it her first rasoi and made sweet dishes also mean while sanskar entered in the house all the family members went to him and welcomed him while his eyes are searching for swara and swara made his favourite dishes Ragini observed this and thought to tease
Ragini: Sanskar what are you searching for? Are you searching for swara?
Sanskar (without thinking): yes bhabhi
All laughed then sanskar realised and swara came to see sanskar and shocked she thought how handsome is his husband any girl can fall for him same with sanskar he thought how beautiful and cute his wife any one can fall for her and mesmerised seeing her then swara asked all family members for having dinner all went and laksh said to sanskar
Laksh: do you know sanskar swara made your favourite dishes
Sanskar: what but she doesn’t know my favourite dishes by the way where is Sharad and Shalini
Laksh: sanskar she asked me and I told her and Shalini and Sharad slept as they are tired meet them tomorrow
Sanskar: thanks swara
Swara: it’s ok sanskar
All went to their room before that they gave swara some gifts as she made the food as it is her first rasoi rituals

Ragini and laksh are lying on the bed and started talking to each other
Ragini: laksh I am very happy as swara is happy and become comfortable in this marriage
Laksh: yes Ragini but not only swara sanskar is also happy with this marriage now
Ragini: yes laksh you are right I think they should tell their feelings to each other as soon as possible
Laksh: Ragini give them some time as they met today only they have time throughout their life and by the way don’t think too much about them think about us
Ragini: you are right laksh they need time and they have life time but what do you mean by think about us we already have two kids and I don’t want more kids these are enough
Laksh: you are so bad Ragini saying this he closes his eyes
Mean while Ragini kisses on lips he was shocked at first but he to reciprocated and broke the kiss and hugged each other and slept

@swasan room:
Swara and sanskar came to their room and they started talking to each other
Swara: Sanskar I don’t know that you look so handsome or else I would have accepted long back
Sanskar: thanks for the compliment but you are also not less wearing short dresses looking beautiful
Actually Swara is wearing a knee length dress with sleeveless hands I said their family doesn’t mind as they have no objection what their daughter in law wears
Swara: thanks sanskar ok good night
Sanskar good night
Swara went to change her dress and came with knee length night dress and sanskar went and came in night suit he was shocked to see swara she is looking so hot in the dress but he composed himself and for swara is in similar situation but she went to bed and slept sanskar also lied beside her they thought to decide to confess their feelings for each other as after one day their second anniversary is coming they slept thinking about it.

In the morning also members prepared as the rituals are not done after marriage so swara left early because her bidaai is not done she went to her house and Sanskar woke up from sleep he was asked to wear his marriage dress and said that they have to go to gadodia mansion all are ready and left for mansion. Mean while swara reached her house

Sumi: shekhar swara is coming after 2 years I am happy
Shekhar: yes sumi our daughter is coming
Meanwhile a girl voice is heard whose coming dad? They both turned to see yes she is swara they both went and hugged her
Sumi&shekhar: we missed you swara
Swara: I missed you both
Sumi: ok you go upstairs and get ready with your marriage dress and jewellery
Swara: ok mom
Swara went to room and dressed up in her bridal attire and put on jewellery which has silver coating and white stones in middle beautiful sky blue stone and earring combination looking stunning. Mean while sanskar family arrived swara came down they did bidaai but to their surprise swara did not cried she smiled all asked her why she is not crying to that she said that I cried on my day of marriage my tears are finished that day and now after two years my tears are dried I am not feeling to cry if I cry now then I will be weak I have to be strong all are surprised with her answer they left to mm.

They came home and did all the rituals are remaining rituals and went to their respective rooms and swara changed into her night wear and sanskar also changed into night suit and without their knowledge they bought dress and a suit for each other.
Screen freezes on their gifts

Precap: swara and sanskar marriage day and marriage special

Credit to: Tejasvi

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